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Daily News - 29 December 1998

City governments may manage more money
The Dominican Municipal League approved sending to Congress a bill to increase money assigned from the national budget to city governments to 10% of the total up from 4% . The league will elect a new secretary general as of 26 January. The leading contenders for the post are Julio Maríñez for the PRD, and Amable Aristy Castro, for the PRSC and the PLD.

Politicians to use their energies to teach to read and write?
Fathers Luis Rosario, Rogelio Cruz and Rumaldo Peralta, of three slum area neighborhoods, proposed that politicians turn their political campaigns into blitzes to teach all Dominicans to read and write. Recently, Cardinal Nicolás López Rodríguez said that Dominicans are sick and tired of the bickering of politicians. Monsignor Agripino Núñez Collado, the nation's leading arbiter of political conflicts, also said that if politicians continue to act the way they do, the DR will soon have its own Hugo Chávez, the Venezuelan president-elect who was chosen when Venezuelans rejected the traditional political parties.

City mayor unhappy with his administration
Mayor Johnny Ventura said that he feels his first four months in office have not been fruitful. He attributed this to the chaos caused in the city by Hurricane Georges and the lack of discipline of city residents as well as the city hall's economic constraints.

Less pesos to the dollar
The peso is gaining on the dollar. After peaking over RD$16 to one only two weeks ago, now commercial banks and exchange houses are selling dollars for a maximum of RD$15.60. Thousands of returning expatriate Dominicans and the increase in the number of tourists coming to enjoy Dominican sun and sand have increased the supply of dollars.

PRD politician dies of heart attack
Partido Revolucionario Dominicano leading politician, Winston Arnaud died yesterday at 56 years of a heart attack. He had been the PRD's candidate for president of the Chamber of Deputies, but lost to a fellow partyman, PRD dissident, Hector Peguero Méndez, who sought and won re-election with the support of opposition party votes. At the time of his death, he was a deputy. Arnaud was also the party's director of elections. Hatuey de Camps, secretary general of the party, proposed that the widow of Arnaud, Mrs Michele de Arnaud, occupy the vacant congressional seat of her husband.

Active international schedule for President
President Leonel Fernández will have a very intense international agenda during the first trimester of 1999. From 12 to 21 January, the President will be on tour in Europe. His European tour starts with a visit to Madrid where he will meet with the chief of government, Jose Maria Aznar. From there, he will travel to France to meet with President Jacques Chirac and Prime Minister Lionel Jozpin as well as with the judges of the highest French court. He will also receive a Honoris Causa Doctorate from the Sorbonne University. During his visit to Paris he will visit the UNESCO. From Paris, he will travel to the Vatican, where he will be received by Pope John Paul II. His trip to Italy will end in Rome, where he will meet with the Italian president, prime minister, and the FAO directors. Once he returns, he will prepare for his trip to Caracas on 1 February to attend the swearing in of President Hugo Chavez. Chavez himself will travel to the Dominican Republic on 9-10 January to discuss bilateral agreements. In April, President Fernández will host the Presidents of Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela, and the chiefs of state of the Caribbean and Central America, including Fidel Castro.

Assassin is suspect having slid into Haiti
Ramón de Jesús Victoria Molina who is suspect of assassinating a 28 year old woman and injuring her husband in a bar in the Naco area of the city is suspected of illegally having fled to Haiti. Security forces told Hoy newspaper that a relative of Victoria Molina was detained on the frontier Dominican-Haitian after returning from the neighboring country. The Police has said Victoria is dangerous as he is armed. The police traced him through the make of the vehicle that was used during the killing, a black Lexus. A sister of Victoria is detained by the police and is held as an accomplice after having hidden the suspect vehicle. Victoria had been taken to justice previously for the death of two men, one of these a Navy officers.

Street food vendors to be regulated
The sanitary authorities will begin to regulate the sale of foodstuffs on city streets all throughout the country as of January. This is one of the first measures that will be implemented after the country as elected coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean of Codex Alimentarios, the world's leading food commerce control organization. The national director of environmental health, and coordinator of Codex, Luis Emilio Féliz Roa said that a card is being filled out for every ambulant food vendor who will also receive training.

Corrected best dressed and worst dressed
The talk of the town during the long Christmas holidays weekend in social circles were the lists of best dressed Dominicans published in the society magazines of Listín Diario and El Siglo. The Listín Diario also published a much-commented "worst dressed" of the year.

The Listín Diario's best dressed women:

Patricia Alvarez de Báez (Guess store owner and wife of banker)
María Matilde de Bonetti (wife of businessman)
Rosa María Vicioso (arts promoter)
Ligia Reid de Vela
Elena Villeya de Paliza (agriculture business organization leader)
Montserrat Gassó (businesswoman)
Ingrid Sabater de Bonetti (wife of businessman)
Claudia Messina de Olavarrieta (society works promoter)
Mariasela Alvarez (TV producer)
Maripily Ibarra de Bermúdez (wife of businessman)

The Listín Diario's best dressed men:

Pedro Castillo
Manuel Rodríguez Amiama
Hatuey de Camps (politician)
Leonel Fernández (President of the Republic)
Ramón Báez Figueroa (banker)
Frank Rainieri (tourism developer)
Freddy Beras Goico (TV producer)
Guillermo Moreno (former attorney general)
Carlos Ros (insurance broker)

The Listín Diario's worst dressed women were:

Milagros Ortíz Bosch (senator for Santo Domingo)
Nuria Piera (TV producer)
Ivonne Beras Goico (TV presenter)
Taina Gautreaux (director of the National Lottery)
Dolphy Peláez (TV presenter)
Lisbeth Santos
Jatna Tavárez de Hazoury (TV presenter)
Ivette Marichal (TV presenter)

The Listín Diario's worst dressed men were:

George Nader (show business and art promoter)
Félix Jiménez (Minister of Tourism)
Yaqui Núñez del Risco (TV producer)
Juan Luis Guerra (TV and radio owner and musician/composer)
Rafael Corporán de los Santos (former Santo Domingo mayor, TV producer)
Domingo Batista (TV producer)
Luis Toral (former governor Central Bank, politician)

El Siglo's list of most elegant women:

Sandi Kurdas de Jorge (former US beauty queen wife of former minister of Tourism)
Rosa María Vicioso (arts promoter)
Mariasela Alvarez (TV producer)
Gina María Pérez de García (wife of commercial real estate developer)
Mari Carmen Jiménez de Ros (wife of Carlos Ros)
Jatnna Tavárez de Hazoury (TV producer, wife of banker)
Carmensina Casanova de Gómez Bergés (arts promoter wife of politician)
Fior D'Aliza Martínez de Valdez (wife of Governor of Central Bank)
Marisol Frías de Bonetti (wife of businessman)
Rosa Ivonne Zeller de Mena
Marina Aróstegui de Haché (wife of businessman)
Pamen Finke de Yunén (wife of engineer)
Francina Lama de Gómez (store owner)
María Virginia Jorge de García (clothes designer)

December baseball games
This and next week's Dominican Winter Baseball League games are:

8 pm. Tuesday, 29 December
Aguilas Cibaeñas vs. Escogido Lions in Santo Domingo
Tigres del Licey vs. Gigantes del Nordeste in San Francisco de Macorís

8 pm. Wednesday, 30 December
Gigantes del Nordeste vs. Leones del Escogido in Santo Domingo
Tigres del Licey vs. Aguilas Cibaeñas in Santiago

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