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Tours / Kitesurfing & Paragliding in Cabarete

Kitexcite - Kitebeach Hotel
Cabarete, Dominican Republic
Tel: (829) 962 4556
Tel: (829) 644 8354
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Kiteboarding is one of the most exciting and fastest growing water sport activities worldwide. KiteBoarding is also known as KiteSurfing.

Where do most people like to go Kiteboarding?
At Kite Beach in Cabarete, as it has some of the best Kiteboarding conditions on the planet and is a beautiful spot.

Kiteboarding involves the use of a power kite to pull a rider though the water on a small surfboard/ kiteboard.

Paragliding, also known as Hangliding, involves leaping off a mountain top and flying like a bird with the aid of a fabric wing, somewhat like a parachute. A paraglider is a free-flying, foot-launched aircraft. The pilot sits in a harness suspended below the wing.

Dominican Republic is a very popular hangliding/ paragliding location.

In the near of Cabarete, only 2 hours by car, you can paraglide, after initial course on the beach.

Kitexcite is the first established KiteSurfing school in the Dominican Republic.

Why Kitexcite?

Kitexcite is the only school using Radio Helmets and a motor boat as teaching aids. These options increase your safety, make best use of your time and therefore you get more bang for your buck.

Kitexcite uses helmets so that you get IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK and can know in real-time what how to improve faster. Radio Helmet Instruction is used in all lesson programs, free of charge.

Kitexcite also has a safety boat on KiteBeach which is used for rescue and teaching.

Boat training almost doubles your water time and allows you to practice away from others, with plenty of space for learning.

Check out our Paragliding & Kiteboarding courses >>

Kitexcite uniquely offers you KiteSurfing & Paragliding, so that wind or no wind we will get you flying; On no wind days we offer you the chance to discover the thrill of flying a Paraglider. Initiation is done right on the beach!

Kitexcite and Kite Beach Hotel are located at the center of Kite Beach, which is a short walk from Cabarete beach.

We're looking forward to get you flying!

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