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Daily News - 14 December 1999

DR and Venezuelan firms to build sports facilities
The Ministry of Public Works has organized a tender for the design, construction and/or reconstruction of major sports works in the DR. These include the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center, site of the 2003 Pan American Games. Only Dominican and Venezuelan firms can pre-qualify as the funds come from accrued petroleum credits as a result of the Acuerdo de San José, signed between the Dominican and Venezuelan governments. The agreement stipulates that the contractors must purchase 70% of the goods and services for the construction and repairs in Venezuela. The company or companies would be responsible for:
1) Design and construction of 10 multi-use sports complexes in the provinces;
2) Design and construction of 10 sports installations in public schools;
3) Design and construction of the National Center of School Sports Health;
4) Reconstruction of the sports installations at the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center in Santo Domingo. These facilities include: olympic pool, olympic stadium, gymnasium pavilion, olympic cycle track; tennis courts; table tennis facility; softball stadium, sports medicine facility, wrestling pavilion; weight-lifting pavilion, outdoor tracks and courts.
The tender documents can be obtained from Tuesday, 14 December through Thursday, 16 December at the Ministry of Public Works, prior payment of RD$15,000. Pre-qualifying documents must be submitted no later than Monday, 10 January at noon. On Monday, 17 January, the final proposals will be opened at noon at the Ministry of Public Works.

DR and Haiti police meet to fight crime
Major General Pedro de Jesús Candelier Tejada, chief of the National Police, announced that he will meet today with Pierre Denizé, chief of the police in Haiti. They will sign an agreement to fight crime. The meeting is set for the Dirección General de Aduanas (Customs Department) in the frontier city of Jimaní, in the DR. At the event, both authorities will symbolically return recovered stolen cars. Both police forces will commit to fight drug trafficking, car stealing, money falsifying and trafficking of persons.

Candelier promises to seek out police that help drug vendors
Police Chief Pedro de Jesús Candelier said he would investigate Father José Núñez's (Parroquia Domingo Savio) denunciation that police agents assist drug traffickers in the Los Guandules, La Cienaga, 27 de Febrero and Agua Dulce slum barrios. The priest denounced an increase in assaults, sexual violations and consumption and sales of drugs due to lenience and complicity of the police stationed in the area.
Virgilio Almanzar, president of the Dominican Committee of Human Rights corroborated the denunciation, saying that three years ago his organization took to the then police chief a photo of a vehicle in which a police officer was delivering drugs. At the time, the officer and a special operations agent were transferred, but nothing more came of this. He said he met with the neighborhood council of another slum area, Capotillo, with two different police chiefs and provided names of the agents that were involved in drug trafficking but nothing happened.
Moreover, the president of the National Commission of Human Rights, Dr. Manuel María Mercedes Medina came forth to urge the National Police to continue testing police agents and officers for drug usage. At the start of his term as chief of the Police, Candelier tested agents of which 43 tested positive and were removed from the force. Dr. Medina urged the police to move a step upwards and test officers.

First wife of PRD politician does not support PLD candidate
The first wife of Partido Revolucionario Dominicano leader, the José Francisco Peña Gómez, Julia Idalia Guaba said she resigned from the PRD for her own undisclosed reasons. Nevertheless, in the presence of her son, Tony Peña Guaba, she denied that she was supporting Partido de la Liberación Dominicana presidential candidate, Danilo Medina. Her daughters, Angela Peña and Arlene Peña recently announced they will be leading a new political movement, Movimiento Luces del Milenio that will support Danilo Medina's candidacy. The daughters participated in a PLD meeting at the "Puente de la 17" in support of the presidential candidate.

19,811 new small companies in DR
Fondomicro recently published research that shows that 19,811 new small companies were created this year in the DR, or 6% more than last year. Women direct 50% of the companies. The companies employ 29% of the economically active population. They are mostly service businesses and shops. The research shows there is a boom in the start of beauty salons.
As of March 1999, Fondomicro estimates there were 353,325 small businesses, 19,811 more than in 1998. Of these 216,358 or two-thirds operate in urban areas, including 116, 018 in Santo Domingo and 100,340 in cities in the provinces.

JCE needs good management, not money, says PLD
The Fernández administration will modify the 2000 National Budget to include the additional RD$153 million requested by the Junta Central Electoral, the body in charge of organizing the presidential election. But Technical Secretary of the Presidency, Temístocles Montás says that the government has strong reservations about the managerial capacity of the present judges to successfully complete the process. Montás criticized that the Partido Revolucionario Dominicano senators, majority in Congress, did not take the care to select capable people when they elected a new group of judges to the JCE.

30% more vehicles in circulation this year
Hoy newspaper prints data from the Dirección General de Impuestos Internos on the number of vehicles circulating in the DR. The total number of vehicles is up 30% compared to last year, increasing to 1,459,125 vehicles, up from 1,021,389 in 1998. There has been a 13% increase in accidents so far this year.
The vehicle break down is as follows:
Motorcycles, 771,408
Private cars, 382,712
Cargo vehicles, 190,936
Jeeps, 40,149
Private buses, 28,0967
Heavy machinery, 9,563
Cargo trucks, 9,034
Trailers and tow trucks, 7,056
City taxis, 5,689
Inter-urban taxis, 5,641
Public interurban buses 4,704
Public urban buses, 1,627
Tourist buses, 1,025
Tourist transport vehicles, 865
Ambulances, 413
Freight elevators, 130
Funeral cars, 72

RD$9,000 million in circulation
The government paid out RD$1,400 million in Christmas bonus checks yesterday. Some 300,000 checks were issued to comply with the Christmas salary requirement. This is up from RD$1,150 million in 1998. Private sector annual bonus and Christmas salary checks are expected to inject RD$9,000 million into the economy this month.

Sunday Juan Luís Guerra concert not going
El Siglo newspaper reports that Juan Luís Guerra chose not to present the Sunday show as initially had been said. Guerra and 4-40 will go on stage at the 5,000-seat Altos de Chavón amphitheater in La Romana on Saturday, in a benefit. The tickets, costing RD$3,500 and RD$550 quickly sold out. Some tickets for the Saturday evening concert are still available at some tour operators that offer a transport and ticket package for RD$850.

Christmas in the Colonial City
"Navidad 99" is the celebration of Christmas organized by the Ayuntamiento de Santo Domingo (city municipality), Secretaría de Turismo (ministry of tourism), Comisión de Monumentos (historic monuments commission), Oficina de Patrimonio Cultural (office of cultural heritage), and the Patronato de la Ciudad Colonial (board of the colonial city).
Activities start today, Wednesday, 1 December and continue all month long. Most of the events take place at the Parque Colón (Isabel la Católica corner Conde), the Patronato de la Ciudad Colonial (Isabel la Católica 103) or the Palacio Consistorial (Arz. Meriño corner Conde), Cathedral of Santo Domingo (Arz. Meriño corner Arz. Nouel), Capilla de los Remedios (Calle Las Damas corner Mercedes).
The schedule for the next two days is as follows:

Tuesday, 14 December
8 pm. Vinicio Franco in concert sponsored by the Municipality of Santo Domingo. Parque Colon.
9 pm. Christmas Festival. Soprano Ivonne Haza concert. Palacio Consistorial.

Wednesday, 15 December
6 pm. Christmas Sunsets. Christmas Music Concert by the choir of the Central Bank. Parque Colón.
8 pm. Performance of the Folklore Ballet of the Municipality of Santo Domingo. Parque Colón.
8 pm. Convento de los Dominicos. Christmas music concert by the National Choir.
9 pm. Concert for piano and violin. Olga Voigt and Zvedana de Tavar, Palacio Consistorial.

Winter baseball games and standing
Tuesday, 14 December 1999
Santo Domingo: Estrellas vs. Licey
Santiago: Pollos vs. Aguilas

Team standing as of Monday, 13 December 1999:
Leones del Escogido 21-13 (.618)
Aguilas Cibaeñas 21-14 (.600) ­0.5 game
Estrellas Orientales 17-19 (.472) ­5 games
Tigres del Licey 15-20 (.429), -6.5 games
Pollos del Cibao 13-21 (.382) ­8 games

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