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Daily News - 16 July 1999

Police chief admits shooting of supposed assailants
Police chief Major General Pedro de Jesus Candelier Tejada said excesses were committed in the case of three supposed assailants. A video of a journalism student offered proof that the three were shot after they were arrested and not during a shoot out with the police as reported by the force. The men attempted to assault a farmer in Moca and were arrested. The chief of the Police said that there would be exemplary sanctions. Manuel Maria Mercedes, president of the Comisión Nacional de los Derechos Humanos, the local human rights commission, said that the three deaths are evidence that the National Police has instated the death penalty. The maximum penalty in the DR is a 30 year jail sentence. President Leonel Fernández met with Police Chief Candelier and expressed his concern over the incident.

Three police agents part of assault gang
Three Police agents that were part of a band of assailants in Arroyo Hondo were dismissed from the institution. The order comes shortly after Attorney General Mariano German Mejia assured that the Armed Forces and Police had among their ranks persons of "questionable conduct" that used their uniforms, weapons and ID cards to commit delinquent acts. The investigation showed that one of the agents would rent his gun to assailants.

Kidnapped woman released
The Dirección Nacional de Control de Drogas (CNCD), the local drugs department, released Eliana Rodríguez Alemar, who had been kidnapped on 4 July and later escaped. Eliana Rodríguez went to the police after the kidnapping and later was sent to the drugs department when investigations as to why she was kidnapped led to the uncovering of 51 kilos of cocaine in the house of her half brother. Press reports indicate that the motive of the
kidnapping could have been to collect a debt owed by her brother to a dealer in New York City. She was cleared from complicity in the drug operation.

Navy frustrates 11 boat trips
The Navy reported that it has frustrated 11 boat trips, and arrested dozens of men and women of all ages that attempts to make the illegal crossing to Puerto Rico. Operations carried out in La Romana, Miches, Samana and Higuey. Of those arrested, some were detained at sea, others when attempting to leave from a beach. Renown organizers of boat trips were also detained.

Las Americas has highest rate of traffic accidents
Luis Alba of the Dominican Red Cross said that the lack of responsibility of drivers causes most of the accidents on Las Americas Highway. The expressway has the highest rate of accidents of any thoroughfare in the DR. He said most of the accidents are due to speeding, imprudent turning, and the lack of adequate signs.  He requested an increase in police surveillance of the area. He also criticized that several neighborhoods are springing up besides the highway. Of 10 car accidents, 4 occur at the Las Americas Highway. The highway leads from Santo Domingo to the Las Americas International Airport, and then on to tourism areas of Boca Chica, Juan Dolio, La Romana and Punta Cana.
The Ministry of Public Works has contemplated reconstruction of the highway and the construction of an additional lane for the barrios. These works will be completed by mid year 2000.

Tax collections are up 14.48 in the first semester
The Dirección General de Impuestos Internos, the local tax bureau, said that tax revenues are up in the first six months of the year. The DGII achieved the feat despite the reduction of several taxes, such as those on the import of computers, airline tickets, and the elimination of the commercial patent tax. Collections in the first six months surpassed the RD$10,000 million
mark. The department attributed the increase to efficiency at the department and a better tax-paying attitude among the public.

Triplets for Dominique Bluhdorn and Hatuey de Camps
Hoy newspaper reports that Dominique Bluhdorn and Hatuey de Camps had triplets in New York City¹s New York Hospital. She is the daughter of the late Charles Bluhdorn founder of Gulf & Western. He is the secretary general of the Partido Revolucionario Dominicano Hatuey de Camps. The babies are well but in incubators. She gave birth by C section to one boy and two girls, each weighing four pounds. The babies are seven months old.

American woman rescued after being lost in mountain
Search crews found an American woman who had gotten lost on the trails of the Pico Duarte, the tallest mountain in the Caribbean. 24 year old Deborah Fox, of the Escuela del Caribe, a rehab school located in Jarabacoa, left early to meet up with the group. Helicopter pilot Miles Cunat of Mundo Gas located her near La Compartición.

Million peso assault
The messenger of the Hotel Embajador, who was arriving to the hotel around 2 pm with a million pesos to pay the payroll was assaulted in front of the hotel by a man who intercepted him with a vehicle.

Dominicana defeats Panama 77-73
The Dominican Republic defeated Panama to remain in the fight for a spot in basketball tournament of the Sydney, Australia Olympics. The DR defeated Panama 77-73. This brings about a triple tie for second place in Group B, with Dominicana, Brazil and Venezuela still with a chance to earn the single slot available. The US is expected to win one of two slots available for American teams in the Olympics. News reports also indicate that the international basketball authorities have declined Mark Jackson¹s request for eligibility clearance. He can own up to Dominican nationality, but has to wait three years to be able to play. Jackson plays for the Indiana Pacers of the NBA. The games are being transmitted locally by Channel 4. Participating teams come from Cuba, Argentina, Canada, Uruguay, US (Group A) and Venezuela, Dominicana, Panama, Puerto Rico and Brazil (Group B). The four teams with best win loss record pass on to a second round.
Games still to go are as follows:
First Round:
16 July 14, 1999 3 pm Panama vs. Venezuela
5:30 pm US vs. Panama
8 pm Brazil vs. Puerto Rico
10:15 pm Cuba vs. Argentina
17 July
3 pm Canada vs. Uruguay
5:30 pm Argentina vs. US
8 pm Puerto Rico vs. Panama
10:15 pm Venezuela vs. DR
18 July
3 pm Uruguay vs. Argentina
5:30 pm US vs. Cuba
8 pm DR vs. Puerto Rico
10:15 pm Panama vs. Brazil
19 July/22 July
First four of each group
24 July
Best of four
25 July

Sosa bats his 33rd home run
Sammy Sosa, of the Chicago Cubs, batted his 33rd home run yesterday. Sosa is the leader in home runs in the Major Leagues. He hit his latest home run in the game the Chicago Cubs won 9-3 against the Milwaukee Brewers. In the same game, fellow team member Henry Rodriguez hit another home run.

Buena Vista Social Club legends in Santo Domingo
Pio Leyba and Compay Segundo, legends of the best-selling CD and lauded film Buena Vista Social Club, will be in Santo Domingo for the Festison, or II Festival Caribeño del Son. The festival opens Friday evening at 8 pm at the Palacio de Bellas Artes. The event brings together some of the best interpreters of the traditional Cuban beat, "son". Leading performers are coming from Cuba, including Pio Leyba and Compay Segundo. After the opening gala, the festival includes a dance evening at the Club de Ferreteros of the Ensanche Miraflores and concludes with an evening where homage will be rendered to the legendary 93-year old Company Segundo again at Bellas Artes. Participating for the DR will be the Hermanos Heredia, Soneros de Haina and Maniel.

Santo Domingo Film Festival
The First International Film Festival continues in Santo Domingo with films showing at the Lumiere and Palacio del Cine theaters. The festival continues through 18 July. The Presidential Council organizes the festival that also has support from the Municipal Culture Board, the Ministry of Tourism, and the Ministry of Foreign Relations. Several cultural branches of foreign embassies in the DR are also contributing to the festival. Films from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, Spain, France, Honduras, Peru and Puerto Rico are being shown.

Merengue Festival in Santo Domingo
Merengue Festival opens in Santo Domingo on 23 July and lasts through 1 August. There will be street dancing at the Malecón, and several hotels have scheduled live band presentations. The Festival concludes with the 3-4 National Gastronomy Festival that is sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism, the National Association of Hotels & Restaurants, the Hotel Association of
Santo Domingo, the Association of Chefs of the DR, and the Caribbean Traveling Network, a travel TV channel. The gastronomy festival will be held at the V Centenario. Tickets are RD$500 per night.

Alice in Wonderland arrives by the Internet
Tickets are already for sale for the Dominican contemporary version of Lewis Carroll¹s "Alice in Wonderland." In the Dominican version, Alice arrives by Internet. The children¹s play will be presented at the National Theater on 23 and 24 July. Dominican playwrights Enrique Chao and Gabriel Paulino did the rewrite. A Fidel Lopez production, the play will star Stephanie Fatule Báez in the role of Alice. The music score is by Frank Ceara.

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