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1 Bavaro, Pueblo Bavaro. La Altagracia
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SEE MORE TOURISM - Excursiones Gustavo, is a well known and popular tour operator of the Dominican Republic that organizes excursions and trips in the domestic interior, with more than ten years experience. Our concept is to invite our clients to enjoy a different type of excursions (one off the beaten path). It is necessary to mention that the trips are not massive groups. Our objective is mainly to show the real life of the Dominican Republic and that our clients are satisfied with our services. Air, marine and terrestrial excursions.

Excursion Samana by Airplane:
This tour is available for guests of hotels in Bavaro, Punta Cana, Bayahibe and Samana.

ACTIVITIES: The tour begins with a visit to the Bacardi Island (better known as Cayo Levantado), located at the entrance to the Bay of Samana, Bacardi Island has just barely one square kilometer of tropical Caribbean foliage, with its beautiful turquoise blue water, crystal-white sand, it is also ideal for swimming or snorkeling. It is known as 'Bacardi Island' because there are palm trees that appear in advertisements for the brand Bacardi rum.

Leaving the Bacardi Island, we head towards the city of Samana and then later to the Salto de Limón. There we have a typical buffet lunch before descending to the waterfall. El Salto Del Limón is mired in a tropical rainforest in the Samana peninsula. A waterfall of 40 meters high, consisting of three exits by flowing water that slides over a solid wall, greenish in color, product of hundreds of ferns and the presence of a high level of humidity in the area. All it’s t water descending to a natural pool. This spectacular crystal clear water fall is visited by thousands of eco-tourists each year.

To reach the “Salto de Limon”, it is necessary to take a horseback ride through the jungle, which is done with a companion, the ride can last between 30-45 minutes. The remaing stretch of road slopes down towards the waterfall, so you must cover it on foot, as it has very irregular steps and wooden handrails on one side, for this reason we advise customers to take proper footwear. After completing our visit to the waterfall, we will return to the starting point.


Excursion Isla Saona by speedboat:
This tour is available for guests of hotels in Bavaro, Punta Cana and Bayahibe.

ACTIVITIES: transportation to Bayahibe, then board the speedboat and continuing the journey at sea and visit the very attractive National Park East. Our first stop is Canto de la Playa, the most beautiful beach of Saona, with white sand, crystal clear waters in the most beautiful colors, if you're lucky you may also see some dolphins sometimes they come to this beach, you have three hours to relax in this charming place with the possibility of snorkeling in coral gardens that surround the entire beach.

The next stop is Mano Juan, the fishing village of 300 inhabitants of Saona Island (no cars, little electricity,it is a picturesque village) , you may observe how the people of this small town still manages to live with very limited resources. Then we go to the Laguna de Subidera (1 meter deep) where we will stop 40 minutes, then continue towards Playa Catuano, where we will have a lunch buffet. After lunch we will have one hour to relax and swim at the beach.

Our journey continues to the Mangroves in the channel between the Saona Isle and the mainland. Mangroves are the nursery that care for the babies of the ocean. We will see many 'baby-fishes in a very serene setting. You will see pelicans and frigate birds that nest in the mangroves. Sometimes you can spot turtles and large manta rays in the mangroves.

We continue to Playa Escondida, where you can see the starfish, you can also enjoy the world’s largest natural pool , named for its shallow (1 meter-depth) waters, a sand bank and 400 meters off the coast at sea, and finally snorkel again in Playa Bayahibe.


Excursion Santo Domingo by Autobus or Airplane:
This tour is available for guests of hotels in Bavaro, Punta Cana, Bayahibe and La Romana.

ACTIVITIES: The first stop will do in Playa Caleta, then we go to Los Tres Ojos caves,this is an interesting place, underground caves. It was given the name of Los Tres Ojos because it is composed of three major lakes in underground caves. Definitely a breathtaking view accompanied by the natural décor of the rocks of the caves.

Our tour continues with a visit to the Columbus Lighthouse, which was built for the celebration of the "500 years of the Discovery and Evangelization of America." At the intersection of the Faro is the mausoleum with the remains of Christopher Columbus that rests in the Cathedral. From the tourism point of view it is considered that the Columbus Lighthouse is an attractive point of interest, which was integrated into the Caribbean routes within the so-called "cultural tourism."

Then we head to the Zona Colonial or Colonial City, is the name given to the oldest part of the city of Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic and was the first city founded by Europeans in America. It is so named because this part of the city was founded by Spanish colonists. This area of Santo Domingo has colonial buildings and ancient cobblestone streets which is a great tourist attraction, as is the Alcázar de Colón, which we will visit ( it was home to Diego Columbus, son of Christopher Columbus) and the First Cathedral of America, which will also visit. The construction of this magnificent work dates back to 1512, the year construction began, this style is a totally different style of construction than the one used in the Dominican Republic, it has a Gothic influenced and other styles. Having concluded with a tour of the Colonial Zone, we to a nice local restaurant for lunch.

After lunch our tour continues to the Presidential Palace, the seat of executive power (current president is Dr. Leonel Fernandez Reina). Then we head towards the shopping area located on Duarte ave., there you can make purchases at very low prices. At the end we will have a tour of some of the richest and poorest areas Sto.Dgo.: Bella Vista, Ensanche Piantini, Capotillo and end our tour with the La Zurza.

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