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Daily News - 10 February 1998

DR wins Caribbean baseball series
Once again the Dominican Republic has won the Caribbean World Series, by defeating Venezuela, 3-0, at Puerto de la Cruz, Venezuela, last night. Neifi Pérez batted in two homeruns, becoming the hero of the game. The Aguilas Cibaeñas becomes the first team ever to repeat in a Caribbean Series. The D.R. has yet to play a final game against Mexico in order to win all commitments in the series that brings together the winning teams of Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and the D.R.

Milly Quezada honored with El Soberano
Milly Quezada won the El Soberano, the highest honor rendered to an artistic performer in the D.R. Engineer Rafael Menicucci, general manager of the Cerveceria Nacional Dominicana that sponsors the event, handed her the award together with Napoleón Beras, president of the Dominican showbusiness writers association, Acroarte, organizer of the Casandra Awards Night. Milly Quezada also received the trophy for being "Singer of the Year." She made a comeback in 1997, following the death of her husband/manager from cancer.
The winners for 1997 are:

Actress: Niurka Mota
Actor: Ivan Garcia:
Secondary actor/Actress: María Cristina Camilo
Theater director: Amarilis Rodriguez
Theatral production: "La Cena de las Solteronas."
Foreign theater production: Desahogo de una Viuda
Children's show: Isha Contigo
Classic bailarina: Michelle Jiménez
Classic/modern dancer: Armando González
Choreographer: Patricia Ascuasiasti
Show: Homenaje a Verdi
Popular choreography: Guillermo Cordero
Folklore ballet of the year": UASD ballet
Arranger: Armando Olivero
Composer: Alicia Baroni
Classic composer: Bienvenido Bustamante
Classic instrumentalist: Luis Ruiz
Chamber music: Quinteto de Metales
Lyric singer: Teresita Pérez
Most outstanding performer abroad: Jose Antonio Molina
Announcer: Miguel Susana
Master of Ceremony: Jatnna Tavarez
Presenter: Henry Brito
Investigative TV show: Nuria en el 9
TV special: Cronica Chell
Special TV program: Esta Noche Mariasela
Children's TV program: Club de Isha
Humor on TV: De Remate
Comedian: Raymon Pozo
Video clip: Tío Juan
Weekly variety show: El Reto Semanal;
Daily variety show: Punto Final
Rock/merenhouse group: Los Ilegales
Typical group of the year: José el Calvo
Bachata: Leonardo Paniagua
Resident group abroad: Toño Rosario
Most outstanding foreign performing group in the DR: Gilberto Santarosa
Revelation: Freddy Gerardo
Most oustanding performance of a popular group abroad: Los Ilegales
Female singer: Milly Quezada
Male singer: Victor y Shire
Concert: Bailemos Bolero
Show: Milly for Siempre
Music CD: Raices
Merengue: Suero de Amor
Musical Group: Fernando Villalona
Olga Tañón, Gilberto Santarosa, Shakira, Gloria and Emilio Estefan were recognized with the Casandra International for their contributions to Dominican show business. Musical producer Kike Santander was honored with a plaque. Angela Carrasco received a special honor for her contributions to Dominican art. Likewise, Johnny Ventura received another special award for "bringing happiness to Dominicans throughout 40 years."
Highlights of the evening
During the show, Rafael Solano, Joseito Mateo and Vinicio Franco rendered tribute to Luis Alberti. Adalgisa Panteón interpreted "Entre pinales" in duo with the late Rafael Colon, one of the most outstanding ballad singers of all times, who appeared on a video screen. Then Niní Caffaro sang, "Luna sobre el Jaragua," again in duo with Rafael Colón, while scenes of life in Santo Domingo in the 50s were shown.
Milagros Hernández sang "Mi tierra," in honor of visiting Emilio Estefan. Johnny Ventura sang a medley of his hit songs --Merenguero hasta la Tambora, El Tabaco, El Pinguino, Pitaste, La Agarradera, and Miel por los Poros -- with Milly Quezada. Jatnna Tavárez and Jochy Santos were the masters of ceremony for the evening.

PRSC and PRD alliance would be big coup for Dr. Balaguer
An alliance between the Partido Reformista Social Cristiano and the Partido Revolucionario Dominicano would be a major final career triumph for the nation's wisest politician ever, Dr. Joaquin Balaguer, according to a commentary today in Hoy newspaper. This alliance would permit the nonagenarian to maintain the veto power in Dominican politics, forcing government and opposition to have to negotiate with him as has occurred in past decades. Hoy reports that it should not surprise anyone if the former statesman should announce his support of Dr. José Francisco Peña Gómez's candidacy for mayor of Santo Domingo and that to senator of Milagros Ortíz Bosch, both already the strongest candidates in the city of Santo Domingo. One political analyst suggested that what the PRD should do is go along with the alliance talks and then at last minute remove the support.
Adding to speculation is the preliminary announcement of the selection of two young politicians as the PRSC candidates in Santo Domingo. Early reports on the primaries of the PRSC indicate that Miguel Sanz Jiminian would be the candidate for mayor and Alexis Joaquin Castillo, for senator. Neither of these two are strong candidates, which adds to the speculation that the PRSC will negotiate with the PRD to support the PRD candidate, Dr. Jose Francisco Peña Gómez-Johnny Ventura and repeating senator, Milagros Ortíz Bosch.

Dollar drops on city streets
The maximum street-selling price of the dollar yesterday was RD$14.48, according to a report in Hoy, following the injection of US$10 million into the commercial bank system by the Central Bank. The official government quote for the currency is RD$14.02.

U.S. Deputy Secretary of State visits
Deputy Secretary of State for the Caribbean and Central America John Hamilton visited President Leonel Fernández yesterday. His visit came at a time when the U.S. has not yet replaced Ambassador Donna J. Hrinak who left for an ambassadorial post in Bolivia on 12 December 1997.
Speaking to the press after his interview with the President, Hamilton said that the delays in appointing the ambassador are due to the U.S. bureaucracy and nothing out of the ordinary. He said his visit was routine. He pointed out that the Dominican Republic is the U.S.'s greatest trading partner in the region. Dominican exports to the U.S. were US$4,000 million in 1997, he said, which represented a significant increase over 1996. He said that the U.S. backs Dominican efforts to modernize and strengthen Dominican society, contributing to national plans in the areas of justice, civic education and health. Likewise, he pointed out that U.S. citizens of Dominican origin are making important contributions to U.S. democracy by participating in politics in the States.

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