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Daily News - 21 May 1998

Advancing on the case of missing professor
The Listín Diario says that five officers of the National Police and the Armed Forces have exit impediments the part of investigations into the case of the missing university professor Narciso González, "Narcisazo." Narcisazo disappeared on 26 May 1994 following giving a belligerent talk against the regime of then President Joaquin Balaguer.
The travel impediments affect former chief of the National Police, Major General Rafael Guerrero Peralta; Brigadier General Air Force, Rafael Reyes Bencosme; Colonel Francisco Estevez Ramírez of the Air Force; and Retired Rear Admiral Rafael Bienvenido Romero Cintrón. Army Brigadier General Rafael Ramírez Ferreira, director of the intelligence unit (J-2) of the Armed Forces requested the impediments.
The Commission was created in April at the request of President Fernández who gave a 30-day deadline to resolve the case. It was said that the Police has arrested other civilians involved in the case.
Attorney General Abel Rodríguez del Orbe said that the case report will be presented in the next few hours to the President. District Attorney Francisco Domínguez Brito has said that the case of Narcicsazo involves two separate crimes: the disappearance of the professor in the framework of the post-electoral crisis of 1994, and the even more serious cover up of the case. He said all responsible will be taken to justice.
The Listín Diario editorialized praising efforts of the present judicial authorities to resolve much-publicized crimes. The newspaper praised the authorities for the handling of the case of Narcisazo and says that advances have also been made on the cases of 12-year old boy Jose Rafael Llenas Aybar, and general Luis Santiago Pérez who was brutally assassinated by PLD fanatics that were posting campaign posters. If justice is heard, in the case of pilot Santiago Pérez it would be a first time that campaign activists, and government party supporters, would be punished for violence during an electoral campaign.

Reducing the demand, essential to DEA efforts
The director for strategic planning of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, James McDonough said in Santo Domingo that U.S. authorities recognize that consumption of drugs within the U.S. must be reduced so that efforts to combat drug trafficking can be more effective.
McDonough's visit precedes that of General Barry McCaffrey, chief of the DEA, who has scheduled a visit to Santo Domingo on 28 May. McDonough said that McCaffrey will focus on prevention and rehabilitation during his visit.
He explained that the US government will invest US$195 million in advertising campaigns reaching out to children, teenagers, young adults, adults and Hispanics in this fiscal year. In a Worldnet conference televised from the United States Information Service offices in Santo Domingo, McDonough explained that US stats show that drug consumption has dropped 30% in the past years. He attributed this to an increase in budgets used to prevent the use of drugs in young Americans. U.S. and Dominican governments are participating in a major program, Frontier Lance, to patrol coastal waters in order to reduce the number of South American drug traffickers using Dominican waters to reach Puerto Rico. From Puerto Rico the drug contraband is passed on to territorial U.S. McDonough estimated that 25% of the cocaine that reaches the US from South America passes through the DR.

President Fernández speaks against re-election move
President Leonel Fernández says it is counterproductive and untimely that there be talks of reforming the Constitution. He said the task should be left to the new Congress that begins work on 16 August, and not to the present Congress. It is unlikely that the new congress will bring up the discussions, as President Fernández is the PLD's most vote-getting politician. The opposition party, PRD, will control the new Congress.
In 1994, at the time of an electoral crisis, the Constitution was reformed and presidential re-election banned. PLD party members have opened talks with present Congressmen seeking to reform the Constitution to again permit consecutive re-election. Supporters of President Fernández feel that four years is not enough time for the statesman to complete his government program.

Three judges of the JCE ready to retire
The president of the Junta Central Electoral (JCE), Juan Sully Bonelly said that with the congressional and municipal elections successfully over, he is ready to return to his private law office when his term at the electoral court ends. Two other of the original five judges that are acknowledged with the successful restructuring of the electoral court on occasion of their appointment in 1994, also want to retire. These are Luis Mora Guzmán and Rafael Vallejo Santelises. Bonelly is recommending that the president of the court be either Alejandro Asmar Sánchez and Cirilo Collado Núñez, two judges that replaced two of the first resigning judges of the court.
Commenting on this year's congressional and municipal elections, he said they were crisis-free, rather eventless. As of today, no party has impugned the results.
Judge Juan Sully Bonelly said that women will make up 18% of the composition of the new Congress. He says this is above the world average for Congress that is 11%.

Milagros Ortíz Bosch seeks presidency of Senate
Senator-elect Milagros Ortíz Bosch for Santo Domingo in an interview with Ana Mitila Lora of the Listín Diario said she would like to preside the Senate. In practice, the individual parties within the Senate meet and vote on who should be the president, and then present the candidate for approval by the party leaders.
60-year old Ortíz Bosch was the senator that received the most votes in the past congressional elections. In a recent survey, she was voted the most popular Dominican politician, above leader of her party Dr. José Francisco Peña Gómez and President Leonel Fernández.
If elected, which is likely, it would be the first time that a woman presides over the Senate. Several other senators-elect would like to be preside the Senate, including many, whom like Ortíz Bosch, were re-elected to their posts in the Senate. Ortíz Bosch won the right to contend for senator in a party primary. Her contenders were Enmanuel Esquea and Antonio Najri.
Ortíz Bosch began her career in politics as right hand of her uncle, Juan Bosch, at the time president of the Partido Revolucionario Dominicano. He had just returned from exile in 1962. With time, she strengthened her relations with Dr. José Francisco Peña Gómez and chilled her relations with her uncle. When her uncle left the party to found his own, Partido de la Liberación Dominicana (today in power), in 1973, Ortíz stayed with the PRD.
In the 1990 elections, when congressional and presidential elections were still held concurrently, she received more votes for senator of Santo Domingo than the PRD candidate to president, Dr. José Francisco Peña Gómez.

City senator says Dr. Fernández was big loser in elections
In an interview with Ana Mitila Lora of the Listín Diario newspaper, Senator elect Milagros Ortíz Bosch said that President Leonel Fernández was the big loser in the 1998 political campaign. In her opinion, Fernández took upon his shoulders the campaign, and the vote results can be interpreted as a rejection of his re-election aspirations. Presidential election is constitutionally prohibited in the DR. Party members have favored the reform of the Constitution to again admit presidential re-election for at least two terms.
Ortíz Bosch also feels that the biggest problem of the PRD is to choose among the many aspirants the presidential candidate for year 2000 elections. She skirted the issue of running for President herself. She feels that being a woman will work against her like she says being black and poor worked against Peña Gómez who never reached the presidency.

Congressional elections results
According to the most recent electoral results bulletin of the Junta Central Electoral (Bulletin #12), the Dominican electoral court the new congressmen that begin work 16 August will be as follows:
National District (Santo Domingo)
Senator: Milagros Ortíz Bosch (PRD)
PRD: Hugo Tolentino Dipp, Andrés Matos, Rafael Gamundi Cordero, Betzaida M. Santana de Báez, Winston Rafael Arnaud, Eligio Jáquez Cruz, Ivelisse de la Bernardt Prats, R. Martínez de Pérez, Alfredo Pacheco Osoria, Elías Wessin Chavez, Tirso Mejía Ricart, Pedro Antonio Franco Badía, Sofía Leonor Sánchez Baret, Stormy Reynoso Sicard, Rafael F. Vásquez Paulino, Rausto Rafael Liz Quiñones, César S. Rutinel Domínguez, Rafael Adriano Valdez Hilario, Dolores González, Venancio Alcántara Valdez, Isidro Torres Beltré, Manuel Hazoury, Radhamees Castro, Octavio Rodríguez Jiménez, Ernesto Fabré, José Vásquez, Polonio Pierret, Esteban Díaz Jaquez, María Elena Pérez.
PLD: José Joaquín Bidó Medina, Cristina Alt. Lizardo Mézquita, Rafael Kasse Acta, Reinaldo Pérez Pérez, Víctor Manuel Soto Pérez, Pelegrín Horacio Castillo Semán, Pablo Olmo Andújar, Oquendo Odalis Medina González, Gladys Sofia Azcona de la Cruz, Clodomiro de Jesús Chavez Tineo, Rosa Elena García Zaiter de Pérez, Yderka Y. de la Rosa Guerrero, Rafael Antonio Luna.
PRSC: Miguel Gerónimo Sanz Jiminián, Heector Manuel Marte Paulin, Manuel E. Mercedes Rodríguez.
Senator: Amable Aristy Castro (PRSC)
PRD: Máximo Aristy Caraballo
PLD: Alcibiades Vicente García, Waltermon Ant. Pineda García
PRSC: Ramón R. Sánchez de la Rosa
Senator: César Augusto Díaz Filpo (PRD)
PRD: Hector Aristy Pereyra, Norys I. Mateo de Ramírez
PLD: Rafael Fernández Trinidad
Senator: Francisco Jiménez Reyes (PRD)
PRD: Fátima del Rosario
PLD: Rafael María Mendoza
Senator: José Alt. González Espinosa (PRD)
PRD: Rafael Ant. Suberví Bonilla, Francisco Perez Vidal
PLD: Gregorio Reyes Castillo
Senator: Rafael de J. Jiménez Castro (PRD)
PRD: Miguel Angel Rodríguez
PLD: Juan Rafael Taveras Vargas, Octavio A. León Lister
Senator: Julio Antonio González Burell (PRD)
PRD: Jorge Luis Rojas Gómez, Daniel Fantino Vargas Alonzo, Rafael Ant. Reynoso Castro
PRSC: Hector E. Mora Martínez
El Seibo
Senator: Gerardo Apolinar Aquino Alvarez (PLD)
PRD: Alejandro Peralta Romero
PLD: Andrés Melo Medina
Elías Piña
Senator: Manuel Arciniegas Paniagua (PLD)
PRD: Luís Rafael Delgado Sánchez
PLD: Julio Alcides Segura Arias
Senator: Andrés Bautista García (PRD)
PRD: Bernardo Sánchez Rosario, José Manuel Ortega, Arsenia María Dolores
PLD: Rafael E. Martínez Hernández
Hato Mayor
Senator: Iván A. Rondón Sánchez (PRI-Acuerdo de Santo Domingo)
PRD: Rolando Ant. Pimentel Baralt
PLD: Ramón de los Santos Santana
Senator: Dagoberto Rodríguez Adames (PRD)
PRD: Hector R. Peguero Méndez
PLD: Pablo Inocencio Santana Díaz
La Romana
Senator: Domingo Enrique Martínez Reyes (PLD)
PLD: Teodoro Ursino Reyes, Eligia Eneida Morales Abreu
PRSC: Ambrosina Saviñón Altagracia
La Vega
Senator: Juan H. Medrano Basora (PRD)
PRD: Fausto López Solis, Marcelino Domínguez Abreu, Antonio Díaz Ceballo, José ORlando Vargas Vargas
PLD: Rafael Alberto Reyes Reyes, Wilfrida Ramona García Pérez
PRSC: Ramón Rogelio Genao Durán
María Trinidad Sánchez
Senator: Jesús Antonio Vásquez Martínez (PRD)
PRD: Ricardo de la Cruz
PLD: Rufino Jimeenez Rivera
Monseñor Nouel
Senator: Enrique López (PRD)
PRD: Miriam Antonio Abreu Flores de Migueijón
PLD: Felix María Nova Paulino
PRSC: Alfonso Fermín Balcácer
Senator: Bernardo Germán Rodríguez (PRD)
PRD: Francisco Antonio Fernández Morel
PLD: Genaro José Miguel Cabrera Cruz
Monte Plata
Senator: Ramón Alburquerque Ramírez (PRD)
PRD: Pedro Chávez Villalona, Sergia Altagracia Méndez
PLD: Neris Arnulfo "Figaris Polanco
Senator: Angel Dinocrate Pérez Pérez (PRD)
PRD: Eurípides A. Terreno Matos
PLD: Dionis Alfonso Sánchez Carrasco
Senator: Vicente Arsenio Castillo Peña (PRD)
PRD: Rafael Orlando Macea Mateo, Leonardo Cadena Medina
PLD: Salvador Lara Lara
PRSC: Rafael Angel Franjul Troncoso
Puerto Plata
Senator: Ginnette Alt. Bournigal Socías (PRD)
PRD: Rafael Antonio Mena Castro, César Emilio Peralta Vélez, Rafael Enrique Rivera Mejía
PLD: Francis Emilio Vargas
PRSC: Hermes Juan José Ortíz Acevedo
Senator: Bautista Antonio Rojas Gómez (PLD)
PRD: Juan Ramón Villar Sánchez
PLD: Carlos José Cepeda Moya
Senator: Milton Ray Guevara (PRD)
PRD: Ramón Anibal Olea Linares
PLD: Jesús Antonio Trinidad Herrera
San Cristóbal
Senator: Antonio Rosario Pimentel (PRD)
PRD: Anibal García Duvergé, Manolo Mesa Morillo, María Gertrudis Mejía, Rafael Leonidas Abreu Valdez, Tony Pérez Hernández
PLD: Fausto Miguel Araujo, Andrés Ramón de las Mercedes
PRSC: Víctor Hugo Hernández
San Juan de la Maguana
Senator: Fabián Ant. del Villar Aristy (PRD)
PRD: Pascual R. Valenzuela Maranzini, Pedro Ant. de León
PLD: Francis Alberto Lora Báez, Nelson Rudis Pérez Encarnación
PRSC: Justo Enrique Lebrón Jáquez
San Pedro de Macorís
Senator: José E. Hazim Frappier (PRSC)
PRD: Perícles Tavárez Sarmiento
PLD: Ramón Bolívar Melo Alcántara
PRSC: Olga Torres, Rafaela Alburquerque
Sánchez Ramírez
Senator: Vicente Sánchez Baret (PRD)
PRD: Cristian Paredes Aponte, Osval Antonio Saldivar Mota
PLD: Ramona Lucrecia Paulino Liriano
Senator: José Rafael Abinader Wasaf (PRD)
PRD: Víctor Tomás Méndez Méndez, Angela Alt. Jáquez Rodríguez, Víctor Eduardo García Sued, Antonio de León Cruz, Rafael Ant. Carvajal Martínez, Ramón F. Pichardo Almonte, Zoila Rosa Rojas García
PLD: Julio Ceesar Valentín Jiminián, Nelson Sánchez Vásquez, José Augusto Izquierdo Reinoso, Ana Isabel Bonilla Hernández
PRSC: Rosa Fadul de Villamán, Máximo Castro Silverio, Mateo Evangelista Espaillat Tavárez
Santiago Rodríguez
Senator: Darío Ant. Gómez Martínez (PRD)
PRD: Julio N. Rodríguez Rodríguez
PLD: Manuel Eduardo Viñas Espinal
Senator: Fernando Alvarez Bogaert (UD-PRD)
PLD: Fabio Antonio Montesino González

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