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  1. Punta Cana Airport to Las Terrenas
  2. santo domingo to boca chica
  3. Getting to, well, all over
  4. DR map showing new highways?
  5. Jarabacoa to Cabarete
  6. Santo Domingo Airport to Sosua
  7. taxi to airport
  8. Bayahibe-Playa La Palmilla
  9. SDQ Airport to Bayahibe - Cheapest option
  10. Taxi fares from Colonial zone to Galeria 360 and US Embassy
  11. Traveling from Riu Bachata to Cabarete
  12. Traveling From Santiago airport to bavaro by plane.
  13. Traveling from Santo Domingo to Cabarete
  14. How Not to Miss the Samana Hwy Turnoff?
  15. Pedernales to Dajabon?
  16. Looking for a (taxi) driver for a return trip from STI to Lifestyles resort.
  17. Concho prices in sosua
  18. Arrival at SDQ airport, how to get to bahia principe la romana?
  19. Los Alcarrizos to Cabrera
  20. From Bayahibe to Samana the easiest way!?
  21. Driver needed in PC for a day or two while I am on vacation....
  22. Need driver from POP resort to STI on 9/27 or 9/28
  23. Garmin Maps for the D.R.
  24. Santo Domingo to Punta Cana
  25. distance las garelas to santo domingo?
  26. Los Haitises
  27. from bayahibe to las garelas
  28. Punta Cana to Puerto Plata
  29. Lago Enriquillo Road
  30. Motorcycle Rental
  31. traveling via Javilla Tours from Cofresi to Santiago
  32. Punta Cana to Miches
  33. Pools under the waterfalls
  34. Jarabacoa to Rio San Juan
  35. San Jose de Ocoa to Constanza
  36. Transportation for a family of 4 (2 adults with 2 kids)
  37. TAxi from Caribe Tours to STI
  38. LT Info Please
  39. From Sto Domingo airport to Sosua by car
  40. Bus from Santo Domingo Airport to Cabarete on Sunday? Which one to take?
  41. Getting to sabana grande de boya from santiago
  42. Rental Car v. Taxi -- HELP
  43. Bavaro express price
  44. Barahona to Cabarete
  45. Costambar to Demajagua
  46. Transport Santiago to Costambar
  47. Santiago DR to Cap Haitien Via Caribe tours Bus
  48. Expresso Bavaro Schedule June 2013 - Santo Domingo - Punta Cana
  49. Pedernales to Jimani
  50. Border Crossings at Jímani and Pedernales
  51. Santiago to Las Terrenas by car
  52. Need help travelling from East Coast to North Coast
  53. Bus from Bavaro to La Romana
  54. Cabarete - Port Au Prince
  55. Bus from Santiago to Cap Haitien
  56. Autpista Duarte San Jose de Ocoa to Constanza
  57. Best way to get from Zona Colonial to Las Terrenas?
  58. Planing a Vacation.
  59. motorbike along the border with Haiti - from MonteCristi to Pedernales or Barahona
  60. Metro Reservations??
  61. Santiago Airport to Puerto Plata...Lifestyle Resort
  62. SDQ to Las Galeras by Rental Car - Am I crazy?
  63. Getting from POP area to La Romana by bus
  64. No Caribe Bus service to SD-Las Americas?
  65. Report Out: Driving Punta Cana to North Coast, Samana and Back
  66. No taxi or bus - need driving directions please SDQ - Punta Cana/Bavaro
  67. Landing in SDQ, geting to Punta Cana....
  68. looking for a cheap rental car
  69. Need some help
  70. El Valle Buses?
  71. Need transport Santo Domingo - Samana( after 6:00 pm) !?
  72. How to arrange for driver SDQ to Hato Mayor?
  73. A Car or a Carro - POP to Gaspar
  74. Between Las-Terrenas and Punta-Cana.
  75. A good source of paper maps?
  76. Traveling from Santiago airport to Puerto Plata Lifestyle Resort
  77. Domestic Flights- need advise pls
  78. Decisions, decisions ... Car travel options from Santiago to Puerto Plata
  79. Bus Schedules for Samana Peninsula and Beyond
  80. Santo Domingo to Punta Cana
  81. GuaGua Las Terranas to Samana
  82. Travel between La Romana to Juan Dolio/San Pedro de Macoris and Boca Chica
  83. Hello all,
  84. Sti to Jarabocoa
  85. Traveling from STI to POP Help
  86. Costo de taxi desde SDQ a Gran Bahia Principe La Romana
  87. SDQ to Bayahibe/La Romana?
  88. Arriving into Santo DOmingo LATE-- need to get to El Portillo
  89. travel to las terrenas
  90. Jarabacoa to SDQ Airport Friday Afternoon
  91. I have searched all the GPS threads.... (Plus a semi comprehensive liste of GPS maps)
  92. Taxi rates
  93. Santo Domingo Airport procedures
  94. Las Galeras to La Vega
  95. Travel from Cofresi to Samana
  96. Flights from SDQ to Port au Prince Haiti HELP !!!
  97. Punta Cana Airport (PUJ) to Dreams Punta Cana Resort (Uvero Alto)
  98. Taxi from Santiago Airport STI to Playa Dorada...
  99. SDQ to Juan Dolio Resort
  100. Does anyone know the "rough" taxi fare from Santo Domingo Airport to La Romana?
  101. metro or caribi bus from sdq to Confresi
  102. SDQ->Santo Domingo->La Romana->Bayahibe
  103. Express bus from Santo Domingo to Las Terrenas and vice-versa
  104. travel from Cabrera to Samana question
  105. Santiago to Puerto Plata
  106. Driving time between Santiago and Sosua
  107. How far is juan dolio or la romana from santo domingo
  108. Travel from SDQ to central Santo Domingo
  109. Santiago to the La Isabela airport
  110. Bus possible from near Cabarete to SDQ airport directly?
  111. Bus from SDQ to Samana
  112. Google Maps 3D
  113. Punta Cana to Caberete
  114. How long driving Sosua-Nagua-Boca Chica?
  115. POP to Luperon
  116. Driving time from Santa Barbara de Samana to Cap Cana
  117. Transporte La Terrenas bus from SDQ to Las Terrenas
  118. Condition of mountain roads
  119. Travel between Santiago, Samana Peninsula, and Santo Domingo
  120. Bavaro to La Romana
  121. Private house to Rent IN Constanza
  122. Ride Share from Cabarete/Sousa to Santiago STI
  123. from Punta Cana to Santo Domingo and south of Barahona (to Parque Nacional Jaragua)
  124. Best way from Las Terrenas to Las Americas Airport SDQ in Santo Domingo
  125. Taxi Price for STI to Monte Cristi??
  126. looking to hire a driver with car
  127. Traveling by guaguas - Puerto Plata area
  128. Santiago to Bonao
  129. From Sosua To Jarabacoa
  130. bus route between White Sands Resort and El Cortecito
  131. Metro Bus From SDQ to Sosua
  132. any body want to do a ride share from santiago airport to sosua
  133. santiago to pop by bus any help
  134. Comprehensive and Liability insurance on a borrowed car in Puerto Plata
  135. Confresi to Santo Domingo
  136. Taxi cost from SDQ to Juan Dolio and Juan Dolio to La Romana
  137. gas prices
  138. SOSUA to STI airport
  139. santiago to riu merengue resort
  140. Driving from SD to Santiago and Puerto Plata
  141. Route airport SD to Puerto Plata
  142. Santo Domingo Airport to Caribe Tours OR Metro us Station
  143. Driving from Jarabacoa>> Las Terrenas, Samana
  144. Connecting The Dots...
  145. Puerto Plata-Jarabacoa-Bahia de las Aguilas
  146. Getting a Publico in Puerto Plata
  147. Bus from Santo Domingo to Las Terranas?
  148. Travel Directions from STI (Santiago Airport) to Lifestyle Tropical Resort and Spa
  149. General question: How to figure out where a publico goes?
  150. Getting from Santiago to Cabrera
  151. Bavaro/Punta Cana to Santo Domingo, express service, not higuey change
  152. Santo Domingo to Sosua
  153. Buses from Puerto Plata to Bavaro ????
  154. Cabrera
  155. Driving from Santo Domingo to Cabrera???
  156. Caribe tours bus questions
  157. travel between Jarabacoa & La Romana
  158. Help please!! i really need it!!
  159. Taking a 4- wheeler from LT to Samana.
  160. Santiago airport to Cabrera?
  161. Public Car routes in Santiago?
  162. Santo Domingo to Abreu
  163. Travel from Sti or POP to Punta Cana
  164. europcar SDQ
  165. Santiago to Sosua round trip, Metro vs. Caribe Tours
  166. driving santo domingo to samana please help
  167. how far from Lifestyles resort to playagrande golf course
  168. Santiago to Samana/Las Terrenas
  169. Are all Caribe trips from SD to Samana the same length?
  170. Cabarete to Sosua
  171. Sanchez to Las Terrenas
  172. Transport help about Punata Cana - Las Terrenas and Las Terrenas - La Romana
  173. Sosua to Santo Domingo...bus terminal location.
  174. Santo Domingo Airport to Cabarete
  175. Cheap way to travel from santiago to jarabacoa
  176. Cheap way to travel from santiago to puerto plata
  177. Cabarete to PUJ.....5hr 40min
  178. Unsure about some driving times
  179. Directions from POP to Cordillera Septentrional
  180. SDQ Airport to Jaragua Hotel
  181. HELP! PETRIFIED! - Traveling from Santo Domingo to Puerto Plata
  182. Boat companies from US/NY to Santo Domingo
  183. Transfer from STI to Cofresi
  184. Cabarete to Jarabacoa to Las Terrenas to Punta Cana
  185. from Puerto Plata to Salcedo??
  186. Driving directions to Constanza / Villa Pajon
  187. Caribe tours to Cabarete
  188. Caribe bus, GuaGua or car rental
  189. Puerto Plata to Punta Cana by car?
  190. Santiago to Los Memisos de Nagua.
  191. POP Airport to Santiago - Cheapest Possible
  192. Villa Altagracia to San Cristobal
  193. Bus Puerto Plata/ POP - Samana
  194. best route from punta cana to salcedo??
  195. bus/guagua Puerto Plata airport to Costambar
  196. motorbike rentals, taxi/bus from SDQ to Bayahibe?
  197. Drive times from Santo Domingo to Sosua, and Sosua to Dajabon.
  198. Best way from Santiago Aiport to Laromana resorts
  199. Driving directions from SDQ to Dreams in La Romana
  200. Samana Airport
  201. Map wanted of new highway Santo Domingo - Samana
  202. S.D to Mao
  203. Driving from Las Terranas to Bavaro
  204. bus from Punta Cana to Salcedo or Santiago?
  205. Bus from Airport to Santo Domingo
  206. Travel To Cap-Haitian
  207. Punta Cana airport to Santo Domingo, after 3.30pm How?
  208. Santiago/Jarabacoa
  209. SDQ - Funjet Transfers
  210. Travel from La Romana to Las Galeras (Samana)
  211. Punta Cana to Samana by road
  212. Bonao - Chaco Prieto
  213. Driving Santo Domingo Airport - Bahoruco - is it straightforward?
  214. traveling from the airport to the colonial zone
  215. Bus from Santo Domingo to Boca Chica.
  216. 27 falls
  217. Taxi from SDQ Airport to the Colonial Zone
  218. Driving time Barahona - Santo Domingo and more
  219. Punta Cana to Puerto Plata
  220. Directions to Isabella de Torres Mountain Cable Car in Puerto Plata
  221. Punta Cana Buses
  222. Santiago to Samana?
  223. PUJ to Higuey by public transportation
  224. Samana (AZS) to Cabrera
  225. Caribe Tours Bus & Place to Stay
  226. Guagua to Juan Dolio from SD
  227. driving direction from Juan Dolio to Bavaro(El El Cortecito)
  228. Driving Times - Las Galeras - Cabarete - Bonao - Santo Domingo
  229. Bus Schedule - Santo Dom/Sosua
  230. Las Matas De Farfan
  231. Santiago Airport Rental Car
  232. Puerto Plata Airport - Flight Schedules to USA
  233. Htl. Las Jardines to Mirabal Museam and return
  234. Busstation Metro Tours
  235. Las Terrenas/Samana to Punta Cana
  236. PUJ to Santo Domingo
  237. PUJ to Guayacanes - best way?
  238. Santo Domingo to Higuey
  239. La Romana LRM to San Domingo Colonial Zone
  240. santo domingo to las terrenas
  241. Samana to Constanza
  242. Bus terminal addresses (and prices if you have them)
  243. Samana to Sosua
  244. Getting from Santo Domingo to Santiago?
  245. Puerto Plata 2 Las Terrenas Driving (Did Search... Seems Outdated)
  246. Going to Santo Domingo to Santiago
  247. SDQ to Samana GPS/Map
  248. Pullmantur cruises
  249. Driving directions from Santo Domingo to Cabarete
  250. Travel from Santo Domingo to El Cedro