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Daily News - 02 September 1998

Núñez de Cáceres Lagoon to be drained
The Ministry of Public Works said it will dry out the Núñez de Cáceres lagoon, adjacent to El Millón, Las Praderas, Los Prados and Los Praditos neighborhood. The material being used to fill out the lagoon was dug out when the tunnels of the 27 de Febrero Expressway were being built. According to a spokesman for the Ministry, the lagoon fills up with sewage waters from constructions in the area. The waters are now being oriented to a cistern managed by the Corporación de Acueducto y Alcantarillado de Santo Domingo. The lagoon will only work with pluvial waters. will become a part of the city.

Overpass expansion
The Ministry of Public Works announced the expansion from four to 10 lanes of the Las Americas Highway, in the stretch from Duarte Bridge to Juan Carlos Bridge. This will require a RD$250 million investment that will be financed by the World Bank. An overpass will be built over the 27 de Febrero Avenue, parallel to the Juan Pablo Duarte through Calle Tunti Cáceres, at a cost of RD$250 million. This will be parallel to the Expreso de la París, at present under construction. The construction should be completed prior to year 2000. A new bridge over the Ozama River is being built parallel to the Juan Pablo Duarte bridge.

New law to help senior citizens
The President passed Law 352-98 for the Protection of Aging Persons. The law calls for the creation of a National Council of the Aging Person, that will work closing with the Ministry of Public Health, and the social work department of the Dominican Institute of Social Security. Elderly persons will be given an ID card, valid for five years after its issuance. Those which qualify as beneficiaries are persons that are handicapped, senile and homeless widows. The law also covers elderly jail inmates and those in old person homes. The law provides for easy access to government health services and preferential treatment regarding justice, among other benefits.

Balaguer is 92
Former President Joaquín Balaguer celebrated his 92nd birthday yesterday. He spent the day receiving the visit of family members, that of his many god children, followers, congressmen and others. His followers placed posters on the walls of his house proclaiming his candidacy to the presidency for 2000 to 2004.

The Llenas Aybar case
The lawyers of Mario Jose Redondo Llenas and Juan Moliné Rodríguez, that are accused of the assassination of minor Jose Rafael Llenas Aybar, said they would sue the former chief of the Police Segundo Antonio Imbert Tessón, chief of the Police when the murder occurred, and the former director of the Homicides Department of the Police at the time, General Rafael Oscar Bencosme Candelier for perjury and falsity in their testimonies during the first day of the case. The lawyers say that these two are trying to cover up for others that are involved in the case.
The case regards the kidnapping, murder of a 12 year old boy and is being televised. The boy was found near the home of the former Argentinean ambassadors with 34 stabs in his back. The son and husband of the former Argentinean ambassador in the DR, Teresa Meccia de Palmas are also accused. They promptly returned to Argentina once their involvement was made known.
Yesterday, Bencosme Candelier said that Juan Moliné Rodríguez told him that they had plans to kill the mother of the boy once they received the RD$10 million ransom fee. He said that a telephone number in a notebook was the tip that lead them to Mario José Redondo, a first cousin of the boy, and Juan Moliné Rodríguez, the two that later publicly confessed to the assassination. Redondo and Rodríguez had graduated in the same class of the Colegio Loyola. At the time of the crime, they were 18 years old.
During the questioning, the existence of a satanic cult center in Arroyo Hondo was brought up. The center was closed after investigations following the crime were carried out by National Drug Control Department officers.
Bencosme explained that an autopsy was not carried out on the cadaver because family members requested the corpse be given to them, and he did so following superior orders. He also explained that because it was a weekend, the Pathology Institute was closed. At the morgue of the Hospital Central de las Fuerzas Armadas, the clothing of the victim mysteriously disappeared. It was said to have been disposed in the routine garbage throw out.
Another revelation was that Moliné Rodríguez said that Redondo Llenas stabbed his cousin 33 times. Moliné Rodríguez confessed he did not have the guts to stab the boy.
It was also indicated that Moliné Rodríguez had participated in other crimes in La Romana.
After participating in the crime, Moliné called his girl friend and told her he was writing a horror story about an 11 year old boy he had killed.
Their plan was to keep the kidnapped boy in Jarabacoa until they collected the ransom, but mechanical car difficulties caused them to return to Santo Domingo, and then kill the boy near Arroyo Lebrón, off the Km. 22 Autopista Duarte.
Several of the statements by Bencosme contradicted those made by Imbert.
Lawyer Ambiorix Díaz Estrella say that there is a major cover up done by law enforcement officers.
Lawyer Artagnan Pérez Méndez said that he has a feeling, and will later submit proof, of a friendly link between Bencosme Candelier and the Palmas.
The district attorney Francisco Domínguez Brito handed to Judge Julio César Canó Alfau the diplomatic license plate No. 958, property of the former ambassador Teresa Meccía de Palmas, that was used on the car used by the murderers when they assassinated Llenas Aybar. They also handed a ID of Luis Martin Palma Meccía, the ambassador's son, where the son of the ambassador's photo was replaced with one of Mario Jose Redondo Llenas Aybar.

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