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Tours / JC Colonial Service - Audio Tours

JC Colonial Service - Audio Tours
Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic

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City tours for independent travelers in the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo.

We use high end MP3 players that are simple to use with excellent stereo sound. They are compact and fit in one hand or can be placed in a pocket, it’s like taking a cellular phone with you.

The user has the freedom to make their own route at there own pace. Visitors may see monuments at their own interest, stopping to rest or snack when they choose.

Our offices are located at the Don Diego Port Terminal in Santo Domingo, Alcazar de Colon and the Hard Rock Café.


Our Audio Guide covers more than 25 historical points in the Colonial city of Santo Domingo.

Currently we offer our service in three different languages:
Spanish, English, and French.

The Rental Kit:
Includes a simple to use Mp3 player containing narrative descriptions of sites, special effects, and well known dramatization of the museums, streets, churches, and monuments on the map. (Headphones with disposable foam cover for individual and hygienic use)

Also included.

  • Informative booklet with a map, photos, and suggested route.
  • Entrance of Alcazar de Colon and Casa de Tostado.
  • Free non-alcoholic beverage at Hard Rock Café.
  • Additional pair of headphones so you can share the experience.

We offer daily and weekly luggage storage, our location is very secure. During the day, a member of our staff will be there to assist you in anything that you need.

If you have any special event, we will be very happy to make necessary arrangements or to help you to design your own group package.

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