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Daily News - 24 April 1998

Book fair opened
President Leonel Fernández inaugurated on 23 April the I International Book Fair of Santo Domingo, the globalized version of the 25 year old National Book Fair. In his improvised opening words, he spoke of government efforts to refurbish the National Library and municipal libraries all around the country. The book fair will last through 3 May and runs on a 9:30 am to 10:30 pm schedule. Admission is free. Most events take place on the grounds of the National Conservatory of Music at Av. Cesar Nicolás Penson corner Alma Mater. The book fair is an ongoing succession of shows, book presentations and cultural events. Following are some of the key events of the weekend schedule of the fair, described as the principal cultural event of the year is as follows:
10:30 am: Inauguration of the Spanish Pavilion
10:30 am: Inauguration of the Children's Pavilion
10:30 am: Inauguration of the Magazine Festival
11:00 am: Inauguration of the Women Writers Stand
4 pm: Presentation of the books edited by the Permanent Commission of the Fair at the Sala de Actividades Alberto Baeza Flores.
4:30 pm: Inauguration of the Exhibition: Dominican Classic Music at the principal hall of the National Music Conservatory.
6:30 pm: Presentation of "Don Quixote and Sancho Panza" by Teatro Guayumba at the show stage of the Fair.
7:30 pm: Presentation of books by Dr. Leonel Fernández at the Juan Francisco García auditorium.
Day dedicated to Lupo Hernández Rueda
11 am: Children's Ballet Performance at the Juan Francisco García Auditorium.
4:30 pm: Presentation of the book "La Sordida telearaña de la Mansedumbre," by Rafael García Romero at the Sala Manuel Simó.
6 pm: Presentation of the book "Con un mensajero tuyo" by Mayra Montero, a Cuban-Puerto Rican novelist, at the Auditorio Juan Francisco García.
7:30 pm: Presentation of the book: "Fragancias del recuerdo: Estampas de la Moca de Ayer," by José Abigail Cruz Infante and Rafael Martínez.
Day dedicated to Rafael Valera Benítez
4 pm: Presentation of the books: "Diario de la muerte" by Dalia Nieves (Puerto Rico); "Palabras de la muerte" by Daniuska González (Cuba)' "Poesías" de Rosa Luna García (Venezuela) and "Telar de rebeldía" by Angela Hernández (Dominican Republic) at the Sala Samuel Simó.
5 pm: Conference by Jorge G. Casteñeda (Mexico) on "El Che Guevara y el Subcomandante Marcos: mitos y verdades" at the Auditorio Juan Francisco García.
5 pm: "Antología del Caballo," by Manuel del Cabral, book presented at the Sala de Actividades Alberto Baeza Flores.
6 pm: Performance of danza, jazz and theater groups from the Universidad Nacional Pedro Henríquez Ureña at the show stage.
7:30 pm: Presentation of the book: "De mantenidas a proveedoras" by Helen Safa (United States) at the Sala de Actividades Alberto Baeza Flores.
8 pm: Talk with Chilean author Luis Sepúlveda at the Auditorio Juan Francisco García.

Government begins construction of new bridge
The government began the construction of a bridge parallel to the Juan Pablo Duarte Bridge across the Ozama River that divides the city of Santo Domingo. The RD$288 million construction is scheduled to take 18 months. The bridge is being built by the Dominican-Spanish consortium, Dragados FCC-Construcciones Civiles y Marítimas. The bridge will handle more than 80,000 per day, with an estimated 4.5% more cars using the bridge each subsequent year.

Gallup Poll on congressional and municipal elections
The Rumbo magazine has been publishing results of polls carried out at different dates on the chances of the candidates for the municipal and electoral elections of 16 May 1998.
20 April edition (the candidates were announced):
For senator:
Francisco Jiménez Reyes (PRD) 47%
Manuel Paula (PLD) 35%
Cheo Zorilla (PRSC) 8%
For mayor:
Naded Melgen de Taveras (PRD) 46%
Rafael Peña (PLD) 34%
Hector Pérez Peña (PRSC) 9%
For senator:
Fernando Alvarez Bogaert (PRD) 41%
Manuel de Jesús Guichardo (PLD) 38%
José Nicolás Rodríguez (PRSC) 11%
For mayor:
Domingo Colón (PLD) 53%
Norman Augusto Ferreiras (PRD) 24%
Matías Monción (PRSC) 15%
For senator:
Angel Pérez Pérez (PRD) 42%
Efraín Rodríguez (PLD) 34%
Antonio Félix Pérez (PRSC) 16%
For mayor:
Jacobo Felix Terrero (PRD) 45%
Juan Pérez Moreta (PLD) 30%
Ferneliz Dotel (PRSC) 20%
Duarte (San Francisco de Macorís)
For senator:
Francisco (Machacho) González (PRD) 44%
Juan Ceballos (PLD) 34%
Rafael Alvarez (PRSC) 10%
For mayor:
Siquio Ng de la Rosa (PRD) 28%
Rafael Antonio Rosario (PLD) 27%
Abigail Pantaleón González (PRSC) 10%
For senator
Julián Serulle (PLD) 46%
José Rafael Abinader (PRD) 24%
Eduardo Estrella (PRSC) 20%
For mayor:
José Enrique Sued (PRSC) 39%
Ramón Ventura Camejo (PLD) 27%
Hector Grullón (PRD) 15%
27 April edition-
Santo Domingo
For senator:
Milagros Ortíz Bosch (PRD) 59%
Franklin Almeyda (PLD) 26%
Alexis Joaquín Castillo (PRSC) 10%
For mayor:
José Francisco Peña Gómez (PRD) 51%
Roberto Salcedo (PLD) 35%
Rafael Corporán de los Santos (PRSC) 11%
San Juan de la Maguana
For senator:
Juan de Dios Ogando (PLD) 45%
Antonio del Villar (PRD) 26%
Rogelio Betances (PRSC) 23%
For mayor:
Felix Dini Capellán (PLD) 34%
José Altagracia Peña (PRSC) 33%
Fernando Oviedo Tejada (PRD) 25%
For senator:
Wilton Guerrero (PLD) 35%
Vicente Castillo (PRD) 34%
Roberto Santana (PRSC) 23%
For mayor:
Enrique de Jesús Bello Franjul (PRD) 35%
Oscar Iván Peña (PLD) 29%
Luis Peña (PRSC) 21%
San Cristóbal
For senator:
Antonio Rosario (PRD) 40%
Melanio Paredes (PLD) 38%
José Osvaldo Leger (PRSC) 16%
For mayor:
Tony Galán Grullón (PLD) 47%
Néstor J. Santana (PRD) 33%
Luís Puello (PRSC) 14%
Hato Mayor
For senator:
Farid Kury (PLD) 39%
Iván Rondón (PRD) 31%
Miguel Andrés Berroa (PRSC) 23%
For mayor:
Isidro Ramírez (PRD) 43%
Francisco Carrera (PLD) 30%
Ramón O'Brien (PRSC) 19%

RD$50,000 one way trip to Puerto Rico
Hoy newspaper journalist Domingo Páez says that there are Cubans and Chinese, and Colombians and in lesser amount Dominicans that pay from RD$20,000 to RD$50,000 for a one way ticket to Puerto Rico using a service that has strong ties in Puerto Rico to practically guarantee a safe trip and entry into that island for the illegal boat people. Páez explains that this route includes a transfer in the midst of the Mona Channel to a Puerto Rican registry yacht. These boat trips have never lost a passenger. Normally these groups are no more than 10 persons, except in the case of the Chinese. Eugenio Cabral, director of Civil Defense, said that this trafficking of persons "moves millions of dollars" a year. He said that these trips have the support of influential sectors of the province.

DR is sixth in free zone industries in the world
The Dominican Republic has the sixth largest free zone park in the world. It has the largest assembly operation in the Central America and the Caribbean. The DR is only surpassed by the industrial free zones in China, Mexico, Malaysia, Thailand and Sri Lanka. As of December 1997, employed 182,174 workers, of which 104,560 were women. The local industrial free zone textile manufacturing plants employ the most Dominicans, 72.% of the total work force.

Puerto Plata depends on tourism
A report in the Listín Diario on Puerto Plata concludes that most people in Puerto Plata live off tourism, and that the standards of living of the people of the province depend on the development of tourism. The report indicates that 26% of the work force is employed in commerce, restaurants and hotel businesses. Puerto Plata has a population of 261,485 according to the 1993 census, the most recent. The province has a 16% unemployment rate, which is higher than the Cibao Central region, to which this population belongs. In Puerto Plata, 24% of the population is less than 10 years old. And 4% of the illiterate of the country or 52,578 people, live in Puerto Plata. In the DR there are 1,320,070 illiterate persons. 23.1% of the population living in Puerto Plata is illiterate which is higher than the region. Illiteracy was down 8% from the census of 1981.
For more info, http://www.estadistica.gov.do
http://www.censo.gov.do or http:www.poblacion.gov.do
Also, http://www.tricom.net/estadistica

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