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Daily News - 17 June 1998

President Fernández to meet Aristide in Haiti
President Leonel Fernández will have breakfast with former President Jean Bertrand Aristide in Haiti during his three-day stay there. Also on his agenda are meetings with President Rene Preval, Gerard Pierre Charles and a luncheon with a dozen of Haitian political leaders and businessmen. President Fernández will travel to Haiti this Thursday, 18 June and return on Sunday, 21 June.

US$80 million to remodel Las Americas Airport
Minister of Public Works, engineer Diandino Peña said that the remodeling of the Las Americas International Airport will cost US$80 million. The remodeling includes the expansion of the terminal, construction of a new satellite, expansion of parking and reconstruction of the runway. He explained the Ministry is at present evaluating builders' proposals. Works are expected to begin this year.

Overpasses to be built on JFK-Duarte thoroughfares
Minister of Public Works, engineer Diandino Peña announced that work will begin next week on the construction of six overpasses on the section of Avenida John F. Kennedy west of Avenida Máximo Gómez. He said that the ministry is finishing a project to improve traffic on the so-called North Corridor that stretches from Av. Máximo Gómez along JFK Avenue to Los Alcarrizos, along the Duarte Highway. The overpasses will be built at the entrances to the Cristo Redentor Cemetery, Los Alcarrizos and Manoguayabo.

Out-going Colombian President will visit
Minister of Foreign Affairs Eduardo Latorre confirmed that President Ernesto Samper will visit Santo Domingo. The minister said that President Samper will visit to sign an agreement that will provide low cost petroleum to the DR. The Dominican government is offering assistance in tourism industry development to Colombia.
President Samper will visit for two days, arriving on Friday, 26 June. The Colombian statesmen will stop by on his way back to Colombia from a meeting of the Non-Allied Countries in Cuba.
Dominican sources says that the Dominican government will request Samper's support in the country's interest of being admitted to the Grupo de Río.
The Listín Diario reported that German Castañeda of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia said that President Samper showed an interest in visiting the DR after meeting with Deputy Minister Guido D'Alessandro who traveled to Bogota on official visit after a Dominican government minister implied that a former Colombian ambassador was involved in drug trafficking.
Samper's visit will take place shortly after the election of his successor, on Sunday in Colombia.

830,500 children to receive measles vaccinations
The Ministry of Public Health announced a measles vaccination blitz. The ministry expects to vaccinate 830,50 children from nine months to five years. The campaign is slated to begin at the end of next month and will cover the entire country. The project is expected to cost RD$9 million.

Consensus sought over construction of Plaza de la Salud towers
Minister of Public Works, engineer Diandino Peña said that the government will consult those that oppose the construction of nine 22-floor towers within the Plaza de la Salud hospital centers. Former President Joaquín Balaguer said that the towers would impede the completion of the medical complex as originally planned by University of Harvard specialists.
Architect Roberto Bergés, the original builder of the Plaza de la Salud, said that the original project included three towers, one for a hotel and two for specialized medical centers - cancer and cardiology. Other facilities that had been contemplated for the Plaza are a convention center and a nursing school.
The government is proposing to build the nine 22-floor towers for the Olympic Village for the year 2003 Pan American Games if the DR is granted in December the right to host the sports games. The government also said the apartment buildings would be sold to personnel employed at the center.

CDE not to contract new private power suppliers
The Listín Diario reported that the board of the Corporación Dominicana de Electridad (CDE), the state electricity utility, has decided not to authorize contracting energy from new private suppliers. The board has recommended that the CDE wait until the governmental Commission for the Reform of Public Enterprises determine the policies and rules that will regulate the purchase of power from new private suppliers.
The Listín commented that the major power plant Itabo I will be taken off line in September for maintenance works, as soon as a new Haina power plant goes on line, and that the contracting of services from private suppliers would fill the deficit.
According to the press report, 16 international companies seek to sell power to the CDE.

Police investigates "suicide" of Cuban doctor
National Police chief has ordered an investigation into the supposed suicide of Cuban anesthesiologist Jorge Enrique Trujillo Salgado. The deceased's mother has disputed the motive of his death. She told the press he was happily married and was happy with his work in the DR. The physician attended reserve Air Force General Luis Santiago Pérez who was clobbered to death by overzealous thugs that were posting PLD propaganda shortly before the elections. after his mother from Cuba disputed the motive of his death. The mother disputes he had a motive for suicide, and that it is only logical he would have chosen an easier way to kill himself than slashing his wrists.

PRD senator favors age limit for Supreme Court judges
Senator Milagros Ortíz Bosch favors a proposal of the Senate whereby Supreme Court Judges would be limited to a 75-year old age limit, but present judges, of which three would have to retire next year, would have a grace period of five years. The Supreme Court judges were appointed last year, when the previous court judges were retired most for senility and old age. PRSC Senators Amable Aristy Castro, Julio Ulises de Beras, president of the Commission of Justice of the Senate, Frank Martinez and Miguel Berroa have promoted the motion.

Senator seeks government attention for POP
Senator-elect Ginnette Bournigal de Jiménez invited President Leonel Fernández to visit the province. She said she would declare Puerto Plata in a state of emergency, urgently requiring government investment in infrastructure and attention to the historical heritage and appearance of the city. She called the attention of the government to the fact that Puerto Plata with its near 15,000 hotel rooms generates a large share of the foreign exchange that enters into the country. She proposed to be the liaison between the community of Puerto Plata and hotel industry.

Drama season at the National Theaters
The theater season opens at the National Theater 28 August through 13 December. The season is sponsored by The Shell Company.
From 28 August to 30 September, the Flor de Bethania Abreu company will present "Actrices de José y Jornet," starring Margarita Baquero, Karina Noble, Monina Solá and Flor de Bethania Abreu.
From 25 September to 18 October, Compañía Chao Díaz & Asociados will stage "Cuidado con el de los cuernos," by Sigfrido Blasco, starring Adrian Ortega, Yamilé Scheker, Doraneylz Duván and Henry Brito.
From 23 October to 15 November, Teatro Cimarrón presents "Salomé Ureña, monólogo de ausencia," by Chiqui Vicioso with Carlota Carretero, directed by Jorge Pineda and Henry Mercedes.
From 20 to November to 13 December, "Alta Escena" will present the comedy of Shakespeare, "Las alegres comadres de Windsor," directed by Bienvenido Miranda.

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