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Sirenis Cocotal Beach Resort

Rating: Excellent Phone: Website:
Location: Southeast Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: Punta Cana Contact: Value for money: Average
Food: Average Decor: Average Service: Average
4/5 star hotel, All Inclusive Brand New Jan 2001. Everything is spotless. Tennis Courts, Gym On the beach 400 rooms? mexican restaurant/Italian restaurant daytime programme of games etc evening entertainment table tennis/pool table/kids club

This was our 2nd trip to DR, we thought the first was good but the people at this hotel made it even better. It may be that the hotel was not very full when we were there but there were so many staff. Not all of them speak a lot of English -but if you speak a little Spanish it wll help and if the member of staff did not understand - and it happened twice to me, they went and got someone who did. The rooms are beautiful - everything it new, and we had two queen sized beds and a single in our room and there was still plenty of room, The maids did a good job every day. The fridge was restocked every day. The location on the beach is beautiful. But it is islolated , if you want to get away from it all for a quiet holiday then this will suit you. Although it is quiet - when they do the aqua aerobics it gets quite noisy round that end of the pool - although if you want to you can go over the other side as the pool is so long - it snakes round the resort. Or you can go to the beach. There was a very big choice of food - some local type of dishes and lots of meat fish and salad, fruit and cakes. The entertainers were so happy and friendly and they just love their jobs, they will make sure you smile your way through this holiday. The weather was perfect - hot and sunny all the time. except for the heavy rain at night!! just the right time for it. that was in May. I suppose I should warn you that you may get bitten by mozzies or something - although they did have the BIG Chief Mozzy man in to find a solution. So they may have killed them all off soon. Also take any immodium, nurofen, or mozzy cream, sun tan lotion, tampax etc as it is all very expensive there. You will find a complimentary basket of shampoo shower gel, comb, etc, in the bathroom, we didnt use it as we took so much with us, but I imagine they would top it up if you did. Another service they provided was an email address - [email protected] - before I went I had a couple of questions that I sent to them and I had a reply within a couple of hours each time. I found this very helpful.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 12/12/2000



this is a great hotel with fab staff who cares about the customers very good and service we will return there next now we have found a hotel with good service and staff
Author: robert bates Posted at 9:46 10/31/2009
who remebers carlo luiz,,juan carlos and amory from sirenis hotel they are bartenders
Author: beebee Posted at 22:59 11/5/2007
If you want to spend a whole week trying to speak with staff member who are not interested in you, go to this hotel. There were a few exceptions, but the majority of the people who work at this hotel are either mistreated or very very unhappy with their lives. Go somewhere else, I will never go back!!! And I have been to many places including USA, Mexican, Cuban, European, Canadian and other Dominican destinations.....
Author: Debbie Posted at 19:44 06/14/2007
does anyone knows the name of a sirenis theme song?
Author: b Posted at 23:33 05/8/2007
I am seriously considering booking the Sirenis. Just want a completely chilled out and relaxing holiday. Can anybody that has been recently tell me if it is still fantastic
Author: Debbie Ellis Posted at 1:33 01/17/2007
me and my son stayed at the sirenis hotel in punta cana in 2003 and 2005, it was truly gorgeous, paradise on earth. Since i first saw the place it has never left my mind and that is why we are going again in march this year. If i could live there i would. One of the things that i found the best was just being able to walk along the lovely white powdery beach which went on for miles without bumping into anyone. The only bad thig about going is having to leave. Set aside the beauty the staff are very friendly, the food ok but what my son loved was the cocktail 'carribean suprise' which was just what we needed to call down in the hot temperature whilst laying by the pool. I shall always make it a necessity in life to go every few years. The Dominican Republic is a beautiful country, though very poor, it was nice nice to go on the outback safari and meet the local people and see how they live and also to visit the local school, we gave out sweets to the children and gifts and one little boy gave me a paper aeroplane which i will always keep. One of the highlights of our holiday was on a trip to Saona Island which is just a tiny island, we arrived by speed boat which in itself was fantastic and then we arrived to have a buffet waiting, plenty of rum and dancing, we did the trip both times when we went to the dominican and we will dare say do it again when we go back this year. If anyones got the chance to go there then do so, it is worth the money, every penny. see you soon 'Sirenis'......cant wait!
Author: kerry and stevie barber Posted at 9:01 01/11/2007
which carlos where you talking about,juan carlos the bartender,or just carlos the waiter
Author: MAXINE Posted at 18:27 11/25/2006
i am going to the sirenis with my girlfriend in October a bit worried about the bad reviews. Has anybody been there in the last couple of Months with anything good to say about it. Please let me know
Author: adam Posted at 15:19 08/15/2006
We went to Sirenis Hotel 3 years ago and it'll always be the best! We also went recently to cuba and it was not the same. Sirenis hotel was awesome! We sure did make the best of our holiday!
Author: ANITA.S Posted at 14:40 08/6/2006
Author: anita Posted at 19:17 08/28/2005
my boyfriend and i are going to the sirenis in november to get married, could anyone give us any info on weddings seen there or if you have had one threre yourself... bit concerned by the bad reports... thanx x
Author: bronia Posted at 16:57 05/31/2005
Hi could anyone that has visited the Sirenis cocotal beach resort punta cana this year 2005 E-mail me with your overall coments, thank you for your time I will reply to all e-mails i receive thanks hope to here from you soon.
Author: glynn Posted at 14:39 05/7/2005
me and my boyfriend were at sirenis in aug 2004 and loved it to pieces, i have one problem, the MC guy Ricky i think who also does the beach aerobics in the morning played a song every day for the aerobics which 6 mnths later is still stuck in my head, i have tried on numerous forums to find out the name of this song, its on English and is sung by a guy and is a dancy song the only words i can remember go like "inside da da da outside da da da" can anyone help me?
Author: Laura Posted at 12:09 03/20/2005
I and my wife will arriving in a few days. We have 7 children under the age of 12. Don't worry-they're staying home with my sister inlaw who is about to be elevated to sainthood for her selfless action.
I'm from Canada. where the 2nd language we learn is French, which I think on the whole is silly as Spanish is the ascending language in North America. French may be gone from Canada in a few generations as French-Canadians aren't producing enough offspring to ensure the continuence of their race and culture.
Anyway, I'm completely without Spanish, other than "casa da pepe?" which might come in handy on occasion now that I think of it, and internationally recognized body language and gestures. I anticipate using a lot of facial inflection to get what I want as I don't even know the Spanish word for "water" let alone "plugged toilet" or "fire".
I've not been to the tropics let alone this resort but I've already taken a liking to all the staff now that I've read of them and I continue to despise those in Canada who insist on teaching (lets be honest) a dying language as far as North America's concerned as a required 2nd language in place of Spanish, which is the only realistic 2nd language to be teaching. So, for instance, when I'm served a broiled tennis shoe covered in a white-wine sauce instead of steamed mussels as thought to be odered at one of the restaurants, I'll be expecting assistance from other English speaking people who come from countries with a more realistic attitude towards some aspects of public education. As can be attested by this blurb, you may be sorry should you initiate a conversation with me. I'm long-winded and tangental conversational patterns for me are the "norm".
Author: Andrew Mead Posted at 15:35 02/27/2005

No matter how nice a place is, its the people and staff that make it the best. The staff at Sirenis Cocotal are the nicest, kindest, and friendliest people I've ever met. They will do anything for you, and expect little in return. We treated them well with gifts and tips. The resort is emmaculately clean, the food is always hot and fresh, the drinks are made right before your eyes and they aren't stingy on the alcohol. The beach is breezy, which helps make hot days on the beach more enjoyable instead of muggy and sweaty. Water is perfect to swim in...not as much waves as the Secret resort. Kayaking is awesome, along with 4-wheeling and the Snorkling trip. Evening shows and discos are amazing. We will definelty be back. Well worth the cost. For those of you who complain, maybe you have good reason. But remember, it is the Domincan Republic and there are some luxuries of home that don't exist here. If you look for something to complain about, you will find it. We were worried about the bad reviews aswell, but we found no cause for concern. This resort is an excellent place for families. I had the time of my life. Don't pass Sirenis Cocotal up! You'll regret it.
Author: Bryan Posted at 13:22 02/26/2005
I am travelling to the Sirenis on the 2nd may 2005 with my partner and outr three children,I have heard a lot of bad reviews. Can any one PLEASE give me some good ones????????????
Author: carolanne millis Posted at 12:10 02/21/2005
We are meant to be going to the Sirenis for New Year, with our two young daughters, but are conserned by some of the reports we have read about the condition of the hotel since the hurricane. Has anybody visited since, and if so I would really appreciate if you could advise us on the state of play over there.

Many thanks
Author: lynne & les higham Posted at 10:56 10/21/2004
mr biglo says no no no
Author: mr biglo Posted at 13:50 10/2/2004
I am visting the Sirenis Cocotal in March 2005. I do not know anything about it. Would someone please email me with comments and facts about food, activities, weather, etc.. I would greatly appreciate it. Thankyou so much.
Author: Kimberly Posted at 8:11 10/1/2004
we went to tropical suits resort which is the same place .the food was good the beach was great and the people were great to . we're going back again next year its a good place to kick back and relax.
Author: tim Posted at 18:03 09/17/2004
Author: Sara Posted at 18:16 08/21/2004
Hi All

I am booked to go the middle two weeks of Dec 04, Has anybody been this time. What was the weather like ? ans is it busy then. reading all the reviews sound like a great place have you any pictures to share any help would be apreciated.
Author: Chris Posted at 8:31 07/7/2004
hi im wondering if anyone thats visited the sirenis cocotal have seen a wedding taking place on thier visit, or if anyone had thier wedding there. we are getting married there in may 05 and just needed advice on anything that we might need to know, id be greatful for anyones help, thanks.
Author: maxine Posted at 4:25 06/18/2004
hey just wunderin if anyone could tell me if carlos the waiter is still at the sirenis cus im goin back and id like to see him again
Author: Kayley Posted at 12:09 06/10/2004
Hello there, I am booked in to the sirenis Cocotal for Aug of this year, could some one send me the e-mail address so i can ask a few questions.

Author: Ceara Rooney Posted at 7:52 05/6/2004
Hello there, I am booked in to the sirenis Cocotal for Aug of this year, could some one send me the e-mail address so i can ask a few questions.

Author: Ceara Rooney Posted at 7:52 05/6/2004
Hello there, I am booked in to the sirenis Cocotal for Aug of this year, could some one send me the e-mail address so i can ask a few questions.

Author: Ceara Rooney Posted at 7:52 05/6/2004
Hello there, I am booked in to the sirenis Cocotal for Aug of this year, could some one send me the e-mail address so i can ask a few questions.

Author: Ceara Rooney Posted at 7:52 05/6/2004
Hello there, I am booked in to the sirenis Cocotal for Aug of this year, could some one send me the e-mail address so i can ask a few questions.

Author: Ceara Rooney Posted at 7:52 05/6/2004
Hello there, I am booked in to the sirenis Cocotal for Aug of this year, could some one send me the e-mail address so i can ask a few questions.

Author: Ceara Rooney Posted at 7:52 05/6/2004
we are going to the serenis over xmas 2004 i wonder if anyone has any pics they wouldnt mind sharing with me, many thanks
Author: andy Posted at 19:42 03/21/2004
My boyfriend and I are leaving for Sirenis for 1 week from April 4th to the 11th . Has anyone traveled during the month of April? What was the general weather like. Any suggestions before we go?

Author: Tania Posted at 18:11 03/19/2004
first time to the dominican, we are going over xmas and new year, meet us at the bar lets have a party
Author: andy and family Posted at 12:58 03/14/2004
We first visited the Sirenis in May 2001 and are going back this February. I must just point out at this stage that this is extremely unusual for us! Even if we have been somewhere good, we still like to move on when we travel and experience new things.
The Sirenis is great for couples like us- still in the twenties but over the clubbing days (usually!) The nightlife isn't going to set the world alight, no, but if you want somewhere clean, hot, friendly with very good to occasionally fair food at the price you pay, then this is great.
We never had any problems with the rooms at all apart from little black ants- which one would expect in a Caribbean country!! Easy enough to avoid- just don't leave shoes on the floor- leave them in your case in put them in the wardrobe!!
The surrounding gardens, grounds etc were of an exceptionally high quality and the Dominican Monster Truck excursion is an absolute must if you want to meet real Dominican families and don't mind being bounced around a bit!!
Am really hoping when we go back that Felix, Jordan, Andres, Hector and Mercedes are still there- all of the animacion team work INCREDIBLY hard!! Enjoy if you go- I really, really can't wait!
Author: kate and kev Posted at 15:04 01/16/2004
We are going to DR in July/August and wish to here from anyone who has been within these months. Does the complex have washing machines and iron and ironing boards. Are there shops on site etc. What is the weather like
Author: Jackie And Pete Baigent Posted at 12:49 01/11/2004
first class holiday. only trouble is we dont want to go anywhere else my family loved it .sum it up in one word. FANTASTIC.
Author: steve Posted at 11:07 12/30/2003
Hi Looking to go at the end of December... what will the weather be like?? Thanks Jennie

Author: Jennie Posted at 12:25 11/14/2003
My husband and I and two other couples are going to Sirenis Cocotal Beach Resort. We are really looking forward to it. All the infomation here is very helpful, thankyou. We are leaving Oct 18/03.
Author: Debbie Posted at 13:53 10/13/2003
my partner and i and our two daughters aged 9 and 7 spent three weeks here in august 2001. everything was fantastic! the food, the entertainment team, rooms, pool and beach were amazing. we would recommend this hotel to anyone looking for a stress free holiday.
Author: kinnens Posted at 15:42 10/8/2003
hi just wondering if anyone about 13-16 is going out in october half term of this year i will see you there look foward to hearing from you
Author: adam Posted at 16:26 09/6/2003
hi im goin out to the hotel in october 03 i wonder in anyone could send me a few pics of the resort or info on the rooms thanks alot
Author: adam Posted at 16:25 09/6/2003
My husband and myself went to this resort in June 2002, and had nothing but trouble from the first day that we were there. We also found out the ALL INCLUSIVE doesnt exist after paying for other drinks, we had hassle from the market vendors and shop owners whenever we decided to walk past. Our Airtours rep was useless, after us being there a week she was almost in tears and explaining to us that all she wanted to do was go home... Although the staff were extremely friendly and polite towards us. The beach toilets were constantly blocked, which resulted in an awful smell round the pool cafe. We stayed at this resort for 14 nights from the first night we had a leak in the bathroom cieling above the toilet, we complained about this to the management... this was then fixed 10 into our holiday???!!!! I would advise anyone going on this holiday to this resort, to be careful, take extra cash, and be prepared to stand your ground when complaining to reps or management. Dont let them have their way or patronise you in any way. I am still in contact with airtours about my holiday from a year ago, and I am prepared to caarry on until my point has been made.
Author: Michelle Ledger Posted at 13:51 08/25/2003
Be aware that excursion to Saona Island - NO life jackets on catamaran on return journey. They will also take you on trip REGARDLESS of weather !!
Author: Lillian and Billy Posted at 17:40 07/14/2003
I just booked to go to sirenis for 12th nov, have read all the comments mostly good am really looking forward to it. Has anyone been in nov? if so was it sunny, bit worried about it raining although i know it near the end of their huricane season. also bit concerned about the bar closing times, it says in the brochure for this year that it has a 24 hr bar does not mention its only the disco that is open until 2am?? anyone with any more info please write back.
Author: ursh Posted at 10:10 06/22/2003
We were there in April
Had a wonderful time.
3 days of clouds with off and on rain, sometimes heavy but 4 days of sun. Snorkeling was exceptional. Go out to the ropes where the bouy markers are and follow the edge of the reef. You'll see all the fish you want. Some nice coral too. Water was a little cooler than I hoped for but not bad. Played lots of volleyball too. Many international folks and endless beautiful beaches. Palm trees are incedible and add to the island charm. Resort is a bit out of the way but very nice. Typical buffet food. Take Peto Bismol for possible stomach upset. DON'T drink the water.
Author: Rick & Cianne Posted at 19:08 06/6/2003
Author: JACKY Posted at 5:50 05/19/2003
going on the 26th may 3rd visit to the dm pretty mixed comments cant speak spanish so hope thats not to much of a problem
Author: f guy Posted at 6:55 05/2/2003
Hi...any feedback on the children's programs? We have a 2 & 4 year old & looking to keep them busy (while we do nothing!!) Hope to hear back from someone...we are looking to book on Monday!
Author: Kelly Steeves Posted at 15:48 03/22/2003
Hey! I'm heading down there for a week of R&R...It's my first time in DR and I can't wait ! After reading all these terrific comments, I'm bound to have one heck of a time! I'm going from March 20-27...if you want to drop by and say Hola to this single gal, it'll be my pleasure to say Hola back !
Author: Estelle Posted at 13:30 03/17/2003
I've read TONS of reviews of the Sirenis resort...most were pleasant reviews and were from a variety of individuals...couples, singles, familes, etc. My boyfriend and I are looking to go there in June,2003. Our only concern is that the resort is referred to as a family resort w/lots of children. We love children and hope to have some ourselves one day...but for our first vacation together, we would prefer it to be more relaxing. Could someone please give me some more information on the resort regarding how children are kept at this resort? Are there specific areas that singles w/no children can go to relax w/o the distraction of children running around, screaming, etc.? Thanks in advance for any assistance anyone could give me.
Author: knblandford Posted at 9:51 03/14/2003
Our trip to Sirenis Cocotal Beach Resort was from Feb.28-March7, 2003. We had a great time during our stay. We were on the Tropical Suites side of the resort. We found everyone working at the resort was very friendly except a bartender who was from New York that we found was not very friendly when we tried to order a coffee in spanish and was told to speak english to order because it would be better. The other bartenders were great when we ordered in spanish. The surroundings at he resort was beautiful and the weather was hot and breezy. The buffet food was good. We had buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We also tried 'A La Carte' restaurants which we stood in line to make reservations for. Line up early if you want to eat at 7pm otherwise you may be stuck with dinner at 9pm or 9:30pm. We tried Chinese, Steakhouse and Seafood Restaurants. My favourite was the steakhouse but Ryan's was the seafood. The chinese had a lot of soy sauce in the majority of the dishes. I liked the seafood stuffed mushrooms there. I was disappointed that there weren't as much of the native food to the country. I guess they try to cater to everyone and of course the food is resort food. I would not recommend the seafood restaurant because the seafood left a bad taste in my mouth after eating it. Don't go expecting the restaurants to be gourmet food because it is not the same quality of food that we have in Canada. The food is prepared the best and safe as they can with the selection of food that they have. There are a wide variety of fresh fruit which I had. We did not have any food poisoning or anything. There are plenty of bottled purified water to drink from. I enjoyed trying the different drinks that they had in the evenings. If you want a virgin drink, try the tropical sunrise. We also went on the Bavaro Runners day excursion and it was fun. Our tour guide was a guy named Aeros and he was very entertaining and friendly. If you want to go buy excellent, real cigars go to this excursion. We recommend bringing some insect repellent because we got some black fly bites. We also suggest that you buy your souvenirs at the airport. It is cheaper and there are more selection than the mini souvenir shops at the resort. We recommend this resort if you want a lot of relaxation for a week.
Author: Ryan and Amonnie Posted at 12:46 03/9/2003
Just returned (25/2/2003). What a fantastic place. Wish we were still there. Everybody is so accomodating and the resort truly is paradise. Food excellent, loads of choices for even the fussiest of diets. Beer cold and plentiful. The odd small tip ensures you with a first class service. Definately recommend mosquito repellant!! An excursion must is the Outback Safari. Only possible fault is the location - a good one and a half hour journey from La Romana and not much to do if you fancy a change from the complex except for deserted beaches. That's not really a fault though is it?
Author: Toni & Dale Posted at 9:09 03/4/2003
I'm going to this hotel in march and i am 16 i would like to know if there are a lot of people my age and if there are a lot of hot guys.
Author: mamasita Posted at 11:07 03/1/2003
We are getting married at the Sirenis Cocotal Beach Resort in April 2003 and would like to hear from anyone else who has had/attended a wedding there to find out what we can expect!
Author: Sherrylynn&Grant Posted at 15:46 02/22/2003
Just came back from Sirenis Tropical on Feb. 8, 2003. My family and I had the best time. The resort is really geared towards the family. My kids, aged 12 & 9 loved it. Would definately consider returning next year.
Author: Paul & Family Posted at 17:52 02/11/2003
I`m going out there for a fortnight at the end of March with my wife to be (Catherine) on our honeymoon.
Most of the comments are very complimentary of the resort
Can`t wait to get out there.

See you all by the pool !!!
Author: Greg from Llanelli (S.Wales) Posted at 6:35 01/30/2003
A real mixed bag of reviews - intrigued! We are going for a fortnight in March too - see you by the pool bar Melanie!
Author: Michelle from London Posted at 9:00 01/27/2003
Sound fabulous...can't wait to arrive in March 2003. However, am a bit confused on the food quality as some love and some hate...similarily with drinks..too strong - too weak???
Will find out.
Author: melanie from Winnipeg Posted at 1:01 01/25/2003
i looked at this site before i went to sirenis cocotal, and having now been there it is interesting to see other people's views.
my husband and i went there for our honeymoon and really enjoyed it. the staff are friendly, but it definitely helps to know basic spanish. the food was fantastic, but whatever we precautions we took, we still ended up with dodgy stomachs weeks after we came back! take plenty of immodium with you is all i can say! but if you are staying near the merengue theatre, don't expect to get to sleep before midnight as it is VERY LOUD and annoying.
saw some amazing animals, like tarantulas, coyotes, peacocks and flamingoes. everywhere is very laid back but sometimes a little too much, especially on the beach where fat orange ladies read jackie collins novels and got pissed. they kept leaving their cocktail glasses on the sand and i trod on one and cut my foot - this put me off the beach. the pool areas are great, especially the bit behind the towel hut on the left. hardly anyone went round there so it was child-free and quiet.
we didn't go on any excursions as we couldn't afford it, and we only went for a week so this was fine, but if you go for 2 weeks you might go stir crazy with nothing to do.
one last thing - remember to take a bottle-opener with you as you get free sprite and coke in your minibar and nothing to open them with! husband chipped a tooth trying to be manly.
by the way, if you travel back with mytravel and have to stop at montego bay, remember to take some food and drink with you! it is a helluva long journey from the hotel to laromana, then laromana to montego bay, then we had to wait a couple of hours before re-boarding, then 9.5 hours back to gatwick. but take some sleeping tablets and you'll be ok!
Author: Nancy and James Posted at 12:53 01/6/2003
Interesting reading about your stays in Sirenis Cocotal. Can any of you guys tell me if they provide Beach Towels - seems a silly request - if they do it will be a relief for me any my case.
Author: Jean Saunders Posted at 18:53 11/7/2002
My sister and I had an amazing vacation in the DR and staying at the Sirenis Cocotal Beach Resort made our stay even better. We went in mid-September. It was our first visit and we didn't want to leave and now we want to go back!

I must admit that the transfer from the airport to hotel was pretty long. We were already told that this hotel was very secluded. And it is. Our first impression of the hotel was that it was very spacious, clean and that it has a very nice appearance from the inside and out. Upon arrival, we were quickly greeted by the staff who gave us fruit juice while we waited to check into our room. We were kindly brought to our room and soon after a bellboy followed with our luggage.

TIP #1: Some of the staff do speak English, however, I found that it is beneficial to learn to speak a little Spanish before arrival. Once the staff members knew that my sister spoke a little spanish, they were even more friendlier towards us. I did pick up a few phrases while we were there, but I would have liked to have learnt some before I went. I guess it's impressive and it does help with communication.

TIP #2: The black plastic card that is attached to your keys/keychain is for controlling your lights and air conditioning. There is a spot for you to place this in on the wall when enter your room. Conveniently, the receptionist who showed us our room already put a card in there for us so we didn't have to do anything.

I wasn't very impressed with the food. Overall, I thought the food was ok, but it could improve some more. I was hoping for more variety and fresh seafood. The fresh fruits were very good, but then again, I was looking for more variety in the exotic fruits. The mangoes are very good. Once again, I was looking forward to drinking fresh fruit juices, however, the juices tasted pretty artifical. I ended up drinking bottled "agua" the entire time there. There is also the "a la carte" dinners: Spanish, Mexician and Italian restaurants. We tried the Spanish dinner. It was pretty good.
The alcoholic beverages - I found them pretty strong for my liking. As watching the bartenders mixing the cocktails and seeing that the alcohol to juice ratio was like 60% to 40% (maybe a little exaggerated), but it was pretty strong. To each is his/her own, so if you like your drinks strong then the drinks are perfect for you, in my opinion. They do customize, so if you like more/less alcohol they can do that for you. It does get awfully hot sitting at the bar in front lobby so the drinks do get warm very quickly. A cocktail I enjoyed was Banana Mama. The local beer "Presidente" was good and a Shandy (beer + sprite) was even better for me.

POOL & BEACH: ****
The pool area is very big. The pool area near the poolside bar usually holds events such as water volleyball and water aerobics. Aerobics was very good and it was taught by Angel who is a very fit instructurer.
The beach area was very nice and the water very beautiful. The sand is not very smooth as there are a lot of palm trees everywhere so twigs are embedded in the sand. Overall, very enjoyable and relaxing.

TIP #3: If you are planning to play beach volleyball in the late afternoon, I suggest that you make sure you put on a lot of insect repellent. **There are a lot of mosquitoes!**

There are a lot of things to do - snorkelling, kayaking, wind surfing, scuba lessons in the pool, water aerobics, volleyball (beach & pool) and much more. The animation crew also initiates activities throughout the day, such as Spanish lesson, Merengue lessons (my favourite), ring toss, olymics and water olymics, darts, bingo and much much more. I encourage you to participate in these activities as you will have lots of fun and you will be able to meet other tourists as well. There are also many excurisions that your reps can tell you about. We went on these three: Santo Domingo, Monster Trucks and Marinarium (swimming with the sharks). All three were very good and lots of fun!

STAFF: *****
The staff at this hotel were absolutely wonderful! They were all so nice. The animation crew made our trip even better!

The following is a list of the crew members who made a lasting impression with us (and I'm sure they will with you too):
The Animation Crew: they all made sure you that you weren't bored.
The energetic Andres - he is so active and funny. He will make you laugh and enjoy your stay. He is so friendly that you just can't help to smile everytime you see him!
The ever nice Antonio -he was the first one who welcomed us to the hotel and made an effort to come see us frequently throughout each day to ask us "Is everything ok?"
The sweet and kind Angelica -she is the BEST, she is genuinely sweet, friendly and very nice. She is so good with the kids.
The "boxing style" dancing queen Ketty - very nice and friendly. She taught us how to dance the Merengue and she is a very good dancer.
The electric dancer Roberto -you will remember him because he is an absolutely amazing dancer with a very huge smile on his face.
The friendly Alex -he is always smiling and coming around to see how you are doing. He is extremely nice.
The "" MC guy Ricky -he does a very good job at the nightly entertainment shows and he is very funny.
The cute and innocent Jonathon -he is so sweet and nice. He was just starting his first day on our last day on the resort. But he fits in very well.
The well-spoken-English Maxi -he is very sweet and nice.

There were also very nice waiters & waitresses (especially Novas & Confessor) and bartenders (Fernando & Fransico). They were all very helpful and nice.

TIP #4: For all the ladies out there, BEWARE if you are single. The male staff members will be EXTREMELY friendly to you. You will not have a dull moment, as you will be constantly approached by someone asking if you need anything or whether you are ok. They will try to sweet talk you in any way possible. Are they trying to get into your pants? Maybe. Or are they just extra friendly? Maybe. I guess just use your own discretion!

The nightly entertainment was good and sometimes very funny. Some nights were better than others. We got to see the Michael Jackson show the first night we got there and it was excellent. They did a really good job in preparing this! And then there was the Sister Act, which was a little dry as a few audience members just didn't stay to watch to the end. They also have shows where they have the audience participate, which I thought was really good and very funny. So beware, you may be the next Mr. or Miss Sirenis. After every show, they will play the Sirenis Hotel theme song ("Happy are the times when you stay at the Sirenis Hotel....") and they bring volunteers up to dance with them. This is quite fun and entertaining - both participating and watching!

I was very disappointed to see that not very many people came out to the disco at night. It might have just been the group that we were with at the time we stayed there, but the disco was relatively empty the nights we went. The doors usualy opened anywhere between 11-11:30 pm (after the nightly entertainment shows). The first night we went here we thought that the crowd would pick up, but it never did. It was very boring and quite awkward with small groups gawking at you from a distance. This is the only place on the resort that you can buy your alcoholic drinks after the other bars are closed. I would think more people would come out to this disco as nothing else is going on around the resort. But that is not what happened. Apparently, a lot of people do go to the Casino or pay taxi fares to travel to local bars (which are not very close by).

I would rate the Sirenis Cocotal Beach Resort a 3 to a 4 star hotel. The hotel is very clean and spacious, but not quite a 4/5 star yet. The food was ok, but I think they could improve. I believe what made this hotel so much more memorable are the animation crew who were just so friendly, nice, helpful and funny. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a very secluded place to just relax. You can really enjoy the beach and pool area and have a great time doing the daily activities. Learn the Merengue - it's so much fun! If you are looking for a place to party nightly, then I wouldn't recommend Sirenis as it only has it's one disco which can be either lively or deadly depending on the crowd you are with.

TIP #5: A good or bad vacation depends on the person taking the vacation. If you are just going to be moaning and groaning and complaining all the time then of course you are not going to have a good vacation. A vacation is what YOU make it to be regardless of the circumstances. Just enjoy and cherish each moment you have as some people are not as lucky as you are to be able to go on a vacation to another country.

My sister and I had a fantastic time and wish we could be back there now. If I could go back there right now, I would definitely go. We really enjoyed our stay!
Author: Alma and Angela Posted at 16:11 10/18/2002
Myself, Thwarkdas Patel, Pushpa Popat and Kokila Carlos went to the Sirenis COCOTAAAAAAAAAALLLLL. Sorry.....a bit too excited.


This was brill and designed to blend into the natural suroundings like Eastend Mango Juice drink. The layout of the hotel was simply fantasimistic. The palms were so long and the beaches so red.........sorry white.


The entertainers were simply brill. They really knew how to take care of their customers. Hector 'Sa' Gonzales, Roberto Carlos, Maxi Miliano, Mercedes Benz, Ricky, Luigi..sorry Mario, felix and chow man fui (sorry he wasnt there) were all brill.


There was a choice of Mexican, Italian and International cuisine. All were fantastic and we ate till we let loads rip. On one occasion, Thwarkadas produced a tidal wave (slightly yellow in colour)!!!


The holiday was great apart from the tour rep Jan. Feb wouldve been better. She needs a spanking for gettin our excursions mixed up because she blamed someone else for her mistake!!!

However, you must go to this place. It is truly amazing......the sun, the sand, the sea and the tutti. COCOTAL IS THE BEST!
Author: Chandraghand Posted at 14:48 09/29/2002
me and my friends listed below had a cracking time. everything was great and it is hard to find something to crticise. I had a fantastic 2 weeks and wil never forget it. If u want a fun holiday,go to Cocotal. If ur boring and just want to relax and sleep then maybe dont come here. The entertainers wont let u be boring,thats why. COCTAL FOREVER!
Author: KOKILA,CHANDY,TWARKY,PUSHPA Posted at 12:24 09/29/2002
I went to the Sirenis Cocotal Beach Resort in July for two weeks with my brother, an cousins. We had the best time. Everything was just perfect.

The Hotel
The whole hotel layout was excellent. The hotel is just amazing. The pool is great, andis massive. The restaurants were also great. You could eat pizza, chips, pasta, and there were a wide range of meat dishes available. (I don't eat meat, but food wasn't such a big problem, as I could always find something).

The staff
They were great. They really do care about their tourists. They involve you in their games by the pool during the day, and also amaze u with ther fabulous dance shows during the evening. You will miss them when you get back home.
I would like to say hi to Felix, Mercedes, Angel, Hector, Herson, Roberto, Ricky, and the Michael Jackson guy. They were all really nice and friendly.

I would love to go back there anytime. If I could go now I would definately go. We all enjoyed ourselves, and i'm sure you guys will 2.

Author: Bharat Posted at 9:25 09/29/2002
Author: steve Posted at 12:08 09/26/2002
Now I really can't wait.
We're going down in January, and getting married there.
Author: Chris & Ang Posted at 15:22 09/9/2002
We went in June, our first visit, and we didn't want to leave. Everyone at the resort made our stay perfect. We are planning a return visit, and can hardly wait.
Thanks to the whole team, especially the entertainers. The kids really miss Maxi & Angelica.
Best holiday ever.
Author: Laura, Chris, Paris & Ryan Bennett Posted at 14:43 09/6/2002
We went to the D/R in November 2001 and had a fab time , my little girl was 9 at the time and she had a fab time with the kids club reps , so much so that we are going back this year in December for two weeks. The food was great , the local rum even better and all the staff were fab, the night life was very basic but made us giggle every night .we enjoyed every minute.
Author: michelle ,john,little hollyanne. Posted at 15:10 08/30/2002
I've just got back from Sirenis and i have got to say it is an excellent resort, aswell as the place its also the people that make it what it is! big it up to Hector, Mercedes, Maxi, Ricky, Angelica, Andreas and Roberto, you were the ones who made it the best holiday ive ever been on!! see you when ive saved up enough money too come back!
Author: Nic Posted at 18:32 08/22/2002
We're off to the D.R. for the fisrt time. After reading your comments we are more excited than ever now just cant wait to go off in June for a relaxing two weeks. Really looking forward to. When we come back we shall send our comments through too.
Author: S Nicholls-Gibson Posted at 4:57 05/3/2002
What a lovely review. We are also staying here during May and cannot wait to arrive. This will be our first visit to DR and we are looking forward to a relaxing, pampered stay - I just feel we are not going to be disappointed
Author: Tony and Sue Seale Posted at 3:57 04/19/2002
We are off for a week's holiday at the end of May and although I was looking forward to it before I am even more excited now I have read your comments! this is my first time in DR and it seems we have picked the right place to go!

thanks for all your comments....cant wait!
Author: Demelza Burbidge Posted at 10:58 04/16/2002
Sweet! NIce review!
I'll be going there this Feb 23 for a 1 week stay.
Author: Manix & Lourdes Posted at 17:55 02/13/2002

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