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Saldeeso S.R.L. helps customers in the Dominican Republic sell their unwanted/unused items using the internet, radio, and TV ads. Our company can either receive your merchandise in our storefront and handle all parts of the sale and exchange of money for customers or list your items virtually and when a buyer is interested we will send a representative with the buyer to see your item. Our company was created to help eliminate the theft/scams involved with selling your items in the Dominican Republic. With our company, you no longer need to worry about being robbed, fake money, or any of the other multiple scams that are happening virtually currently in the Dominican Republic. Our company as an intermediary helps avoid all of these since we have the experience and expertise to determine exactly how to process a transaction while avoiding these issues. Our company will come in agreement with you as far as an acceptable price and do our best to receive the highest amount possible for your item. Currently we are not charging a % for sales but rather try to sell your item for higher than you are asking to cover our costs of business. Thanks for your interest.


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