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Puerto Plata Village

Rating: Excellent Phone: 809-320-4012 Website:
Location: North Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: Puerto Plata Contact: Value for money: Average
Food: Average Decor: Average Service: Average
This resort has everything and more to offer. It has one main buffet restaurant, beach grill and 3 a la carte restaurants; Mexican, Italian and International. All of which are excellent. They have a program of activities throughout the day at the pool and at the beach. The activities staff are wonderful and make your holiday perfect. The Superior rooms are large with a balcony with french doors, 2 double beds and ample storage room. Each room also comes complete with a safe deposit box which you pay 400 pesos for 2 weeks. Which is about $38.00 Canadian. Which is not bad considering you stuff will be safe. They also have a communication centre which offers internet access, phones and faxes, which is an excellent way to keep in touch with home. This building also offers a mini spa, for massages, manicures, pedicures etc. Also a hair salon for those special occasions, such as weddings or anniversaries. If you are planning to get married here it will be beautiful. We had the opportunity to watch two while on our vacation, and they were very professional and well organized by the hotel staff.

This resort was by far one of the best I've ever been to. It offered beautiful grounds, well kept and very clean. The staff were excellent and all spoke reasonable if not excellent English. The activities program was excellent both at the pool and on the beach. The activities staff tries very hard to get people involved in their daily program and it will make your vacation a memorable one if you do. I would highly recommend it. We had the opportuntiy to go on many tours offered from our hotel through our vacation rep..if you want fun and adventure try the Outback Jeep Safari. If you want beautiful sights and seeing the country side and the mountains..the Lorilar Fine Horses Ride is absolutely awesome. Joyce is a great hostess from the horse company. If the ocean and boats are your thing the Freestyle Catamaran is also a lot of fun. I would highly recommend this resort, it has a lot to offer, way more than can ever be said in one posting.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 01/25/2001



My family and I thoroughly enjoyed every single moment of the two week holiday we had in Puerto Plata Village. The staff gave their upmost effort and made this probably the best holiday I have ever endured. The food was delicious and the evening entertainment was as good as the day-time activities.
Author: Lewis Sawyers Posted at 20:18 07/8/2008
wel i went to peurto plata village 2 year ago and it was my faveourite holiday
Author: lauren amie Posted at 15:14 08/23/2006
Im just about ready to put $1600 Canadian on this vacation, is it worth it?
Author: Graham Posted at 14:55 11/7/2005
We have just arrived back from Puerto Plata Village and have mixed feelings about our holiday. The complex is clean but needs money spending on it. Many rooms were in need of decorating and repair and were not of a standard that you would expect after spending so much money on a vacation(our TV was a throwback to the 70's!).Food was ok but quite bland and the choice in the three restaurants was not good with the exception of the mexican which was excellent.
Be aware that the 'free non motorised water sports' is not true. If you wanted to use a 'boogie board' you had to pay US$10-$12 dollars for the priviege(depending upon who was at the kiosk!). I complained about this, but was told it was a 'management decision'. You also had to pay a 'damage waiver' for winsurf boards and most days the water was too rough to use them.
Puerta Plata town is not a pleasant place and you will be continually harrassed by hawkers and people begging. I wanted to get out and see the real DM but it was not a pleasant experience when you have children with you. There are also a lot of guns prevelant. We went out on New Years Eve and were greeted with 5 men carrying pump action shot guns outside our restaurant. It turned out that they were guarding the jewellery shop next door! Don't get into a taxi until you have negotiated a fee. You will be charged US$10 to drive the 8 kilometres from hotel to town when a bus will only cost you about 50 cents!
Now for the positives: The staff at Puerto Plata Village are wonderful. From the maid who could not do enough for us when we fell ill with 'holiday tum', to our waitress Fabia who has a wonderful smile.Paulo and Alfredo who entertained and made us laugh and indeed most Dominican people who are such happy souls.
Get the poolside bar staff to make you a special pineapple punch which has everything thrown -in but tastes wonderful!
DON'T buy the tours from the holiday reps. Go to the Plaza to the little booth at the back 'GB tours' and barter with them. We were asked to pay US$278 dollars from our rep but got exactly the same day out for US$150! The trip to Paradise Island is superb. You wont be disappointed (if you can hack the 3 hour journey there) and the speedboat ride is just an adrenalin rush!! The snorkelling is an experience you will remember for the rest of your life(don't forget to take some bread to feed the fish).
On the whole we all enjoyed our holiday but will leave it a while before we return. Oh-one final comment. If you go in the winter take an umbrella-you WILL need it!
Author: Robert Capleton UK Posted at 17:27 01/17/2005
Will be going to Puerto Plata Village the end of March during Easter vacation. What can I expect and are people taking anti malarial drugs if coming from the US?
Author: Carol Posted at 11:31 01/5/2005
We have just returned from our vacation at PPV, it was absoulutely fabulous. Although we did not have good weather, 3 rainy days and 3 sunny days, we still had a great time. It was very affordable we didn't need our wallets for one week. We danced, ate, drank, swam and played so much all in one week. The staff were all friendly, we felt very comfortable and at home. The villas were very picturesque and clean. The food was good, that is if you enjoy fresh caribean cuisine. We are planning to go back to PPV again.
Author: gina Posted at 19:28 12/20/2004
We were at this resort in March, 2004. We enjoyed our stay. The rooms are older and could use some renovation but the air conditioning worked and there was hot water. Bring your own hairdryer as none are supllied. Also bring a bottle for water. Its not advisable to drink the water from the tap in the room but you can get water from the water coolers in the bar and main restarant.
The food was generally good. The bacon was fried to a crisp and the selection of salad dressings was limited. The ala carte restarants were good with all 3 of them having an excellent menu selection and good service.
The pool area was OK but a limited amount of shade areas.
The beach is about a 5 minute walk but they have a shuttle runnung back and forth every 10 minutes. The bard and grill at the beach were good. Bar service was generally fast without too much waiting.
We were able to find beach chairs without too much problem however be prepared to deal with the beach vendors.
Staff were reasonably helpful and friendly. Make sure you ask for a remote for your TV at the front desk as this was not offerred initially.
The entertainmemt at night wasn't great but most places are much better.

Author: Terry Posted at 18:48 03/25/2004
We just returned from PPV and I have to say we enjoyed it greatly!! We arrived on Sat and I will admit check in took a while but I spoke to a returning customer (this was her 4th time staying at PPV) and she said that this was unusual. Found out later they had had a power failure in the morning. Food was great!! Pool is awesome! Activity ppl were friendly, outgoing, full of energy and always smiling. We had our wedding there and it was fabulous!! The staff, especially Melissa were amazing in helping us and the day was just beautiful. Some of the rooms need to be updated but were quite comfy and really how much time do you spend in them. Overall we had an amazing time and plan on returning next year to celebrate our 1yr anniversary.
Author: Mandi Posted at 21:36 02/4/2004
I just left Puerto Plata Village and have mixed feelings. The area is nice, so is the climate. The variety of food was good, but the food have NO taste. It was awful. Our entire group got sick and vomited for the whole week. Some of the toppings on the pizza were not too bad, others made me want to barf. The drinks were not too bad, and was plentiful. The disco was so-so. They played the very same songs every night we were there. The variety of songs needs help. Except for the locals on the weekends, NO ONE is there to dance. The DJ pops in a CD and leaves. We walked over to the disco at another hotel. After 3 days this hotel became very boring- left over food warmed up, not much sporting activities left, the people bumping and boring, stepping all over you- more sign language than verbal. The gift shop is very expensive. Better prices at the shopping center around the corner (walking distance). The cabbies refuse to take Pesos, they want only US. (How rude) These people will literally try to grab your US dollars from your hand. Overall, the Bell men were more pleasant and accomodating than most of the employees. The guys at the bar by the pool were good too. After check in, dont bother trying to call anyone at the front desk. They might or might not answer. Your phone is turned off in the room where you have to make a local call through them at 10 Pesos a minute, or they put the phone down and talk to their peers while you wait to be connected or hang up and try calling them again.
Overall, the room was clean, sometimes no bath mats were replaced, nor room mats, co coffee was replaced. The water in the room is not free after the first one. Do not drink the local water it will make you sick. There's an extra 50% on laundry returned same day. My clothes came back with burned iron marks. If you have a complaint....NO ONE speaks English.
Author: Rosemarie Posted at 9:45 01/6/2004
I am trying to find the rates to book direct with the Puerto Plata village from the UK. If anyone can tell me roughly what the rates are I would be most grateful. We want to travel October 2004 for 14 nights. 2 adults and 1 child.
Author: Steve Posted at 3:47 10/31/2003
How can I find pictures of this resort ????
Author: Dawny Posted at 22:47 10/8/2003
I found the descriptions of the DR resorts on this site a bit exaggerated.
Just came back from Puertio Plata Village. Not everything was excellent but overall it is good value for money. Ocean is magic. Palms, beach, lot of drinks. As I said overall we were satisfied. Just few little things we encountered left us disappointed. Activity program sucks. Fun team and night show are as bad as they could be. Dance club is REALLY nice. The only problem - nobody is dancing there. No information about location. It took us 2 days to find it. We entered through the back door accidentally. Call me stupid.
Another thing - the resort is open for the locals on the weekend. Very nice people. Don't beleive those who told you DR is poor country. I have never seen so many oversize SUV's at the same time. Joke. As I said people are nice and friendly. But they always cut you off in the line up. You REALLY have to push back if you want to get your coffee or beer. Lots of kids = lots of noise. After the weekend, actually at the end of Sunday it feels like being in a desert. Hush. Nobody around. One more disappointment: no seafood in the menu. The only exception I found was shrimp soup in Italian restaurant. Shrimp was only in the menu. Not in a soup. Don't bother ordering.
Again, it is really nice resort with the very nice stuff. All these minor things I enlisted should get you prepared. And local people dance all those local dances as good as probably no one else. If you like to dance SALSA or MERENGUE, go to Puerta Plata Village on the weekend or take the whole Easter week. And enjoy dancing every night amidst Dominicans. The Dance Club is on the left hand side from the Main Lobby, next to the Gift Shop.
And say HI to Roberto De Leon, beach bartender. He is THE MAN. Try local Classico Whisky. Such a funny taste.
Author: Andrei Posted at 20:49 08/6/2003
I've been to the DR twice and am in the process of booking a third trip. The plan is to stay at the Puerto Plata Village resort. I was concerned about the beach across the street, but with your comments I don't believe that will not be a problem.
Author: puppylove Posted at 17:47 06/24/2003
I want my confirmation ,from march 14 to march 21 2003.Thanks.
Quisiera confirmar nuestra reservacion para marzo 14 hasta marzo 21 de 2003.Gracias Matthew y Cary Lonardo, Averhoff
Author: Matthew Lonardo Posted at 13:38 01/17/2003

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