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Daily News - 21 April 1999

Pros and cons regarding moving Herrera Airport
The president of the Dominican College of Engineers and Architects (CODIA), Eng. Alejandro Montás favors the moving of the Herrera Airport to the outskirts of the city. While the Ministry of Public Works has not announced the move of the inner city airport, the director of the State Sugar Council confirmed the sale of the sugar fields in the northern area of Higuero for building of the airport.
Engineer Montás says that the airport's present location is dangerous, as it is located in a heavily populated, industrial and commercial zone. He favored the construction of a hospital on the airport's present grounds.
Operators of domestic airlines and small charter plane services strongly oppose the move. They say it is normal for an airport to be located within a city. For them, the move to Higuero would seriously affect the profitability of their businesses. Fernando Rainieri, of Air Santo Domingo, said the airline would have to suspend its domestic flights as he doubted passengers would go so far to take a plane and would prefer inland ground transport.
The daily press speculated yesterday that the Herrera Airport land would be used to build the villa for the Pan American Games that will be held in Santo Domingo in 2003. But Minister of Public Diandino Peña told the press yesterday practically denied the version, saying other options closer to the sports center are preferred. The first choices for the villa are the large lots adjacent to Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center. These include the industrial complex of Lavador that business sectors say will soon be dismantled. Lavador last year sold its detergent operations to Colgate-Palmolive.

Talks among politicians resume at National Palace
The three leading political parties are slated to reinitiate the talks that are taking place at the government seat. The talks had been suspended on occasion of the visit of the President of Mexico and the celebration in Santo Domingo of the II Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Association of Caribbean States. The ninth session of the talks is scheduled for 6 pm at the National Palace. President Leonel Fernández sits on the discussion table with delegates for the Partido Reformista Social Cristiano, the Partido Revolucionario Dominicano, and the ruling Partido de la Liberación Dominicana, and Monsignor Agripino Núñez, mediator for the Catholic Church and group spokesman.

Hipólito and Milagros: strong one-two of PRD
El Siglo newspaper reports that Hipólito Mejía and Milagros Ortiz Bosch, the two top-rated pre-candidates of the Partido Revolucionario Dominicano, announced they would join forces accepting the presidential or vice presidential nomination following results of the PRD convention. The later is scheduled for 16 May.

PRSC not happy with their men in office
The acting president of the Partido Reformista Social Cristiano, Donald Reid Cabral announced party members that occupy government posts with the Fernández administration are being suspended from their political responsibilities within the party.
Upon making the announcement, Dr. Reid Cabral said, "No one can be with God and with the Devil at the same time."
PRSC men that have been suspended are: Modesto Guzmán, director of Post Office; Alfredo Mota Ruiz, civil assistant to President Fernández; Annie Felipe, director of Passports; Vitelio Mejía, director of the Civil Aviation Board; and Arístides Fernández Zucco, governor of the Las Americas International Airport.
The PLD is in power thanks to an alliance with the PRSC for the second round vote of the 1996 presidential election.

A recovered Bosch returns
Former President and founder of the ruling government party, Juan Bosch returned to Santo Domingo yesterday. He had traveled abroad, first to Havana and then to Miami, for medical care. Press reports say he has recovered from the nasal-bleeding problem that took him abroad. In Miami, he checked his vision.

French company complains about irregularities in airport tender
Aeroports du Paris, one of the bidding companies for the privatization of airports of Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata, Barahona and Samana airports requested a revision of the recently concluded tender. The French consortium said that contrary to what was established in the terms of reference, a technician from the International Civil Aviation Organization did not participate in the evaluation of the proposals. The French company also questioned that part of the revenues proposed by the winning firms of Aerodom (Vancouver Airport, and Ogden of the USA) will represent losses for the government state income. The firm has requested that the bids be made transparent and that these be re-evaluated by international aviation experts.

IMF says DR economy is fastest growing in world
El Siglo newspaper highlighted that the Dominican economy is the world's fastest growing economy. The newspaper said that the most recent World Economic Outlook published by the International Monetary Fund forecasts that the DR GDP will increase 7.3% in 1999, with a year's end inflation of 6.2%.

New tolls booths to be set up all around DR
The government announced it will continue to install automated tollbooths on major highways. New automated tollbooths are already operating at Duarte, Las Americas and 6 de Noviembre highways. A fourth at the 30 de Mayo highway will be operational by the end of this month. The revenues collected would be used for the maintenance of the country's highways. The government said that some 12 more tollbooths will be installed. These include booths for those traveling from San Pedro de Macorís to La Romana, from San Cristóbal to Baní and from Santiago to Monte Cristi. The booths are charging RD$5 to RD$20.

Hotel Association favors removing sidewalk vendors
The National Hotel & Restaurant Association supports efforts of the National Police to remove sidewalk vendor shacks from city streets. City areas have been taken over by so-called "padres de familia" (fathers of families that say they have a right to do what they are doing because they are the bread-winners of their family). Asonahores said it is important to put a halt to the visual contamination of cities and tourist areas. In a press conference, during the III Conference Hotel, Tourism and Investment held in Santo Domingo earlier this week, spokesmen for Asonahores also supported the proposal that hotels pay up front three months of value-added tax so the moneys can be used for government public infrastructure works in tourism areas.

City plan calls for extending streets
Pedro Alfonso, director of urban planning urban and Pablo Bonnelly, director of the city plan office, in an interview in the Listín Diario today highlight the changes they foresee to improve driving in Santo Domingo. The city government was elected for 16 August 1998 through 16 August 2002, and thus would have the time to execute the proposed changes.
The plan focuses on connecting city streets to facilitate North-South and East-West traffic. This will call for millionaire demolitions of buildings, homes and businesses, affecting private interests of hundreds, if carried out.
In the interview, Alfonso and Bonnelly explained that the new so-called Central Polygon of Santo Domingo requires better exits and entry points, and thus the need to extend streets and convert others into one way accesses. The Central Polygon, or the new commercial and residential hub of the city has as boundaries John F. Kennedy to the North, 27 de Febrero to the South, Ortega y Gasset to the East and Winston Churchill to the West. It covers an extension of 436 hectares and includes the neighborhoods of Piantini, Naco, Paraiso and part of La Esperilla. Approximately 29,000 inhabitants live in this area, where the construction of high rise apartments and commercial centers has boomed in the past five years.

Street changes contemplated are:
Extension of the Ortega y Gasset all the way South to the Av. George Washington (Malecón).
Connect the Avenida Núñez de Cáceres with the rotunda of INTEC and the Avenida Colombia (passing by the Botanical Gardens).
Dr. Defilló street would be extended North to JF Kennedy Avenue.
Alma Mater, that originally ended in the Malecón, needs to be again open to traffic. The street was closed after a request made by the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo, as it passes through the university's campus.
Hatuey would be connected with the Avenida Abraham Lincoln. (East-West)
Jacinto Ignacio Mañón with Dr. Heriberto Pieter. (East-West)
Ramón Corripio with Presidente González and Orlando Martínez streets. (North-South)
Fantino Falco would allow through traffic on to Máximo Gómez (via the Olympic Center).
Max Henríquez Ureña with Dr. Fabio A. Mota.
Victor Garrido with Rafael Hernández.
Luis Alberti-Calle E with Manuel E. Perdomo.
Pablo Cassals with Jacinto Mañón-Dr. Heriberto Pieter.
Agustín Lara with John F. Kennedy.
F. Gómez de Cova with Erick Leonard Eckman.
Manuel de Jesús Troncoso with García Gautier.

Conversion to one way streets:
Fantino Falco, Max Henríquez Ureña, Porfirio Herrera and Roberto Pastoriza (East to West).
Gustavo Mejía Ricart, Rafael A. Sánchez, Victor Garrido Puello and Hatuey (West to East).
Federico Geraldino and Manuel de Jesús Troncoso, between Hatuey and 27 de Febrero (North to South).
Juan Baron and Manuel de Jesús Troncoso, as of Hatuey, South to North.

Mexican President goes scuba diving in DR
President Ernesto Zedillo of Mexico took advantage of his five day visit to the Dominican Republic this month to go scuba diving. He took a dive in the area of La Caleta. La Caleta National Underwater Park is regarded as an excellent area for enjoyment of reef and wreck dives, night dives and fresh water cave diving near Santo Domingo. Here, you can discover the Hickory wreck, an iron ship used many years ago to explore Spanish galleon wreck treasures. A second more recent wreck, at a depth of 100 feet, is only a few minutes away by boat from the Hickory. The coral formations at this depth are a carpet of color, a tapestry of textures creating a profound sense of wonder at the delicate balance in this ecosystem.

Travel Fair at Dominican Fiesta
The III Dominican Tourism Bourse opens at the Dominican Fiesta Hotel this Friday, 23 April through Sunday, 25 April. While the fair highlights the Dominican tourism product, exhibitors from abroad interested in the Dominican traveler also participate. The activity is organized in coordination with the Association of Hotels and Restaurants and the Ministry of Tourism.

Alert sent out regarding men-seducers
El Siglo newspaper carries a story about a boom in "manhunter women." These are attractive women that have no qualms about pursuing married men. Psychologist Nancy Pérez de Franjul alerts that the Dominican version of "Fatal Attraction" is affecting many Dominican households. She explains she has been receiving at her practice an increase in women that are complaining of being victims of the femme-fatals. She describes the men-seducers as young, affluent, and very attractive professional women. She says that it is probable that Dominican women are exposed to too many soap operas. She says that once the woman catches the attention of the married man, he is seduced and little by little the woman increases her demands, stopping at nothing to get the man to leave his wife. The psychologist explains that the women will make calls to the man's home seeking the outrage of the wife so that she will dump her husband, and touché, a win is scored.

Police closes cabarets where minors are found working
The National Police closed down several cabarets on Monday, 19 April. Minors were found working in these places. Among the places closed are the Restaurante Los Hermanos, owned by Frenchman Nicolas Ederd, in Rio San Juan; Dorado and Vieja Habana in Cabrera, on the North Coast. Also Bar Ccodrilo, El Tipico Goleta in Cabarete and El Dachi in Puerto Plata were closed down.

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