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Daily News - 30 June 1998

Peggy Cabral endorses Milagros Ortíz Bosch
The widow of the former leader of the Partido Revolucionario Dominicano favors that senator re-elect for Santo Domingo, Milagros Ortíz Bosch be the presidential candidate of the PRD in the year 2000 elections. Mrs. Peggy Cabral viuda Peña, who was active in politics herself when her husband was alive, presides the Federación Dominicana de Mujeres Socialdemocratas (Fedomusde). Commenting on the results of the Hamilton & Staff survey commissioned by Hoy that places Senator Ortíz well ahead of her fellow party members, Cabral said that it proves that Ortíz was not in the post because of the support she received from PRD leader, the late José Francisco Peña Gómez. Peggy Cabral said she would like to see Ortíz Bosch as the next candidate because she is a woman and for her great accomplishments as politician. Nevertheless, she said that the low preferences attributed to Hatuey Decamps, Rafael Suberví Bonilla and Hipólito Mejía could easily be turned around when the political campaigns began.

EU to assist DR on migration policy
The European Union will assist the Dominican Republic to carry out a survey of the number of foreigners that reside in the Dominican Republic. The RD$3 million survey was prepared by the International Migration Organization. According to the director of the Department of Migration, Danilo Díaz, the larger concentrations of Europeans are in Sosua, Las Terrenas and Puerto Plata. Haitian migration is located all throughout the national territory.
Demographers say the survey will underestimate the number of Haitians living in the DR. They attribute it to the fact that while there are clusters of Haitians, most work at farms and construction sites all throughout the country and are very mobile. The demographers consider the RD$3 million budget is insignificant for this kind of study, and suggest that questions that would collect this information be added to the national census slated for year 2000.

Casa de Teatro celebrates its 25th anniversary
The Casa de Teatro, home to drama, art exhibitions, music and bohemians in the colonial city is celebrating its 25th anniversary this July. For the anniversary, Casa de Teatro has prepared a long list of daily cultural activities. These kick off with a talk with most renown Dominican painter Ramón Oviedo on 1 July at 6:30 pm. The formal opening of the new Café de Casa de Teatro. A talk with most renown Dominican playwright Franklin Domínguez, 2 July at 6:30 pm.

The schedule for the Pan Am Basketball Games in Puerto Plata
Teams participating in the Panamerican Juvenile Basketball Tournament that will be held in Puerto Plata 4-11 July are divided into two groups head by the United States and the hosts, Dominican Republic. The US will head the A Group with Argentina, Canada and Cuba. In the B group, the DR will match Brazil, Venezuela and Mexico.
The matches will be held at the new Polideportivo Fabio Rafael Gonzalez of the Gregorio Luperon Sports Center of Puerto Plata. Games will start at 2 pm in intervals of two hours each.
On the opening day of the competition, 4 July, a Saturday, the games are: Canada vs. US, Argentina vs. Cuba, Brazil vs. Venezuela and Mexico vs. the DR.
On Monday 6 July the games are as follows: Argentina vs. Canada,
Cuba vs. US, Mexico vs. Brazil, and DR vs. Venezuela.
On Tuesday 7 July, US vs. Argentina, Cuba vs. Canada, Venezuela vs. Mexico and Brazil vs the DR.
The semifinals will be played starting Thursday, 9 July.
The first four classifying teams will participate in the World Championship that will be played in several cities of Portugal in 1999.

DR makes it to World Baseball Championships
Dominican Republic is among 16 countries that will participate in the World Baseball Championships to be held this July in Italy. This is the first time that professional ball players participate in the tournament. For the Americas, Panama, US, Nicaragua, Canada, the DR and Cuba will participate.
Asia will be represented by South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China.
Europe will be represented by Italy, Holland, Spain and Russia.
Teams from South Africa and Austrialia will also play.
The favorites of the championships are Cuba, the US, Japan, Nicaragua, South Korea and Taiwan.
The championships are organized by the International Baseball Association and will be held in eight cities of Italy starting 21 July 1998.

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