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Whoa,guess you don't enjoy antique shopping,home decor or well done British drama or a good laugh, too bad for you. Some of us have eclectic tastes and enjoy something other than bland cable sitcoms or reality shows for a change. PBS is good too but please don't discount the value of BBC America from the other side of the pond.
You are absolutely right, Abuela, that I don't like antique shopping and home decor programmes. But, like you, I think I have eclectic tastes, and I do like well done drama and a good laugh.

My problems with BBC America are

1. That I have seen many of the programmes before years ago in the UK, and
2. Whenever I watch it, it has the bland sitcoms (Couplings etc) and the reality shows to which you say it provides an alternative. The BBC does produce a much wider range of programmes and I am sorry not to have seen them represented over here.

Perhaps I will appreciate it more if I tune at different times of the day, and when I have been here longer?

Meanwhile, it is still definitely not in my own list of channels which I regret losing most as a result of the latest shenanigans by our local cable provider