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The Amber Museum is a private Museum, born from the initiative of Jorge Caridad, founder and president of the Amber Factory AMBASA. On September 5, 1996 it was inaugurated along with the celebration of the fifth centennial of the founding of the city of Santo Domingo in in 1496.

In this Museum you will find the historical and scientific data on the time of the creation of amber, the animals and vegetation of that era that were fossilized in the amber, and everything concerning the formation and the characteristics of this gem.

All the pieces on display in the cabinets, on the panels, in the large wide-field microscopes, dioramas, audio-visual and interactive technology have the purpose to transport you back to the origin of amber.

You will be transported to the dawn of time, where you will discover the fascinating and mysterious secrets of amber.

Another feature of the Museum is the work shop where you will be able to appreciate the work of our expert craftsmen as they create magnificent amber jewelry mounted in gold and silver. These can be acquired in our elegant boutique which also specializes in valuable pieces of scientific character and books about amber.


Amber Jewelery
For thousands of years, and in many cultures, amber had its significance as a very personal adornment of great value and beauty.

Dominican Amber has received special international recognition because of its purity, diversity of colors and the rare inclusions of scientific and collectible value.

In the Museum Shop, experienced craftsmen create jewelry according to these criteria.

The visitor of the Museum has the possibility to observe these artists at work and is able to appreciate the metamorphosis of a crude piece of ancient resin aged for millenniums, and unearthed from the Dominican mountains in the Caribbean…

…to a beautifully cut and polished gem, mounted in gold and silver or formed as a little sculpture the way the ancient artisans knew to manufacture it.

We would like to welcome you to our shop and boutique, may it be just to watch and enjoy or to purchase a memorable keepsake from the Caribbean.


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