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Santana Beach Resort

Rating: Excellent Phone: 809 412 10 10 Website:
Location: Southeast Coast Fax: E-Mail: [email protected]
City: La romana Contact: Value for money: Average
Food: Average Decor: Average Service: Average
The resort has

We were at Santana Beach Resort in La Romana last december. We went with some friends and we had a really good time. The flight from Madrid to Santo Domingo Airport is a tedious because it is very long, besides seats on the airplane are not so confortable. The hotel is very nice, it has a Gorgeous lobby and the facilities and setting are really fantastic. Rooms are spacious and with 2 queen size beds, whow!! Buffet food was really good and varied, besides on wednesday and friday we had a kind of special dinner that they call Gala dinner. Thematic restaurants were also very good although some more decoration in the walls ans less powerfull lights would be better Entertaintment was also good and the staff was very acommodating and smily. The beach was not as good as Punta cana but it was not bad as it is similar to some beaches in Puerto Plata. Really we enjoyed a very good vacation!!! Roser - December 2000
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 12/12/2000



I went to the Santana Beach last April 2007 without looking into it. I just heard it was a beautiful resort and thats all. After I booked it, I looked it up on the net and heard that there was lots of mosquitos and bees on the beach and that they didn't have a nice beach. I told the travel agent that we wanted to change our hotel beacause of the beach and the bees there and he had comfirmed me that there was no such thing and I believed him! We got there to the resort and I might add it was the most beautiful resort I have been to yet just beautiful garden and lobby and love the lobby bar the pool area was huge and beautiful couldn't complain. When I saw the place I said I am glad we didn't change hotels but my story gets worse! The rooms were beautiful and big and we enjoyed the meals not bad. But then as we hit the beach oh my lordy wasp or bees were all over the place near the trees I couldn't take it they were always there and the beach was so mudy and seaweed and murky a very bad beach I had ever seen compared to Punta Cana beaches. So we would never go to the beach and stayed our whole stay at the pool and I am a beach lover so I wasn't a happy person! To make my vacation worse then the mosquitos came on in couple days of my stay no joke from my toes to my head was covered in mosquito bites and so huge and they would itch and burn that I had people come up to me and ask what happened to you not everybody had mosquitos on them I guess they only like a certain blood type which happened to be mine I have pics to prove it I saw the doc there and he gave me creams and a needle for the pain I hated the vacation and I will never go back there ever! I had people that were like me there covered in them say that they will never come back either so alot of people had that problem with the mosquitos all over them covered and some didn't even have one bite like my husband I even tried using nothing with perfumes or lotions or hair product and lot s of mosquito spray and nothing would work! I have been all over the carribean and not once did I get like this ever but in La Romana and never agian plus there is nothing to do outside the resort everthing so far away not one clean beach around so we had to take a trip to the Island an hour away to see a nice beach for the whole day! So ya its not a place for me.
Author: nadia ottawa Posted at 13:09 02/1/2008
Author: ERIC Posted at 8:38 01/20/2007
Just returned from a 7 day all inclusive from Santana Beach Resort.
I must admit that this resort is more a 4.5 close to a 5. I was amazed at the grounds; flowers, structures and the entire surroundings were breath taking.

The pool area is also very pretty and plenty of room for those who would rather stay close to the bars.

The food was very good, but must agree on the restaurant quality. The choices of foods on the menu are limited, and paying an extra 30 US for an 8 oz steak, is not an alternative for me. But the buffet can accommodate all types of taste and is very good.

The beach area is very clean, but if you are into body surfing or in big waves, you will be disappointed, although very murky, the water is a nice place to swim around and enjoy the tranquility of it all. You will not have to wake up at 5 am for a chair, plenty to accommodate every one.

The resort personnel are very nice and very helpful. The night shows are very well put together, and the costumes are out of this world. Overall, I would strongly recommend this resort, we had a wonderful experience.
Author: Luc Page Posted at 9:06 02/18/2006
Author: jessica roland Posted at 16:27 08/16/2005
May 29th thru June 5th 2005
The resort is very well maintained and the staff were wonderful, especially "Andy". I was impressed with the dedication of the staff who did their utmost to make sure everything was to our satisfaction. I went with a single girlfriend and unfortunately there wasn't one single man to be found! The most disappointing thing about this resort is a very ugly dirty beach, unlike the beach in Punta Cana which I have been to 6 times. It is such a shame because if the beach wasn't so terrible it would be a nice place to go. The entertainment was mediocre but they work so hard to put on the best show possible. It is the same dancers every evening. The disco is not worth the effort. I would not return and I definitely would not recommend this resort, but then again I am a beach person so if you are content to enjoy the resort and you are looking for a relaxing vacation it might be okay. Remember though it is a 3 hours drive from the airport!!! The food was good.
Author: Carol from Montreal Posted at 21:58 07/5/2005
I just returned from Santana Beach Resort on 7/1/05. The grounds and pool are great. I was disapointed in the beach water. It was not as clean as represented. However, it was great for sunning and relaxing. The staff worked really hard to keep the guests comfortable and engaged. Good choice of afternoon activities. They were all pleasant. The food could be better. We had to pick and choose over the buffet. No beverages other than water and wine were served in restaurants. Many evenings they were out of our choice. The presentation was good, but the taste was something different. The snack bar lunch was satisfying. The resort should check the refrigeration of the food to make sure that it is more than adequate. Not enough evening activities for the children, since the pool closes at 7 pm. Overall the week was good and relaxing. Would only return if the food situation improves.
Author: Sample Posted at 17:34 07/4/2005
I just got back from Santana Beach Resort about four days ago and I had an amazing time! The mexican restaurant was by far the best restaurant there! The buffet could have been a little bit better....! The staff were great, they had lots of enthusiasm and knew most of the guests by name. The beach wasn't that great, the waters weren't that clear, however, they had an amazing pool which made up for the water on the beach. Overall i had a good time, and i would probably go back to the resort!
Author: Jess Posted at 21:28 05/10/2005
Just came back from the resort and had a good time. Grounds, rooms and public areas well very clean. The 2 open bars provide good service although the pool side bar could a bit cleaner and both use too much grenadine in their mixed drinks.

Food at the main restaurant is of average to low quality. There is a wide selection that provides a lot of choice. The have a selection of local dishes which are worth sampling.

The resort has 4 other restaurants (Chinese, Mexican, Seafood and Italian). We tried the Italian and the Seafood restaurant and they need to improve food quality.

We went on the Monster truck excursion and the Saona boat trip.
Both show you the country side and how the regular folks live. It will make you appreciate coming back home.

Only negative are the moskitoes, (lots of them - take your anti-malaria treatment before you go), the check in clerk at the airport (very, very slow).

Souvenir worth bringing back: rum, coffee, vanilla and larimar jewelry.

Author: PAL (Montreal) Posted at 17:04 01/2/2005
Author: carl palmquist Posted at 10:26 12/7/2004
i just got back from Santana Beach Resort (april 7-april 14). i went with just my mom. i found it amazing. the grounds are beautiful. the pool is hugee! the bar is great too. banana mama, just awesome! basically what i drank all week. i wasnt crazy about the fish or chinese resturants, my mom liked both though. mexican resturant was our favorite! we loved the buffet too. the water wasnt crystal clear but still was great! some clear sky days the water got very crystal clear. the beach was beautiful. the shows at night are always fun. the disco after is fun too i went with some kids my age (14-16). the pizza shop is veryy good! make sure you use a lot of sun protection, the sun is super strong! well enjoy ur trip. i know i did, my moms plannin the next trip back to santana beach! cant wait
Author: Lindsay-new york Posted at 18:25 04/15/2004
feel da breeez of so clean fave funn at this great resort!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Author: un nown Posted at 16:41 01/19/2004
After reading some of the reveiws, I was scared to go, well I am sooooo glad I went. It was beautiful, the staff was wonderful, the rooms were spotless and we always had face clothes and towels (clean), the animation team are great they kept us and the kids well entertained. The gardens and pool area were beautiful, the beach was spotless, the water wasn't the turquios blue colour, but it was still great to swim in. I would also recommend the Sionna Island tour, it was breath taken. I would go back in a minute. You need to give a deposit if you are going to use any of the pool tables, balls etc., you receive your deposit back as soon as you return the items. For the rooms you have to put a the card in for your eletricity to work, I thought it was a great idea, this way our air conditioner is not working over time when we are not in the room, it took seconds for the room to cool down. I wish I was back their now.
Author: Lori Kanas Posted at 14:51 01/15/2004
Just returned from a great week at the Santana Beach Resort. I found the hotel and staff very friendly and hospitable. If you are polite and friendly you will get the same response. That happens in any culture. The food was good not great but I expected that before I left home for a 4* hotel. Good nightly entertainment was there for the kids and adults. We did not waste our time nor money in the casino. The disco was loud for us 'old folks' but we tried a couple of nights to shake our joints about.
Regarding the country - On one of the excursions, our guide told us a bit of the country and the economy and the almost economic ruin that the present government has left the country in. He had high hopes for the upcoming election with Sr Leonel becoming president and leading the country from being almost dependent on the tourist industry to more independent development. The R.D. is a poor country. It is evident. There are conditions that we cannot even begin to think of living in. One week in a very small part of the country and in an all-inclusive resort does not make anyone an expert.
Before leaving, I received this website from a cousin who is planning on living in the R.D. year-round. Prior to arrival I was upset by the extremely negative comments posted here from a fellow Canadian and was worried about my choice of hotels for our vacation. It took a few moments after arrival to realize that he was out to lunch and was not a good visitor to another land. I enjoyed the hotel with all its goods and very few bads (primarily the ocean water quality).

David Stinson
Author: bunsy Posted at 12:16 11/30/2003
I just returned from a week at Santana Beach on Nov 9 2003. We were extremely disapointed with the resort. The resort catered more to the local people that visited the hotel and casino on the weekend then the folks that flew from thousands of miles away to experience the culture, people, and sights of the Dominican. The customer service agents at the front desk were rude, and not in the least bit helpful. Santanas website ( ) did a good job of making us believe that this looked like the place to go. The beach is more like a stone quarry with murky muddy water. the Mosquitoes and other biting creatures on the beach make an evening in the bush in Sudbury seem like a walk in the park. It says on the webpage "15 minutes to La Romana International Airport". Thats is nothing but a Lie. Try 45 minutes through the dirtiest most polluted streets one has ever seen. Santa Domingo 45 minutes? I think not More like 2-3 Hours. There is nothing close to the resort. There is nothing to do on the resort. If you want to leave the resort, the Guards, AKA The TAXI Cartel try to peel the last little peice of green out of your wallet. They want 150 US for a taxi drive to Santa Domingo, 45$ for a drive to La Romana (that town thats supposedly 15 minutes away), 65$ to Boca Chica, 10$ to San Pedro. San Pedro was the best deal, but unfortunately an absolutely insanely dirty polluted slum of a town. Its streets are blue with exhaust smoke. I guess I dont really need to go much further, my point should be well made by now. I was so disgusted with our visit to Santana Beach Hotel and Casino, that I have no intention of ever visiting the Dominican Republic again period. Santans 5 stars should be violently ripped right off there walls and thrown in the toilet.

Other than that the trip was great!
Author: Al Walker Posted at 22:57 11/10/2003
I went to Santana beach resort and I had a great time nice people and good food BUT there were a lot of mosquitos so many that my kids came with byte almost all over their bodies
Author: Victor Posted at 13:35 09/30/2003
I went to Santana Beach with my friends Melissa and we had the best time ever. Thanks to all the animation team (specially Orlando). Every night the show was great and the discotheca was a real pleasure. Hope I come back soon.
Author: Posted at 11:52 04/15/2003
I spent a week at Santana Beach, and I can honestly say that I have never had more fun in my life. I was never bored. Even when we were just sitting around on the beach and relazing I was having a blast. Everyone at the resort was very friendly and always smiling. I agree the food could be a little better but no big complaints. The nightlife was amazing. The bar which runs until 12 am was always full of friendly people that you could strike up a conversation with at any time. At around 11 each night we would all go to the disco which was always a blast with a nice blend of North American and Salsa songs. All in all I would definetly go back in a heartbeat. The resort is definetly worth every penny and I am already looking forward to reurning next year...VIVA EL PRESIDENTE!
Author: Ryan Posted at 15:57 03/20/2002
A feast for the eyes: the gardens are so colorful, varied and very well maintained. The decor of the hotel is in very good taste: wonderful choice of furniture, artwork, etc. I was very impressed with the rooms. The nightly entertainment was great - truly the entertainers put a lot of work into the shows. During the day there's lots to do. My kids tried every single water sport & had a wonderful time. Their only complaint was that there was nothing for them to do at night while the rest of us were at the casino. For the adults there were dance lessons by the pool, contests, black jack lessons also by the pool, fantastic full body massages on the beach, and lots more. Unfortunately, none of us (we were 4) thought the food was very good. We felt it needed to be a little more varied, and that some local ethnic dishes needed to be added - after all, we came from the United States & can get meat & potatoes & broccoli & carrots every day. We wanted to eat some rice & beans, platanos, chicharron, longaniza, queso frito, dulce de leche, sancocho....well, you get the picture. All in all it's a great place and I'd return. I would like to suggest something: there needs to be a different system for registering for certain activities. What I mean is that, if everyone is wearing a plastic band to identify that we are guests, then I don't see why a room key needs to be left in order to participate in certain activities, especially when each family only receives one key (there was one afternoon where I was in the room showering and my kids couldn't play pool because I had the key and they needed it in order to be allowed to play).
Author: Louisa Guzman Posted at 9:46 02/24/2002

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