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Residencial El Candil

Rating: Excellent Phone: (809) 523 42 52 Website:
Location: Southeast Coast Fax: (809) 523 42 32 E-Mail: [email protected]
City: Boca Chica Contact: Petteri Yliniitty Value for money: Average
Food: Average Decor: Average Service: Average
Cosy and beautiful residence with swimming pool and snack bar, composed of 24 fully equipped apartments with kitchinette, living, bedroom, balcony, a/c, cable-tv, fridge, telephone. Just a 5 min from the beach

Really nice and clean residence with kind personal, Spanish, English, French, Italian, French and Finnish are spoken !!
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 12/12/2000



The Candil was spendid...40 a night and 2 blocks from the beach! My Dominihaitian companion and i cooked danced swam made friends with neighbors had a always ..down on the strip fun and entertaining...we danced at night on the beach midnight.....during the day aggressive selling of items..(but hey that is there living) The candil has a store across from it and drivers available motorcycles to rent ...We loved it and going back in a week....
Author: Bret Tower Posted at 13:43 07/5/2011
The mosquito problem should be expected when you are in a developing, economically struggling country. When I was there earlier this yea, I stayed at a place in Boca Chica called International Milan. It too, had a mosquito problem. I couldn't have made it without my Raid and Off that i'd brought along. With those tough new security measures now, I hope I'll be able to carry more back with me when I go back in early September. Shopping for the stuff there would be too much of a hassle.
As for Cayla, stay in the suburbs baby, you're not ready for the real world. Just like anywhere else in the world, it's as safe or as dangerous as you make it.
True, a lot of people there are poor, but, Cayla, you didn't go to the suburbs and see that many of them are rich as hell and live better than a lot of Americans. And I don't think they want to be poor on purpose.
Author: Robo Posted at 12:26 08/19/2006
I basically agree with almost everything said in the reviews above mine. El Candil is a really pretty hotel that offers great service. I'll point out 2 things that were not pointed out in the other reviews. 1. El Candil has a major mosquito problem compared to another hotel I stayed at in Boca Chica! I woke up each morning with 5 or so new bites and killed about 3 a day in my hotel room. The "open air" layout of the hotel probably contributes to this problem. 2. After it gets dark, the entrance to the hotel is gated and locked. An on-duty guard at night must let you in and out at night. So regardless of what goes on at night around the hotel, it offers a comforting level of security.
Author: Andrew Posted at 14:47 05/24/2006
El Candil is one of the best hotel/apt in Boca Chica. The prices are great and there is free transfer from and to the airport. The whole staff is polite and courteous. Of course the Prostitution is Mal and there are a lot of Masajes (Massage Parlors ;), but if you are single this is the place to go. Don't walk around drunk at Night!! Learn Spanish because none of the locals speak english and the ones that do are Deportes from the U.S. For more info shoot me an e-mail.
Author: Ricardo Posted at 11:55 07/1/2004
El Candil is the best deal in Boca Chica! For anyone who has traveled, this is the place to stay. It is clean and air-conditioned, has a quaint little bar/dining area in the courtyard next to the sparkling clean pool, is 5 min. from the beach, shops, restaurants, bus stops, etc. And it is inexpensive!Sure, the prostitution is bad, but in no way did we ever feel unsafe. The nightlife isn't the greatest, but the people-watching is. The buses to Santo Domingo are safe, efficient, and air-conditioned. The people are very helpful. Also, El Candil has several drivers who are nice guys and will take you anywhere you want to go, wait for you, and bring you back safely. Hector was our favorite. I have referred El Candil to several other people who have gone and loved it. We will stay there every visit we make to Boca Chica. For any other info, e-mail me.
Author: Dale Posted at 23:22 04/21/2002
The hotel itself was nice, clean and comfortable but be prepared when you step outside the gate. The neighborhood is not one I felt safe walking around in with my husband and (girl)friend. The people of Boca Chica are serverely poor, some are nice but others are hostile. If you decide to take on this adventure make sure you watch your money, they will try and trick you into paying double at the local resturants and bars. They are not very sincerely happy to have American tourists there. Prostitution is big and the nightlife is quit scary...we ended up avoiding it all together. Don't take the bus into Santo Domingo unless you are brave and fluent in spanish. Overall we had a nice time, but I would not go back. There are too many other beautiful beaches in the world where you are more welcome and more safe. Good Luck.
PS If you do decide to go to Boca Chica and want a tour guide to keep you safe and show you around, we met a man who was so helpful to us...he protected us and made our trip worth it. Email me for his contact information.
Author: cayla Posted at 23:29 03/11/2002

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