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Tours Trips Treks & Travel (for groups)
Dominican Republic

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"Time to discover a secret!"
"Tours Trips Treks & Travel, a backcountry guide service dedicated to introducing visitors to some of the island's lesser-known wonders away from the beaches"  ....David Arnold, Boston Globe.

Tours Trips Treks & Travel is dedicated to helping educational institutions, special interest groups, and businesses design and manage educational, adventure, and community service programs in the Dominican Republic.

Tours Trips Treks & Travel offers a wide array of services to match your individual and specific needs. From complete itinerary design, tour management and guide services to simply providing an airport pickup or hotel reservation, 4T is the reliable resource for education, adventure, and community service oriented groups.


International Health Insurance Coverage
4T provides quick insurance quotes and quick coverage through International Medical Group. For more than a decade, IMG has provided medical insurance to individuals, families and groups who are living or traveling abroad. Whether you need individual coverage for a vacation or group coverage for your students or employees in locations around the world, IMG has a product to meet your needs.

Travel Insurance Coverage

Benefits include:

  • Trip Cancellation/Interruption - up to US$20,000
  • Travel Delay - Up to US$500
  • Baggage Delay - Up to US$100
  • Baggage and Personal Possessions Up to US$1,000
  • Emergency Medical/Dental Expenses Up to US$10,000
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation/Repatriation Up to US$20,000
  • Emergency Reunion or Return of Mortal Remains Up to US$3,000
  • Common Carrier Accidental death and Dismemberment Up to US$100,000
  • All purchases include a membership into the N.S.B.T.H.A

Program Design
Designing a tour in a country as tropical, varied, and beautiful as the Dominican Republic is an exciting process, but can easily become overwhelming when working on your own. Let a 4T Tour Consultant help you simplify the process by assisting you in identifying the most important factors that effect trip design content and costs. We can even recommend alternative options that you may have not considered.

Logistical Management
Let's be honest. This is Latin America, and it doesn't work the same way as North America. It is all about who you know, and family and friends are served first. When you travel with Tours Trips Treks & Travel, we take care of the details so you can focus on your real goals and enjoy what this beautiful country has to offer.

Lodging & Accommodations
From homestays with Dominican families in Santiago, to 5-star beach resorts in Bavaro, and from cabin-camping on Pico Duarte, to beach front villas in Cabarete or just a modest hotel in Santo Domingo, 4T has the accommodation options to meet your comfort level and budget.

Tours Trips Treks & Travel offers extensive transportation solutions throughout the Dominican Republic and its surrounding waters. In addition to car, Harley, dirt bike, quad runner, and truck rentals, we provide busses from 6 to 59 passengers, all-terrain vehicles seating 28, airplanes from 3 to 19 pax, helicopters from 3 to 6 passengers, and sail and motorized boats licensed from 3 to 120 passengers.

Relying upon our own talented staff and guides and professional food service providers, 4T believes food prep to be an art form and eating an experience. From a rustic "Chambre" stew made on an open "fogon" to a delicately prepared Grouper Samana-style in mild coconut and fresh tomato sauce or sweet corn bread on the mountain road to Jarabacoa, food is an important part of the journey offering insight into this colorful culture. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide quality meals in the strangest and most remote of places.

Working with professionals from multiple disciplines, 4T offers prearranged photography service for all of our tours. Digital photo-CDs, high resolution prints up to 9"x13", post cards, slide shows, and more are available. Photography service allows you to focus on the activities at hand without worrying about "getting the right picture", batteries, film, or rain.


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