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Tours / Ecotour Barahona

Ecotour Barahona
Dominican Republic
Phone: (809) 243 1190
Cel: (809) 395 1542
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The region of Barahona, situated in the southwest of the Dominican Republic, has the potential to become the principal destination of the ecotourism in the Caribbean islands, thanks to its exceptional ecological diversity as numerous National Parks and reserves of the biosphere (UNESCO).

Specialist of this region for 6 years, ECO- Tour Barahona promises to make you discover this wild and unknown side in an authentic way, proposing ecological excursions, treks, and adventures, always respecting the environment and integrating the local communities. Accompanied by Leo, Ramón and others, come visit unique and wonderful places where you will get an unforgettable experience.

Eco Tours
With our ECO- Tours you will discover the 4 National parks around Barahona. These parks are protected and maintained by the Government in order to be kept authentic.

All our Eco tours include:

  • Transportation in minibus.
  • Guide (English, French, Spanish).
  • Soft drinks during the day.
  • Typical Caribean lunch.
  • Free access to the parks.

Our ECO- Tours offered are:

  • Bahía de Las Aquílas.
  • Lago Enriquillo.
  • Laguna Oviedo.
  • Cachote Cloud Forest.
  • Larimar Mines.


ECO Trecks
Our ECO- Treks will allow you to discover the beautiful landscape of the mountain chain Sierra de Bahoruco with its amazing primary tropical forest, turning into pine tree forest and cloud forest at 4600 ft above sea level.
Your guide will help you to identify orchids, ginger flowers and hundred of other endemic plants.

You will certainly enjoy his capacity to communicate with birds such as parrots, hummingbirds, papagayos or the surprising Hilguero which is able to reproduce 9 types of sounds. Out of the 48 endemic species of bird found on Hispaniola Island, you can observe 45 in this region.

You will visit small, isolated villages of Dominican or Haitian people. They breed animals (cows, goats, mules, fighting cocks) or grow food (coffee, avocado, cacao, papaya, mango, banana). They are always very proud and happy to welcome visitants in their village.

Time and difficulties of the treks vary, so everyone can choose one in accordance with his abilities.

All our ECO- Treks include:

  • Transportation safari truck.
  • A local guide.
  • Typical Caribean lunch.

Our ECO- Trecks offered are:

  • The Cacoa Trail.
  • The Coffee Trail.
  • Eden’s Garden.


ECO Adventures
The goal of our Eco adventures is to access "end of the world" sites that you can only reach by several days' expeditions.

Those adventures imply a complete immersion in the nature. For this reason all nights are spent in natural camp sites.

You can choose between these types of adventure:

  • Eco adventure "mountain" if you like trekking.
  • Eco adventure "sea" if you like boat expeditions.

In all the expeditions, all the logistic needed material is included:

  • Camping equipments (tents, mattress).
  • Ecological showers.
  • A cook and a complete local staff to prepare the camp.
  • Transport of your luggages (truck, mules).
  • Lifejackets and 1st aid pharmacy.
  • An English speaking guide specialized in adventure tourism.


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