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Daily News - 14 July 1999

Catholic Church asks politicians to stop premature campaigning
The influential Dominican Episcopate Conference criticized the "inopportune" opening of campaigns by those seeking the presidency in 2000. The Episcopate urged that the campaigning be left for the time frame established by the Central Electoral Junta.
The Episcopate made the recommendation at the conclusion of its 47 th Plenary Assembly. Other recommendations were to work to reduce delinquency and crime. The Episcopate urges a purging of the National Police. Press reports have indicated that corruption in the Police is behind several crimes.
The Catholic Church also called for an increase in the resources available for educating the Dominican people; improvement in job creating policies; more efficient and broad policies that may stimulate farm production and industrial production; payment of government debts with private business; correction of distortions in the economy caused by globalization and free market policies; and continuing efforts to secure the reduction of the foreign debt.

Danilo Medina rejects running as vice president with Balaguer
Danilo Medina said that the Partido Revolucionario Dominicana (PRD) is responsible for the rumor that he would accept the vice presidency on a ticket where former statesman Joaquín Balaguer would run for President. "Undoubtedly ranks within the PRD fear our candidacy," he said. In his opinion, behind this fear is that the PRD does not have a concrete government plan to offer to the voters. He said that the Dominican people will support him to ensure the continuity of the present economic and social development accomplishments.

President of JCE visits former President Balaguer
The president of the Junta Central Electoral, Dr. Manuel Ramón Morel Cerda visited former President Joaquin Balaguer in his residence yesterday. During the meeting, the JCE issued Dr. Balaguer a new voting and identification card (cedula) and photographers took pictures of both smiling. Dr. Morel Cerda has had strong differences with the former statesman in the past. This time around, he left the meeting with what he described as a commitment from Balaguer to encourage his constituency to renew their cedulas. "We absolutely lack hate or indisposition against anyone, and we are in the best disposition to help, to collaborate with the JCE, be they who they be, because we want the Junta to guarantee us, as in reality we guarantee them."
Morel Cerda was accompanied by four other JCE judges on his visit to the former statesman.

Workers and business leaders protest against Social Security system
Worker union leaders and business representatives agree that something is very wrong at the IDSS and they aren’t willing to close their eyes to the problem anymore. Both sectors are against increasing their contribution to the IDSS. The minimum wage went up, which means thousands of Dominicans can apply and be exempt from paying social security. But the IDSS wants to increase the minimum ceiling and representatives of business sectors fear the moneys will not be put to use to benefit their employees.
Press reports indicate that the present administration of the IDSS has been padding the payroll of the institution with political appointees. One report says that for every employee that leaves, the IDSS is hiring two.The new arrivals contribute little to the service offered by the organization. Studies have shown the IDSS already has too many employees.
Worker union leaders and business representatives criticize that the IDSS is highly politicized. They say it needs to be modernized.
In the DR, business sees the IDSS deductions as a tax. In most cases, companies have a parallel medical insurance. Most employees prefer the private insurance.

Family shareholder fight at the Listin Diario
Family members of the Listin Diario newspaper, the leading Dominican newspaper, have gone public with their internal conflicts. Rocio Nadal and Carmen Rocio Pellerano Nadal de Cabrera, widow and daughter of the former owner, the late Rogelio A. Pellerano, together own 75% of the shares of the newspaper. They are contesting what they call the "deficient management" of son/brother Eduardo Pellerano. In a full page paid advertisement in competing newspaper Hoy, the two make their side of the internal battle known. In their opinion, Eduardo Pellerano is leading the company to bankruptcy. They went public with their plight, after Eduardo Pellerano himself published an advertisement in the Ultima Hora afternoon newspaper that also belongs to the family.

Contraband of arms through DR-Haiti frontier
Minister of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Manuel de Jesus Florentino confirmed the trafficking of illegal weapons through the DR frontier with Haiti. He said this is not the result of negligence on behalf of Dominican authorities. He said that gunrunners are skillful. He says the contraband also occurs through Dominican airports, when the smugglers hide weapons in air-conditioners, television sets and radios. Recently, the US Charge d’Affairs, Linda Watts alerted as to the increasing contraband having incidence on the crime rate. District Attorney Domínguez Brito called for more controls along the frontier to avoid entrance of drugs and illegal weapons.

Miss DR organizers denies she has to pay tax to Ministry
Nerys Díaz, proprietor of the Miss DR franchise, said the Ministry of Tourism has gone public unauthorizing the elected queen because she did not pay the Ministry RD$200,000 as requested. She argues that the Ministry of Tourism cannot levy this charge. She said in 1996 to avoid controversy over the pageant, she agreed to the payment. But at the time, the Ministry committed to carry out efforts to secure air tickets and prizes for the candidates in subsequent pageant years. Gatsby Dominicana, Mrs. Díaz’s company, never heard from the Ministry again. Mrs. Díaz said her company is authorized to elect the Dominican representative to the Miss Universe and Miss World pageants.
The Ministry of Tourism bases its claim on Decree 355-93 that grants the Ministry the responsibility for the organization of all pageants. The decree states that the Ministry can delegate temporarily the organization of these events. The price: RD$200,000.

Traffic accidents up in Santo Domingo
El Caribe newspaper reports that traffic accidents in Santo Domingo were up 20% this year over last year. Traffic accidents are the leading cause of violent deaths in Santo Domingo, according to data from the Ministry of Health. An average of 1,200 to 1,3000 traffic accidents occurs per month in Santo Domingo. Violent deaths in Santo Domingo last year, were 3,900 of which 1,662 were traffic accidents. Homicides totalled 1,121. Traffic accidents are the cause of 42.6% of violent deaths.
Santo Domingo has a population of more than 2 million people. The government is working on modifications to the traffic law to be sent to congress. Seeks a legal framework to reduce deaths and serious injuries.

21 new hotels under construction in DR
A report in Hoy newspaper says this year 21 new hotels will open in the DR, calling for an investment of over US$300 million. This would add 6,806 rooms to the present 45,000 hotel rooms. The DR is the Caribbean country with the most hotel rooms. Hotels that are well advanced and could be operational by year’s end are:

Santo Domingo
El Prado Gran Hotel, 250 rooms, winter 1999

Hodelpa Gran Almirante, 14 rooms

Samana Bay Village, 50 rooms

Bahoruco Beach Resort, 194 rooms

Puerto Plata
Iberostar Puerto Plata, 526 rooms
Hacienda Golf Hotel, 270 rooms
Villas de Luxes, 20 villas
Hotel Villa Venecia, 18 rooms

Juan Dolio
Hotel Naiboa Caribe, 400 rooms
Barcelo Capella Beach, 230 rooms
Casa Marina Talanquera 128
Residencial Albastro, 80 rooms

Punta Cana
Flamenco Bavaro, 853 rooms
LTI Sol de Plata Bavaro 780 rooms
Catalonia Bavaro, 720 rooms
Melia Caribe, 522 rooms
LTI Beach Resort Punta Cana, 447
Carabela Macao, 359 rooms

La Romana
Taino Dominicus 192 rooms
Sueño Caribe, 253 rooms
Canoa Beach Resort, 500 rooms

Pedro Martínez impresses in All-Star Game
Dominican Pedro Martínez dedicated his win of the 70 th Major League All-Star Game to fans in the Dominican Republic. Martínez of the Boston Red Sox gave an impressive demonstration of why he is the Major League’s leading contender for the Cy Young award. Pedro Martinez struck out the first four batters he faced, as he lead the American League to win its third All-Star Game in a row (4 runs to 1 run) and seventh in a decade. He struck out 5 of six batters to whom he pitched in the first two innings. Martinez struck out Mark McGwire after sending Barry Larkin, Larry Walker and fellow Dominican Sammy Sosa back to the dugout in the first inning.
Four different players drove in home runs for the AL in support of Martinez, who picked up the win and the MVP. Martínez is the dominating pitcher in the Major Leagues with 15-3 with a 2.10 earned-run average, 184 strikeouts and 24 walks prior to the All-Star Game. He has a shot at winning 30 games.
For more information on the All-Star Game, see www.majorleaguebaseball.com
During the game, today Minister of Sports Juan Marichal was honored together with Roger Clemens, Rollie Fingers, Bob Gibson and Robin Roberts. Throughout the 60s, Marichal pitched in eight All-Star Games, an ended with a 0.50 earned-run average, the best of any pitcher in the event.

DR basketball team seeks a spot in Sydney Olympics
Two slots are available for the Americas in the Sydney Olympic Games, and the US dream team is expected to win one. The DR, Puerto Rico, Argentina, and Brazil hope to win the other.
Now with the inclusion of NBA’s Luis Felipe López (Vancouver Grizzlies) and Mark Jackson (Indiana Pacers, the DR’s chances at winning the slot are better. The games will be transmitted locally by Channel 4, and can also be seen on cable TV or by satellite.
The Pre-Olympic Tournament is taking place in San Juan, Puerto Rico starting 14 July. The participating countries are Cuba, Argentina, Canada, Uruguay, US (Group A) and Venezuela, Dominicana, Panama, Puerto Rico and Brazil (Group B).
The four teams with best win loss record pass on to a second round.
First Round:
14 July
3 pm Cuba vs. Uruguay
5:30 pm Argentina vs. Canada
8 pm Puerto Rico vs. Venezuela
10:15 pm Brazil vs. DR
15 July
3 pm Canada vs. Cuba
5:30 pm Venezuela vs. Brazil
8 pm Uruguay vs US
10:15 pm DR vs. Panama
16 July
3 pm Panama vs. Venezuela
5:30 pm US vs. Panama
8 pm Brazil vs. Puerto Rico
10:15 pm Cuba vs. Argentina
17 July
3 pm Canada vs. Uruguay
5:30 pm Argentina vs. US
8 pm Puerto Rico vs. Panama
10:15 pm Venezuela vs. DR
18 July
3 pm Uruguay vs. Argentina
5:30 pm US vs. Cuba
8 pm DR vs. Puerto Rico
10:15 pm Panama vs. Brazil
19 July/22 July
First four of each group Semifinals
24 July
Best of four
25 July

Santo Domingo Film Festival
The First International Film Festival continues in Santo Domingo with films showing at the Lumiere and Palacio del Cine theaters. The festival continues through 18 July. The festival is organized by the Presidential Council for Culture, the Municipal Culture Board, the Ministry of Tourism, and the Ministry of Foreign Relations. Several cultural branches of foreign embassies in the DR are also contributing to the festival. Films from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, Spain, France, Honduras, Peru and Puerto Rico are being shown.

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