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Daily News - 26 October 1998

For more recent information on how Georges has affected the tourism industry, see the following links:

Ministry of Tourism Update-- October 7, 1998
Casa de Campo Update -- October 7, 1998
East Coast Hotel Industry Eye Witness Update - 2/3 October
Puerto Plata Hotel Industry Eye Witness Update - 1 October 1998
Allegro Resorts Update -- September 29, 1998
If you would like to make a contribution to the victims of the Hurricane, see
How to Help

Hotel Industry Update
The National Hotel & Restaurant Association, Asonahores, informed the national and international community about the evaluation made regarding the damages that occurred by the passing of Hurricane George over the Dominican Republic and particularly the effects on the hotel industry of the country. Rafael Blanco Canto, president of the Association, informed that while the nation was severely affected in its economy, it is essential that productive sectors get back into business so that recovery efforts can accelerate. He forecast that as the nation recovers there will be some shifting of groups of tourists to the least affected areas which are the North Coast (Puerto Plata and Maria Trinidad Sanchez provinces) and the East-Northeast coasts (Samana to Macao and Bavaro beach areas).
"We need to reestablish the production mechanisms," said Blanco. He said that while the country will receive international aid, the country will recover only with the community efforts of the Dominican people. Different hotel associations will be distributing water damaged beds and construction materials taken from the hotels to homeless and affected impoverished Dominicans in each area. The regional hotel associations are also implementing plans to distribute food available in closing hotels to the needed.
Mirtha Olivares said that the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Public Health are implementing a major preventive Tourism & Health plan so that the positive experience of no spreading of diseases that occurred after the devastating Hurricane David in 1979 may be repeated.

The city of Santo Domingo:
The main hotels suffered minor damages and the tourist services were reestablished 12 hours after the passing of the hurricane. During the hurricane hotel guests were gathered in large meeting rooms as a safety precaution. The city is slowly recovering its normality. The supermarkets, gas stations and restaurants have opened for business. The curfew was moved up to 10 pm and it is expected it will soon be removed.
The principal roads and streets have been cleaned, the electricity services in the hospital areas have been reestablished and the telephone services have been working since the hurricane. Las Americas International Airport and the Herrera local airport began functioning this afternoon. Herrera is now offering special international airline services. Las Americas is operating from sunrise to sunset as major power back up systems are installed.
Hundreds of tourists that were in Santo Domingo toured the colonial city yesterday.

The Boca Chica-Juan Dolio area:
In these tourist areas, most of the hotels suffered minor damages and the guest services were reestablished since Tuesday night. These services include: foods, drinks, potable water and electricity. The telephone services will be functioning in the forthcoming days. The road to Santo Domingo was cleaned and the transportation is functioning normally two days after the hurricane. Capella Beach Resort continues in operation as the property suffered minor damages. The other hotels in the area have closed or are in the process of closing for two weeks to 45 days to correct damages suffered. The Boca Chica Resort, Coral Hamaca and small hotels, such as the Hotel Zapata, never closed their operations.

Boca Chica Update - 10/6/98
Posted By: Jim Hinsch <[email protected]>
Tuesday, 6 October 1998, at 8:34 p.m.
Boca Chica has essentially returned to normal. I have confirmed that the Hamaca and Boca Chica Resorts are open
and functioning as usual, but some repairs of damaged areas are still being carried out. They have water and
electricity. The Don Juan Hotel is closed with an estimated reopening in 1 or 2 weeks.
Most of the businesses along the main street have reopened and many of the bars have also reopened, La Cueva
being the most popular. Snack Bar Tani across the street is supposed to reopen tonight.
Water is on fully for several hours a day in some parts of town and less in other areas, but this is sufficient to fill the underground cisterns at many houses so people are able to bath. It is also sufficient to fill the large tanks at the big hotels so that there is water always available from the room faucets.
Water for drinking can now be found in the small stores without a problem.
Another wind storm swept through Boca Chica this weekend, knocking out phone lines in some areas and phone lines in those areas remain down.
There still is no electricity in town so only those businesses that generate their own have power.
Some water sports boats have returned to the beach and and operating normally but with tourism at a low, some are waiting for business to pick up a little.

latest from Boca Chica?
Posted By: bernie <[email protected]>
Sunday, 4 October 1998, at 12:22 p.m.
Things are near normal for the BC area. I departed Oct 2 from sdq & was there during the hurricane. the clean up is most impressive & intensive. The police are volunteering the entire male population of BC to get things back to normal. Being in a steel concrete hotel we only got some water under the doors from from general flooding. The only club that is operating is la quva [? spelling] disco. The roads are open again which was a big surprise, being so many trees & power poles were blocking the road. This took about three days very impressive & I've seen many storms, after-maths & clean ups around the world. I plan to return for the last two weeks in October for some busnesses & a lot of fun. The beaches had minor damage, but still very nice. In short it's still a good place for tourist.

Vacation at Coral Hamaca Beach Hotel
Posted By: Richard Burkholder <[email protected]>
Sunday, 4 October 1998, at 9:19 a.m.
Just a personal comment: I've been following all the news I could find about the Hamaca, as it's a favorite vacation
getaway for my wife and our two children. It appears it came through Georges in very good shape -- only the beach-side bar (built over the water) and one stage where they do shows in the evening sustained damage; the hotel complex itself is set back about 150 yards from the ocean and is just fine. If you've never stayed there, I promise you will love it: great food, lots to do, beautiful private beach and very friendly staff. Go for it. My family constantly asks me "when are we going back to the Hamaca?!?!"

Condition of the Hotel Colonia Tropical
Posted By: Greg <[email protected]>
Friday, 2 October 1998, at 9:08 p.m.
I was staying at the Capella when the hurricane hit last week and though the Capella was left standing, I would not
say that it came through that well. There was extensive damage: lots of broken glass, all the trees down, and the stage and the beach restaurant suffered extensive damage.
Most all of the problems were cosmetic, not structural, due to the fact that the Capella was well built, and I am sure
that within a short amount of time it will be all fixed up.
While I did not go over to the Colonial Tropical, it looked from the outside to be virtually untouched. What it looked like from the outside though could be misleading.
Metro Country Club announced on Saturday, 25 September that the golf club and club house are open. Electricity and potable water services have been restored to villa owners. Telephone service is expected to be restored in a few days. Metro announced it is reopening on 28 September 1998.

Report from tourist who was at Talanquera on the day of the hurricane:
Posted By: Shane Kavanagh <[email protected]>
Monday, 28 September 1998, at 12:11 p.m.
I just returned from Talanquera Resort in Juan Dolio. It was hit hard, but I didn't hear of any deaths in the immediate area. We had plenty of food and water at the resort. Several stores were open the following day. Electricity was restored (on generators I believe). We had no outside communication. We heard that they may have had phone service in Santo Domingo (they do in some areas), however we couldn't be certain and would have had to take a taxi all the way in to try to use phones. The only information we received was word-of-mouth which it turns out was often inaccurate. Judging by the number of phone lines down, my guess is it could be a while until phone service is restored. The spirits of most people were still pretty high and the rebuilding process has already begun. We were at the Chocolate Bar on Friday night and several locals were there to watch Sammy Sosa and the Cubs.

Coral Costa Caribe - Juan Dolio
Posted By: Andy <[email protected]>
Tuesday, 6 October 1998, at 11:03 a.m.
I was staying in the Costa Caribe during the hurricane ! I arrived back in the UK yesterday. If you want details then email me but the hotel suffered alot of damage but was starting to get back to normal. I estimate that it will take another 4 weeks for it to be fully functional.
However Thomson's have said that they will not be using th hotel for 2 months and have moved all of there rep's out of the area.
Finally the Juan Dolio beach are is lovely and the hotel was great with really super staff who coped admirably during the hurricane. I would recommend it !

Caribbean Village Decameron
suffered significant damage from wind and water. The guest room buildings received damage including the stairways, roofs and interiors, as well as the public areas including the lobby, main entrance and main restaurant. The resort will close immediately for repairs and re-open December 20, 1998.

The North Coast:
Puerto Plata, Sosua and Cabarete was not affected by Hurricane Georges. This area is operating normally, therefore the Gregorio Luperon International Airport is working 24 hours a day receiving commercial and private operations. American Airlines is flying normally. Air Europa from Spain was the first airplane to land after the hurricane. Yesterday, PP handled 23 international flights, including two flights that brought 973 tourists for north coast vacations.

North coast untouched by hurricane
Posted By: Mike <[email protected]>
Wednesday, 7 October 1998, at 5:46 p.m.
For anybody who's thinking of traveling to the North Coast ie Puerto Plata, Sosua etc.. of the Dominican Republic. I just got back from a drive along the coast and was amazed how there was absolutely no sign of any damage of any kind. It did not effect that area in any way.
Hacienda tropical resort
Posted By: Carlos Dalton <[email protected]>
Friday, 25 September 1998, at 8:57 a.m.
I live in an apartment in Cofresi, @ 1/2 mile from the Hacienda complex. Puerto Plata & Cofresi were not significantly affected by Hurricane Georges. The Hacienda was up & running all thru the storm; all, or at least most, life around here & @ the Hacienda was back to normal, Wed afternoon 9-23. If I were you, I wouldn't consider changing your sister's wedding plans.
A Seattle-Puerto Plata-Viena flight of Lauda Air will begin in October. An Oct 1 opening cocktail will be attended by the board of directors of Condor and Lufthansa, partners in Lauda Air. This will be the first time that a 777 jet lands in Puerto Plata.
The Northeast Coast:
Samana-Macao-Cortecito-Bavaro was practically not affected by Hurricane Georges and all the hotels are operating normally. One anecdote was that the El Portillo Beach Resort hotel sent its guests to the Boca Chica Resort as a preventive measure as on Monday it appeared that Samana was going to be the most hit region of the country. When the hurricane changed course on Monday evening, it happened that Boca Chica was in the hit course and Samana was spared. All tourists were fine.
About Paradisus Punta Cana
Posted By: Schoondermark Belgium <[email protected]>
Saturday, 26 September 1998, at 12:02 p.m.
People who returned in Belgium from DR hotel Paradisus Punta Cana,brought us the good news that our relatives are okay. There was food and drinks enough so she stay there. Thanks for your cooperation these days.
Iberostar Dominicana Resort & Punta Cana Airport
Posted By: James Shiells <[email protected]>
Sunday, 27 September 1998, at 7:02 p.m.
My wife and I (From Canada) stayed at the Iberostar Dominicana Resort which is between the Iberostar Punta Cana and the Riu Hotels. The winds were quite high but the resorts there seem to be built quite strong and they withstood the Hurricane with minimal damage. (We were on the beach tanning Wednesday) The resort staff prepared us with information before and after the storm and got the resort up on its feet very quickly despite the situation of the rest of the island. They are well trained for this situation.
Before we left on Saturday, the latest the telephones would be working was to be either Sunday or Monday. Power was not out during the storm or after.
Saturday we left our resort a day early due to our air carrier and not the resort...on the way to Punta Cana Airport we saw alot of telephone lines down and crews repairing them. Punta Cana airport had suffered more damage than any buildings we had seen but its tower and main building were still standing. The airport is only open from 6am to 6pm due to its lack of runway lights so flights only have a two hour window which congested things. Flights are few but airlines are taking other passengers from other airlines along. We landed in Puerto Plata and the Airport there was in great shape. From there we picked up more passengers and headed home....
Iberostar Bavaro Resort:
Posted By: Ricardo Silva <[email protected]>
Tuesday, 29 September 1998, at 6:37 a.m.
Me and my wife returned from Iberostar Bavaro resort (Bavaro Beach, Punta Cana, DR) last Saturday morning.
First of all, the most important: ALL TOURISTS STAYING IN IBEROSTAR BAVARO RESORT ARE WELL after hurricane Georges. DON'T NEED TO BE CONCERNED. You'll have news from your family/friends staying there as soon as phone lines are restored (which may already have happened).
The hotel stuff proved to be very well trained for these situations.
The hotel suffered minor structural damages (the roof of reception and some broken windows, mainly in the rooms near the beach which were previously evacuated). Many palmtrees and bushes were down, but were rapidly being cleaned as we left.
Services resumed very fast. There were no serious power failures during or after the hurricane. The air conditioning was in "ventilation mode" after Monday, but resumed normal mode after 2 or 3 days.
Food was plentiful as before Georges (at least until Friday, when we left). There were no problems with cold/hot water supply. Telephone lines were out at least until last Friday at 2PM. Tourists were really concerned about not being able to phone home. There were only 5 TV channels (out of the usual 24) when we left.
The pool and beach were being cleaned as we left, and was supposed to be in top condition by yesterday (Monday).
URGENT APPEAL: We left with a heavy heart for being concerned with all dominicans affected by this disater. We encourage everyone in position to influence international help to the Dominican Republic to give a fast and strong support to this nation.
Please, if you can help, ACT NOW!

Experiences iberostar dominicana
Posted By: Andy Forgrieve <[email protected]>
Monday, 5 October 1998, at 6:31 a.m.
My brother and his wife have been at the Iberostar Dominicana for the last two weeks (actually got married there last Tuesday). The phone lines to the hotel are now operational and I've been told by my brother that although it was scary during the hurricane, very little damage was done to the hotel. They were amazed by the friendliness of the hotel workers, who responded brilliantly during the hurricane despite their worry and concern over their own family members in other parts of the republic. This resort was not badly hit they told me, and everything (barring the phone lines) was up and running soon after the hurricane. They thoroughly enjoyed their time at this hotel and were extremely pleased with the warmth they received from the local people and workers. They just felt very sorry for the locals, who had so many other things to deal with while still trying to please the tourists.

Natura Park
Posted By: Felix Jimenez <[email protected]>
Monday, 5 October 1998, at 11:39 p.m.
I just visited Natura Park today and found that the vegetation was less damaged than I thought.Went around with the assistant Manager Cesar Oliva and he pointed out everything they did cleaning the gardens.The hotel is open even though they sent us a letter a few days ago saying that the hotel will be closed for 30 days. Of course, if you have some people working in the premises the Management do not want guests to be affected by this. In general all hotels are working except Allegro Resort, that took the opportunity to do some renovations to the lobby area. Bavaro Beach Resort had some damages in a few areas in two of their five hotels.Traditionally September and beginning of October are the periods with the lowest occupancy.To avoid inconveniences to guests, they are accommodating their clients in the other three hotels:Palace, Casino and Beach. Georges produced some damages in the area but definitey the hotel infrastructure proved to be strong enough to take such a fierce attack from nature and nothing will disturb vacationers during their visit.

Punta Cana airport:
The runway was cleaned and in the airport operations were functioning normally. Most parts of the airport were not affected. New annex areas were those affected and will be promptly repaired. A report on the airport was given in September 25 news report.
Miami Center Status as of 15:39 EST
Posted By: Jose Oliva <[email protected]>
Saturday, 26 September 1998, at 11:09 a.m.
Punta Cana International Airport is primarily used by charter and regular flights coming from Europe (70%), South América (20%) and North América (5%)m including American Eagle regular flights from San Juan, Puerto Rico.
I do not know about any problem with Miami ATC, but I can confirm you that Mr. Julio Iglesias arrived Thursday afternoon on his G-4 Jet, Oscar de la Renta arrived on Friday afternoon from New York on a Hawker N800AF and for today a B-727 from Miami Air is scheduled to arrive by noon.
Yesterday, the airport received and dispatched 12 wide body Jets (CONDOR, LTU, AIR LUXOR, AIR EUROPE, AIR EUROPA, LAPA,STAFF,CHILE INTER AND OTHERS) and approximately 25 local flights.
Today Saturday, there are already 8 confirmed flights and for sunday there are another 5 flights confirmed, including LANCHILE that continues to MIami.
José Oliva Projects Director Grupo Punta Cana, S.A. Punta Cana International Airport

Punta Cana-Bayahibe-La Romana:
This area is the most affected by Hurricane Georges. Most of the tourists have been moved to the city of Santo Domingo. The damages occurred in this area will be fixed in the next 30 to 60 days. The telephone services have not yet been reestablished.
The most affected hotels were the Natura Park, Allegro Bavaro (reopening 15 November), Casa del Mar (reopening 1 December), Club Dominicus (reopening 31 October) and Natura Park (1 November) and Club Med (reopening December). Casa de Campo is giving a November reopening date. This was the most affected hotel in the country.
Report on Natura Park Hotel (tourist returns home)
Posted By: Tim <[email protected]>
Sunday, 27 September 1998, at 4:05 p.m.
Just recieved call from American who was staying at the hotel and have the following to report: The hotel guests did not leave during the storm and remained safe within their rooms. The hotel suffered minimal damage with the
villagers quickly coming out to clean up. By Thursday the electricity was restored and the wine was flowing. The airport at Punta Cana was open and the flight was on time with no road delay between the hotel and the airport. No phone service as of today. My wife is at the resort and this was the first confirmed info I received since the storm! You can imagine how I feel!!

Re: Visiting the DR (hurricane survivor)
Posted By: Suzanne <[email protected]>
Saturday, 3 October 1998, at 10:23 p.m.
I was in DR when George hit with my sister at Natura Park resort, near Punta Cana. The damage to the resort was not serious and should certainly take no longer than a few weeks to repair, at least in that goegraphic area. The people of the island were extraordinary in their ability to snap back from this amazing tradegy and help us finish out our vacation with comfort and good humor. They certainly deserve all the tourist dollars they can get. I will always remember their excellent spirit in the face of adversity. Also - the Island is beautiful.

Punta Cana Beach Resort Update/ 27 September:
This hotel that was in the hit zone restored its electricity, potable water and food and beverage services to guests three hours after the hurricane hit in the early morning of Tuesday. The guests were even able to enjoy the usual show Wednesday, 23 September in the afternoon. The La Tortuga Buffet Restaurant and the Beach Club suffered damages, therefore food services are offered at the Mamma Venezia and La Cana restaurants. Repairs are going on at this time.
Casa de Campo
Posted By: dorothy (1Cust100.tnt2.syracuse.ny.da.uu.net)
Monday, 12 October 1998, at 7:49 p.m.
I have a villa on casa de campo and just returned no need to cancel any plans for january everything in under fast
pace repairs and the vegitation was getting greener everyday i was there water is running power will be up tomorrow and i have phone service things will look good in a very short time thanks
Eyewitness report from Casa de Campo:
My wife and I were at Casa de Campo during the hurricane. We left our villa
to ride out the storm at the shelter provided by the management at Casa de
Campo. The staff was well prepared for this emergency. They were able to
care for 300 employees and guests throughout the ordeal and had planned an
ample supply of food and water. Many thanks to all those who worked so hard .
Immediately after the storm passed crews were hard at work rebuilding. Casa
de Campo will come back as strong as ever. We are now home trying to organize
relief efforts to bring food and water to the good people of La Romana.
Please contact me by email at [email protected] if you have comments or suggestions.
Casa de Campo--Golf Villas I Update
Posted By: Lynn & Bill Kargman
Saturday, 26 September 1998, at 11:25 p.m.
Casa de Campo-Golf Villa I Neighbors (1-22), Neighborhood hurricane update. The owner of GV 13 flew into Casa in his own plane, from PR, to do a bit of reconnaissance for us all. His findings: with the exception of GV 1 & 7, we all now have extensive new "skylights" with views of the day and night sky. Due to extensive deforestation, we also have magnificent views of the ocean. He reports that Casa security seems to be well in place and that no looting has been reported. Consider the good news--although wet and variably damaged, at least our villas are standing! He strongly recommends that we should not plan to stay in our villlas, yet, as there is no water or electricity. If you are determined to travel, bring tarps for your open roof and perhaps accomodations are possible in Santo Domingo, Punta Cana or Juandolio...although it seems a bit premature. He will be making another trip soon and we will pass along further info
as it becomes available.
Casa de Campo
Posted By: Harry Quadracci (
Saturday, 26 September 1998, at 9:42 p.m.
I am the owner of Punta Aguiila 25. I am in contact with my villla manager who lives in Santo Dominigo. All telephone contact to LaRomana is out including cellular since all of the cell towers were destroyed.
No electicity or water to Casa De Campo at this time. Security is tight with no looting reported. As to my villa which is essentially constructed of concrete, structure remains intact but the sea invaded with destruction of funishings. Airport control tower and terminal destroyed. Severe damage to the hotel including loss of roof to the Lago Grill.
Casa de Campo losses
Losses at Casa de Campo are estimated in RD$1,000 thousand throughout the 22 square kilometers of the property. The hotel was the most affected with roofs, vegetation and windows blown away by the storm.
The Listín Diario reported that Dominican students at Altos de Chavón were sent home on Monday (many are residents of Santo Domingo), and foreigners were lodged in the refugee center that was set up at the Hotel Central Romana to ride out the hurricane. Employees were housed there also from 6 pm on the Monday prior to the storm. The storm hit La Romana with 110 mph winds and gusts with a force of up to 150 mph at dawn of Tuesday, 22 September. Of the 384 rooms of the resort, only 100 rooms were unharmed. The hotel lost its telephone and cellular communication with the world from 10 am of that Tuesday.
At present, a work force of 10,000 people is involved with the reconstructing. The management says they have plans to reopen with a golf tournament, Open Georges, that would commemorate the hurricane. The hotel has not yet announced a planned reopening date. Press reports have speculated it could be from the end of October to as late as early December.
The town of La Romana itself suffered losses estimated by the city government at RD$1,300 million, not taking into account the losses of the electricity system.
There were no deaths in Saona. The president of the provincial committee of the Civil Defense, engineer Hector Bienvenido Rosario said that the residents were alerted in time. Eight persons are reported dead in La Romana.

Marino Ginebra, of Ahmsa, the operator of Casa del Mar, explained that third floor roofs were lost from several of the hotel buildings, but that the 600 guests staying at the hotel were all well. He explained that once the hurricane passed the guests helped pull the chaise lounges out of the pool and took them to the beach to take sun. He said several guests did not want to leave and wanted to complete their vacation. The hotel was closed for repairs to several areas where roofs were affected. Hotel guests gathered up extra cash among themselves to donate to the hotel employees.
Casa del Mar
Posted By: Fernando Peña / Marketing Assistant/AMHSA <[email protected]>
Tuesday, 6 October 1998, at 12:48 p.m.
Due to the damage caused by the huricane Georges , the hotel Casa del Mar will be closed until December 1st , so we recommend you either change the date or we can change your reservation to other hotel of our chain. The reconstruction is already taking place , we have over 200 men working every day and the roads leading to the hotel are in good driving conditions.

suffered the loss of the roof and part of the lobby and restaurant terrace areas. During the hurricane guests stayed in a management area and in the concrete Puerto Laguna apartments. The hotel's water supply tank suffered damages after which the management bussed guests to Santo Domingo where they were lodged at the Hotel Jaragua, Hotel V Centenario Intercontinental, Hotel Cervantes and Hotel Lina.
Rafael Blanco Canto, president of Asonahores, and a spokesman for Club Dominicus said that the principal problem in this area was the lack of communication. Communication was suspended at 9 am in the morning of the day of the hurricane and as of yesterday had not been restored. He said that as a preventive measure the hotel would install an emergency satellite phone to avoid the situation of being incomunicado as occurred in this case.
One tour operator representative said that while they were able to get word back to headquarters that all guests were fine, when these could not communicate directly with their families, the families began to distrust the message that their families were alright and concern increased.
In this area which only has 200 hotel rooms, land communication is difficult as a bridge fell. The Maria Montez International Airport is open for commercial and private operations from sunrise to sunset. This area did not receive the full brunt of the hurricane.
Cibao International Airport, in Santiago de los Caballeros, is open for commercial and private operations from sunrise to sunset. Santiago, the city, is back to normal, with power restored a day after the hurricane.
Airport Info. All are OK
Posted By: Tom <[email protected]>
Tuesday, 29 September 1998, at 5:02 p.m.
SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 29, 1998--The two main international airports in the Dominican Republic began receiving thousands of tourists from the United States, Europe and Latin America shortly after their operations were resumed following a brief closure last week due to Hurricane Georges.
The Civil Aeronautics Board, reported almost 7,000 tourists arrived within hours after the airports reopened, 5,470 in Puerto Plata and 1,359 at Punta Cana International Airport.
Vitelio Mejia Ortiz, director of the Civil Aeronautics Board, said normal operations have resumed in Punta Cana where they are receiving LTU, Condor, Air Plus, Lan Chile, Air Transat, Air Europe, Hapag Lloyd, Tap, Chile Inter and other charter and regular flights from Europe, South America and the United States.
A few hours after the pass of Hurricane Georges through Dominican territory, Puerto Plata Airport also resumed
operation. On Thursday, Sept. 24, Puerto Plata received 23 international flights, including eight from Germany, seven from England, one from Brussels and one from Spain.
Yesterday (Sept. 28), La Romana International Airport reinitiated service. Starting today, Las Americas International Airport, Dominican Republic's largest airport, 20 minutes from Santo Domingo City, began 24-hour-a-day operations. This airport has resumed partial operation within 72 hours of the hurricane's passing.
Punta Cana, Bayahibe and La Romana tourist zones were the most affected by Hurricane Georges, according to
Rafael Blanco, president of the National Association of Hotels and Restaurants (ASONAHORES). In these areas, Casa de Campo, Casa del Mar, Club Dominicus, Club Mediterranee, Natura Park and Allegro's Cabeza de Toro hotels have closed their operations for a period ranging from two weeks to three months, as is the case of Club Dominicus and Casa de Campo, respectively, Blanco said. However, all announced that their operations would be totally re-established for the beginning of the winter season.
In the Bavaro-Macao/Cortecito area, the hotels sustained minor damage and all the hotels of this key tourist zone
continue to offer their services and to receive tourists, added Blanco.
In Santo Domingo, the main hotels reported minor damages, but all services were totally re-established within 12
hours after the hurricane.
Phone service is restored at Punta Cana Beach Resort
Posted By: jose.oliva <[email protected]>
Tuesday, 29 September 1998, at 10:24 p.m.
CODETEL technicians worked hard long hours and days after the pass of hurricane Georges to restore the service.
Since today by 7:00 PM any person interested to contact a friend or relative at PUNTA CANA BEACH RESORT in Punta Cana, can now dial direct to the resort at (809) 221-2262 or send a fax to the number (809) 687-8745.
By now, Punta Cana Beach Resort is offering all services to the guests staying at the resort and all of those planning to come in the next days, weeks or months ahead: Reliable Electricity, Potable water,Satellite Cable-TV, International Phone, All kind of watersports, cristal clear waters on white sand beaches,hot and sunny days, horseback riding, scuba diving, snorkeling... you name them ... and a lot of fund with our friendly staff that will be glad to serve all visitors as only they can do.
Furthermore, as of today, phone service was restored in Punta Cana Airport. Other phone lines in the Punta Cana area will be are scheduled to be restored probably by next week.

Air Santo Domingo resumes flights
Air Santo Domingo, the country's domestic airline, has resumed commuter flights to Puerto Plata, Portillo, Punta Cana and Herrera airports. The airline ned that on Monday it would resume international flights to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The airline offers air connections to Pueto ltaro Punta Cana.
Resorts in the Dominican Republic and other Caribbean Destinations Remain Operational
SANTO DOMINGO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC -- September 29, 1998 -- Allegro Resorts, the world's largest all-inclusive resort company, survived the brunt of Hurricane Georges with only a few resorts affected and reporting damage. There have been no injuries to any guests or hotel staff. The company's properties on the Dominican Republic's North Coast in the Puerto Plata resort area, were not in Hurricane Georges direct path, and remain fully operational. According to Benny Guevara, president and CEO of Allegro Resorts, the current operating status of Allegro properties in the affected countries is as follows:
The Dominican Republic
North Coast (Puerto Plata/Playa Grande) -- Jack Tar Village Puerto Plata, Caribbean Village Club on the Green and Caribbean Village Playa Grande escaped Hurricane Georges wrath and are 100% operational. These resorts are currently offering accommodations to displaced guests at other Allegro Resorts affected on-island.
Punta Cana -- Allegro Resort Bavaro is 95% operational with limited food and beverage service. The main structure including guest rooms are completely functional, however, the resort suffered minor damages to the common areas, roof and landscaping from wind and water. Once all guests are transferred home or to another Allegro resort, the resort will close temporarily for repairs with reopening scheduled for November 15, 1998.
Juan Dolio -- Caribbean Village Decameron suffered significant damage from wind and water. The guest room buildings received damage including the stairways, roofs and interiors, as well as the public areas including the lobby, main entrance and main restaurant. The resort will close immediately for repairs and re-open December 20, 1998.

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