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Coral Costa Caribe

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City: Juan Dolio Contact: Value for money: Average
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Self contained all inclusive hotel complex. Restaurants, snack barrs and bars spread over the complex all on the beach.

Overall this is an excellent hotel to stay. The quality is high throughout including fully air conditioned rooms. Staff are very helpful from the cleaners to the managers and any problems were sorted promptly. The only complaint would be the ala carte restaurants were a let down and need to be improved. The food is American based but very well presented. The beech areas are well kept and there are plenty of sunbeds to go round.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 12/12/2000



I recently stayed at the Coral Costa Caribe Resort. Although I have several gripes, overall my stay was pleasant. The floors were dirty. The shower seldomly had hot water. The food was adequate. The staff was very friendly and helpful. There was plenty of activities for a weekend trip including Spa and live entertainment. For the small price I paid, I would stay there again.
Author: Martin Posted at 6:47 07/1/2008
In response to Anna's remark I would like to point out a few things. DO NOT go to a foreign country and expect them to speak your language fluently, perhaps a better idea would be to learn a few spanish phrases of your own. Also, if you are not able to deal with less comfort than you are used to, do some research on the region you plan to visit. The DR has nationwide electric problems, not just this hotel. Many hotels do not change the beds daily without request to conserve water. Other than that, enjoy the culture for what it is instead of what it may be lacking in your eyes.
Author: Ki Posted at 14:39 08/19/2004
By far, this is not a 4 star hotel. I will give it 2 stars because I feel generous this morning. Our week there: Arrived at 2pm, room was supposed to be ready by 3pm.. didnt get room until 7pm, got to room, electric in our room flashed on and off every hour through out the night, our toilet wouldn't flush, our keys wouldn't work in the door and we kept having to go and get them re programmed at the front desk, TV would go on and off by itself, no english channels, food was so so.. buffet was horrible, mexican restaurant was good (had to make reservations), none of the staff spoke much english, at every seating for meals it was like pulling teeth to get simple things from the staff like a napkin or fork or water, service was horrible, snorkling was so so, horseback riding: horses were about 95 years old and not well taken care of (Very sad), my horse was so old he kept tripping over himself and almost threw me off a dozen times, room would sometimes not be cleaned until 7pm, had to ask for towels to shower a dozen times, staff never changed our bedding even if it was requested, And SO MUCH MORE that I forget.... in other words, this is not a 4 star hotel as they may want u to believe. How Hilton puts his name on this hotel is beyond me. SHAME ON HIM.
Author: Anna Posted at 13:33 02/28/2004
My review is great for this hotel. This was my 6th stay at the hotel and I can't say enough. Friendly staff, great food and great drinks. Lots of friendly europeans and lots of friendly locals. The only thing negative (and very minor) is that don't stay there long because you will run out of activities to do..I give it 4 stars.
Author: Emil Posted at 12:24 12/24/2003
We stayed there in early October and thought it was great!!!!!!!!!! Some veterans of all inclusives may prefer the Hilton Canoe 2 hours to the west.
Author: John Posted at 17:07 11/16/2003

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