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Coral Costa Caribe

Rating: Above average Phone: Website:
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City: Juan Dolio Contact: Value for money: Above average
Food: Above average Decor: Above average Service: Excellent
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 01/6/2002



Author: rick Posted at 12:27 10/23/2007
Hello all,

I just wanted to make a quick announcement. Someone had mentioned earlier Wepa Wepa, the Chocolate Friend and his accident.
I have been in contact with his family, and I was informed that he passed away last week.
He was in Canada, and his ashes will be brought to San Pedro, where his son lives.
Author: Randy Gibbens Posted at 9:01 09/20/2006
Author: friend Posted at 13:35 09/12/2006
I recently just been to the c.c.c and personally I think it was an awesome vacation. I had a blast and the best part was the chocolate friends. I am more then likely returning back next year, main reason is the chocolate friend that really entertained me as well as my family and friends. Great place and I love it.
Author: kalie Posted at 19:58 01/17/2006
I recently just been to the c.c.c and personally I think it was an awesome vacation. I had a blast and the best part was the chocolate friends. I am more then likely returning back next year, main reason is the chocolate friend that really entertained me as well as my family and friends. Great place and I love it.
Author: kalie Posted at 19:57 01/17/2006
to all you CORAL COSTA CARIBE fans out there you may like to know that Herman (wepa) was badly injured in an accident whilst leaving the CCC after yet another long work stint, returning to his newly wed bride (Genevieve, vacation club reception,). The accident has left him paralysed from the lower chest down. CCC totally disowned him after the accident, so it was up to his wife and family to look after him and nurse him. My family and I visited him on our last visit to the Dom Rep and offered a little help to his family. I now believe that Herman and genevieve have moved out to Canada to be with her family and to help with his recovery. This is not a letter asking for financial help from anyone, but for all you people that enjoyed the entertainment that Herman provided, perhaps you would be willing to E mail him and let him know that you remember and appreciate the good times that you had. His E mail address is; [email protected] I'm sure that receiving an E mail from anyone of you will certainly lift his spirits
Author: Mal Johnson Posted at 12:41 06/10/2005
We booked the week 22 Jan-29 Jan 2005 through Interval International. When we checked in at the resort very little was explained to us about the facility. A facility diagram, written in French, was provided and we were asked if we wanted to purchase an all-inclusive meal/drink plan. That was about the extent of information provided at check-in. It was not explained that there are no dining facilities near the resort or that taxi fares to any location off the facility run $30-$65 USD.

The first evening a waitress told us we'd have to pay for our meal before dining. I asked whom we should pay but she wasn't sure (or didn't understand the question). We went to the front desk to ask and found out that we'd have to pay $15 USD a piece at the front desk for each meal. It would have been nice if this procedure had been explained at check-in. We decided that the situation we found ourselves in required that we purchase the all-inclusive meal/drink plan ($42.70 USD/day per person)something we could have done at check-in to save us the headache of bumbling around the resort and learning things the hard way. When I asked a person at the front desk for resort information written in English she replied, 'What, you don't read French' and rolled her eyes. I was told they did have some information in English but she didn't know where it was, so it was never provided. This woman worked at both the front desk for the resort and at the Interval International check-in counter. It became clear to us early on that we were in for a pretty nasty vacation experience.

The wait staff at the Ambar a la carte restaurant were indifferent towards patrons. Every meal at this restaurant was an ordeal. The tables were often without tableware or glasses and waiters generally took 20 minutes to fill glasses with water. Any other beverage requests were typically not filled. We came to understand that when a waitress would say 'One moment' that she actually meant 'Whatever'. We decided that we'd have to get our drinks from one of the poolside bars before each meal. One evening the waiter told me that there were no glasses available, but as soon as some were cleaned he'd bring us some water. Shortly thereafter I noticed him setting up a nearby table with glasses and napkins! Clearly, we weren't going to get a glass of water from this guy. We also tried ordering a Coca Cola using every language spoken at the resort thinking that there might be some sort of language barrier (two cola, dos cola, zwei cola, deux cola)although each request was acknowledged we went thirsty.

The resort management spent a lot of time and effort catering to guests attending Loreal Corporation festivities. The Bogavante dining facility was reserved for Loreal the evening of the 24th (Monday)--other resort patrons were barred from using this facility. In addition, the beach was closed off to resort patrons the evenings of 25 and 26 January for catered Loreal events.

There was no information made available at check-in to Interval International members concerning excursions or activities available in the Dominican Republic. We've been members of Interval International since 1993 and have never visited a resort that didn't have some sort of information to distribute at check-in. Monday evening we passed by the unmanned Interval International desk and noticed an unlabeled black binder containing information regarding tours. We had leafed through a few pages when we were approached by the Interval International representative and told that the resort doesn't do business with any of the vendors listed in the binder. We were told that we'd have to wait until the following morning (0900-1030) to ask a vendor in person what they have to offer in the way of tours. This was the first time we were hearing this information,three days into our vacation! The next day we located the vendors in the hotel's bar and scheduled excursions for the following two days. I mentioned to the Interval International representatives that had we been provided some sort of information at check-in we'd have been able to see more of the country. I suggested they make copies of vendor information for new arrivals to present at check-in. When we departed on Saturday we noticed they had not made any effort to address the issues we had discussed with them.

The resort itself was very attractive from the outside--a lot of attention has been paid to landscaping. However, the room floors are dirty (the soles of your feet get pretty dirty soon after you get out of the shower) and the sauna and gym were flooded for the entire week. We didn't notice any effort to repair the flooded gym or sauna during our stay.

The beach is fairly small and has a large area roped off that is for boating only. The beach generally runs along an east-west axis for about 200-meters. The west end of the beach gets pretty intolerable due to loud techno music blaring out of cheap public address speakers most of the day. The east end of the beach is much better; however, there are a lot of vendors milling about hawking fake Cohiba cigars, cheap necklaces, hair beads, tropical shirts, paintings, wooden figurines, and coconuts. It also takes awhile to get used to seeing pistol-toting guards everywhere you go around the resort.

Friday through Sunday the resort welcomes local residents on Day Passes. It is extremely crowded on the weekends and locals use the Jacuzzi as wading pools for their children. We were amazed to see upwards of 20 small children in a Jacuzzi, while the wading pool at the Kidz Paradise was empty.

Finally, the taxi service to and from the International Airport price gouge resort patrons. The trip from the airport to the resort is 15 miles/24 kilometers and cost us $40 USD. A large placard at the taxi stand in front of the resort states that one-way fare to the airport is $30 USD for up to 4 persons. We discussed this with several cab drivers during the week and were assured that the fare would be $30 USD to get 2 persons to the International Airport. Well, when we got to the airport the driver suddenly demanded $50 USD! The perfect ending to a poor vacation experience!
Author: Brian Posted at 7:57 02/16/2005
The only bad holiday ever. The hotel must have changed in the last year , we were there Dec. 2004/2005 and it was horrible. The food was the worst ever, floods in the room, no hot water, no service. The management completely ignores any complaints and there are a lot of them, we never seen to many happy faces, except for the 500 locals that arrive every wekend . This is no holiday ,it was money wasted.
Author: locc Posted at 21:04 02/8/2005
hi everyone jst wondering if anyone can help me out?? myself and my family have not been to the c.c.c since 2000 and we are currently thinking of going back next year but what we were wondering is what members of the chocolate friends are still there!! We would especially like it if Herman was still there as we went in 1999 and he was jst the guy that sat and handed out the towels but then when we returned in 2000 he was a fully fledged member of the team and without us saying anything to him he remembered us straight away which was amazing!!
If anyone has been recently and can tell us who is there plz email me and let me know!
thanks xxx
Author: louise Posted at 7:31 09/8/2004
I am in love with Jose Lopez!
Author: Quiet Posted at 16:49 08/18/2004
I'm scared to death to go here. The comments on this page are generally good, except for the food.... Now I've been on Trip Advisor and other web sites with comments and they're almost all bad comments. Shame is, expedia and rate this as a 4 star hotel and it hardly sounds like one. 4 stars should be perfect. I heard many complaints about no hot water and terrible food & not enough bottled water.
Can someone out there assure me that my trip in March 2004 is not going to be horrible???
Author: Heidi Posted at 11:27 02/20/2004
this is the greatest resort, have just returned from my 2nd trip in 12months.the staff are extrememly friendly and warm and go out of their way to please their guests. food is average but who goes on vacation for the food anyway?
best feature:chocolate friends!
Author: robyn Posted at 22:30 01/2/2003
Author: Wolfgang Posted at 10:34 12/4/2002
We were at the Coral Costa Caribe for 1 week after 1 week cruise and it was great,Te food & service was great,We are going back this Jan.and hope the food & service is still great
Author: Alf Posted at 20:30 10/22/2002
I just returned from a 10 day stay at the hotel. It is very clean. The service is great, provided you give them tips. My only negative, which was a big negative for me was that the food tasted terrible. They laid out 2nd and 3rd rate food and called it a buffet. Green tomatoes, bread that wasn't fresh, watter that gives people diarrhea. The best thing about the hotel is the Chocolate Friends staff. They are funny and made the stay enjoyable with their nightly shows. Another good thing about this hotel is that there aren't too many local people haggling you for money at every corner. For the gentlemen, my girlfriend and I saw several prostitutes waiting for you outside of the hotel throughout the course of the week. Don't spend more than 7 days at this hotel as you will run out of activities to do quickly.
Author: Jesus Diaz Jr Posted at 10:36 08/19/2002
Oh, you brought back memories of our trip there!! We loved the Coral Costa Caribe.
If you happen to go again make sure you say hello to all the Chocolate friends - and especially HERMAN!!!
This is a great place to stay - there's something for everyone. Our kids loved the kid's club and the mini disco.
The shows are fun, and the grounds here are kept immaculate! They work so hard to keep the place beautiful and to make sure you have a great time.
We had an excellent room which was pool and ocean view, we loved it.
The food at the time could have used some improvement - but we always found lots that we liked.
Love the chocolate dance done by the staff around the pool - that was Great!
Such a fun place to stay - never a dull moment.
Author: aleksandra Posted at 22:32 02/10/2002
i was there and it was a great experience. everyone is friendly and the place is clean witth a lot to do
Author: Saby Mejia Posted at 13:45 01/17/2002

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