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Tours / Morales Nuñez Tours

Morales Nuñez Tours
Puerto Plata
Dominican Republic

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Willkommen, Bienvenue, Benvenuto!

In any language we want to welcome you to beautiful Puerto Plata! At Morales-Nuñez Excursions our home is your home. We are a family owned tour company whose mission is to provide you with the best service possible.


Come and enjoy our hospitality and 4 wheeler excursions!

Let us show you the breathtaking beauty of Puerto Plata/Playa Dorada on our modern fleet of four wheelers. Starting from the little town of Munoz, we take you through the sugar cane fields of Monte-Llano and then pass through the Mountains of Los Algodones. At the quaint town of Los Ciruelos, you’ll have a chance to shop for original Dominican souvenirs and get some refreshments. Our tour continues on to the white sands of Bergantin Beach and returns along the Munoz River. Ask about our lunch tour which includes delicious Dominican dishes and takes you to see the Christ in the Mountains of Isabel De Torres, located near the town of La Isabela; the first permanent village established by Christopher Columbus in 1492.

So, c’mon! Hop on one of our four wheelers and drive your way through the beautiful Dominican country side with Morales-Nuñez Excursions!

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