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Real Estate

  • Type: Home
    For: Sale
    Location: Playa Najayo
    Price: US$160,000
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  • Type: Villa
    For: Sale
    Location: Bavaro
    Price: US$360
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  • Type: Own all 6 New Apts, $265,000
    For: Sale
    Location: Cabrera Costa Norte
    Price: US$545 / Sq M
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  • Type: Condo
    For: Sale
    Location: Bavaro
    Price: US$135,000
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  • Baseball

    A Brief History of Baseball in the Dominican Republic.

  • Coffee

    How it's grown, brewed and ways people enjoy it. Usually sweet and strong.

  • Renting

    All you'll need to know about renting a property in Santo Domingo.

  • Food

    The origins of many foods and the customs surrounding them.

  • Slang

    Dominican Slang 101: What they say, how to say it and what it means.

  • Prostitution

    How it is viewed by Dominican culture and its relation to tourism.

  • Presidente Beer

    One of the most distinctive cultural symbols in the country.

  • History

    Important events in Dominican history from 1492 to the present day.

  • Transportation

    Learn about the many forms of public transportation available.