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Melia Tropical

Rating: Above average Phone: Website:
Location: East Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: Punta Cana Contact: Value for money: Average
Food: Above average Decor: Excellent Service: Average
Melia Tropical is advertised as a 5 star resort, so this sets certain expectations for first time visitors. Other guests on the resort have come back several times, so overall, it's probably a place you'd return to.

On early afternoon arrival at the hotel, the rooms were not ready until close to 4 pm and the luggage didn't get delivered to the room until sometime after 5 pm. Although this was one of their busy weeks during the year (Dec. 25 - Jan. 1), the staff did not seem to care that their guests were getting frustrated at not being able to make reservations for the a la carte restaurants included in the all-inclusive package. The line-up started around 9am, and it took on average over 1 hour to reach the front of the line to make a reservation for one a la carte dinner. Reservations for Dec. 31 were also mandatory, although this wasn't clearly explained at check-in.

The resort buildings are all low rise junior suites with about 20 per building. The buildings are set along nicely landscaped walkways over this sprawling resort. There are two charming choo-choo train trolleys that stop nearby most of the resort buidlings, restaurants, beach and pool every 15 minutes.

Compared to other resorts in D.R. and the Caribbean, the food at Melia was above average quality and variety. They really should try harder to serve the food HOT instead of warm. Spices and sauces should also be available since many people like more flavour than the bland palates of some of their overseas clientele. People staying at other resorts in the Punta Cana area seemed to complain even more about the food, so Melia food is probably better than many other resorts in the area.

The Italian buffet restaurant was average quality for pizzas, and for made-to-order pasta. The International buffet restaurant looked less appealing than an average North American shopping mall food court buffet, so this was a non-starter. The Spanish buffet was nice variety to try paella, but unless you're into this in a big way, it was only good for one meal during the week. The Mexican buffet restaurant was the best of the 4 buffets. They had made-to-order fajitas and tortillas cooked on the grill while you waited, as well as a wide variety of tapas-style appetizers which you could eat with tortilla chips or beans and rice as main course. The coffee was very good in the Mexican buffet - flavoured with cinnamon, nutmeg, splash of spiced rum and lime essence - other guests were overheard recommending this as well.

The Japanese a la carte restaurant was good quality and a nice way to meet other people. The chef does a flashing knives chop chop chop stir fry on the grill. Appetizers and main course at this meal were very nicely flavoured. The Ma Maison French a la carte had a nice relaxed atmosphere and the meals tasted good and were of good quality. The Chinese a la carte restaurant had a special New Year's Eve menu. All of the ingredients were good quality (spring rolls with lobster stuffing, prawns and langoustine in Szechuan sauce, and Peking Duck for main course). The puzzling thing about the meal was that they didn't serve any starch such as steamed rice, fried rice or noodles to go with the dishes with sauces.

Overall, the resort is beautifully landscaped. The grounds are maintained immaculately by lots of staff. The flowering shrubs and ponds along the extensive walkways added a lot to the feeling of being at a luxury resort. The flamingos and peacocks were an unexpected surprise and they're not afraid of people getting too close to take great photos. The powdery pink/white sand beach is what the Punta Cana/Bavaro area is famous for and as usual this was a highlight of the trip. Every morning at dawn there's a groundskeeping crew out on the beach cleaning up the weeds and vegetation washed up overnight at the shoreline of the beach, so that when the guests come down in the morning, the sand looks quite pristine. The water was warmer than Florida at this time of year and refreshing after a day in the sun. The best thing about the beach was that even with over 1000 rooms occupied on the resort, it never felt like you were packed like a sardine on the beach chairs or on the sand. The beach is huge!

The neighbouring Cocotal Golf Club was included in the package. Tee times were hard to reserve, but in many cases there were no-shows at the starters desk, so players shouldn't get discouraged as you might be able to get on just by showing up. For resort courses in the Caribbean, the Cocotal Golf was very well maintained. The fairways were green and plush, and even amongst the trees in the rough on either side (been there - done that) you could usually find your ball and try to come up with a recovery shot. It's a much better course than Bavaro Golf Club. If you really want great golf in the Punta Cana area, try to get a tee-time at the Punta Cana Resort and Golf Club. It's a new Pete Dye Jr. (PB Dye) layout which was written up recently in Golf Digest. This was way better than the Cocotal from grooming, challenge and fun. Cost is somewhere around $85-110 USD per round. You can get a deal through the Golf Academy at Cocotal which includes ground transport to/from your resort and tee-time. They also book golf across the island at Casa de Campo Teeth of the Dog/Links courses but these are quite spendy at around $165 USD per round unless you've booked a package to stay at the Casa de Campo resort.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 01/5/2002



Great vacation, so good in fact I'm going back for two weeks this time and am taking the royal service. Staff were just great and willing to please.
Author: Barry Davidson Posted at 18:20 01/13/2008
i'm looking forward to my trip to punta cana and frankly, i'm getting real sick and tired of hearing everyone complain about the food. don't get me wrong i love a good meal but when i go on vacation fun is my biggest priority. if the food isn't that good i'm not going to go home and write about it. i suggest for those who love their food so much to stay at home or get a room with a kitchenette so you can eat whatever and whenever you want.
Author: jamie Posted at 14:27 12/27/2007
hello there fellow citizens ... i really did enjoy this except the service is kinda "ugh*ugh" if you kno what i meannn . the pools were cute and the beds were soft until i broke it and had 2 call in a "repair man"
Author: Melissa Murray Posted at 11:20 05/4/2005
hey people .. i really did love this place i think that my family will i get married and grow old with them will go back sometime very soon .. i really love my girlfriend and i want to take her here for our 40th annaversiayarw!

will you marry me baby?
Author: MattMarchand Posted at 11:18 05/4/2005
what are you freaks talking about i loved this place i practically met my soul mate here!!! ;-) we had crazyyyy times in those bars let me telll youu!
Author: PassionateandWild Posted at 11:15 05/4/2005
A beautiful resort. I had a wonderful time. I have heard many good nad bad review but my experience has been wonderful. It may be the fact I am treated a bit better than the other guests. (VIP) I joined the VIP club at Melia. By the way which I can and have used at other resorts. My VIP status is used at any other resort I go to. I love my VIP status from Melia. If you have any doubts about the hotel or anything else please write me. I would be more than happy to talk to you. I love the Dominican Republic and I love my vacations with my VIP card.
Author: Romano Decharnat Posted at 12:52 01/22/2005
The Good:
A beautiful resort. Lovely landscaping, a variety of restaurants and your typical resort activities. A great place to just relax.

The Bad:
Expectations rise once you are awarded 5 stars!
The staff was attentive but could use refinement in the subtle ways one expects of a 5 star resort.
Also, getting around the resort is a bit convoluted as they have been merged with another resort, the "Melia Caribe Tropical".

The Ugly:
All staff needs to be trained to maintain a high degree of decorum and courtesy AT ALL TIMES.
Activities subcontracted outside the resort, mainly 4x4 vehicle tours (quads) and horseback riding (organized by the same owners) left a lot to be desired. Timeliness, price and transportation to and from were a bit lacking.

Bottom line:
A great resort to just kick back, drink and relax, but needs to elevate its level of service and indulgence to their clientele should they wish to maintain their 5 star rating. Of course, it is relevant to add that timing can play a huge factor, as ever person's experience may be a bit different from the next.

Author: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Posted at 16:18 11/3/2004
This is my second visit to this resort and I was actually disapointed. My room was not ready when I arrived
at 8pm. I had not sheets for the sofa bed and no pillows. I finally got one sheet and one pillow at 2:00am.

I became a member and I was not please with there survice.

Dont get me wrong the resort is beautifull and it has a great beach, pools. You will enjoy there activities
but just remember something can go wrong that will get you fustrated.

Author: robert Posted at 21:29 08/9/2004
just drink tons of booze and dream of dinner. The japanese was really good, definatly the most enjoyable food. Enough about the food. The snorkling off the beach is non existant, but for 15$ you go maby 1/2 mile out and it was pretty awesome. The beach is big and theirs always chairs and tons of space. The night life is pretty lame, if your a gambler youll have some fun. The dealers seemed crabby to me, wed try to have some fun but their way too serious. The resort is huge, but the walking is very nice. If you arrive at night prepare to get lost. Oh, the spa offers massages, for 45$ you get a 1 hour massage and its full body and very very nice. We both agreed their better than here in the states. I like the staff alot, I just like their spirit and laid back attitude. Their slow and by the second day you realize that your on vacation and everythings relaxed, so slow down and enjoy yourselves, just dont let the food get to you like it did me. Man that Tombstone pizza was good when we got home!
Author: peter s Posted at 22:48 04/7/2004
this resort is beautiful theres no question about that. My girlfriend and I just got back from a full week there. I feel bad about what im going to say but here goes. The food was awfull, the first few days you dont notice it so much but buy the end of your stay you really are desperate for a good meal. Breakfast was the hardest to get though. dinner was the best,skip lunch
Author: peter s Posted at 22:25 04/7/2004
I wouldn't do back to the DR if I won a free trip or this hotel. The people in the resort were extremely unhelpful and rude. IF we asked for help or towels it took a few hours. IF you are young this is not the place everything closes at 2 am were the same cd is played over and over every night. Thee song "I will survive" plays repeatdly thru the night. Don't expext to have a few good cocktails in the club either, because the alcohol is limited with brand and the beer (Well let's just say i wouldn' t want my enemy to drink that) I heard Punta Cana wad the new hot spot, YEAH RIGHT. By the way be prepared to be sick, everyone who i knew who came home from there lived in the bathroom. By the end of the trip anything resembling american food will appear as a dream. Oh make sure u come home with money cuz not only do u have to pay to get in but u have to pay on the way out. PLEASE PICK ANOTHER PLACE
Author: Athena Posted at 4:14 01/27/2004
This is a fantastic resort for everyone.
We especially loved the Choice in Restaurants, food galore!!
Our favourite was the International @ breakfast and Seafood @ Italian for supper.
We loved to walk between the two resorts; Melia Carribe and Tropical, so many things to do:
Outdoor Pools, , Business Center, Outdoor Tennis, Golf
Wind Surfing, Fishing, Horseback Riding.
We found the Solarium, Jacuzzi, Sauna, Exercise Gym too hot to do in such a warm climate.

The Twilight Horseback rides were magical, with the awsome sunsets!

A trip to Saona Island was a highlight for everyone. Swimming in the Carribean was fantastic. We hoped to shop, didn't like that we weren't allowed to shop at Altos de Chavon when we stopped there to see the quiant church!) The "supermarket" that was part of this tour was awful...comparable to a dollar store!

Our family (everyone: Grams and In-laws too) are planning to return for xmas 2003. This time, we will take in some deep-sea diving and caving for Larimar!

Golf is better than we anticipated.
Author: CB Posted at 14:05 11/16/2003
My husband and I are frequent vacationers to the Caribbean. We loved this resort. The only thing was the restaurant situation. Making reservation once you arrive was a nightmare. The better restaurants were always booked days in advanced. Melina needs to have a better system to alleviate this problem. With that being said we would still go back because overall it was a very pretty place to visit.
Author: Ilsa Posted at 9:32 09/18/2003
We really enjoyed this amazing place in our family's vacations!!.
People, facilities, meals, beverages, shows, nature. etc. All are served for us. Just you have to do is to live the experience.
Author: Edgar Sanchez Posted at 15:19 08/19/2002
Just would like more information. Have planned to go to the DR but I hesitate eacj summer. Usually end up in Jamaica or the Bahamas. I like all inclusives and this place sounds great. however, I understand that the prices quoted are not the bottom line. there is supposedly a surcharge which can add to the total cost. Is this true?? What was the cost for this all inclusive for say 5 or 6 nights? Does the price include transfers from and to the airport as it is in the aforementioned islands?? Help!!
Author: Yolanda Posted at 20:32 04/12/2002
I found this hotel to be amazing and expectations were fulfilled, the staff were a bit slow but were still very helpful.

I found the facilities very nice and the pool staff helpful and lots of fun.

Overall i found this hotel to be very nice and i would definatly go back again.
Author: Sarah Lanlgey Posted at 3:34 04/12/2002

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