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Royal uvero Alto

Rating: Excellent Phone: (809) 685 9880 Website:
Location: North Coast Fax: (809) 6884657 E-Mail: [email protected]
City: Uvero Alto Contact: Mr. gabriel Salom Value for money: Above average
Food: Excellent Decor: Above average Service: Above average
This Comment came directly to the Hotel & we copied as it apears originally to this review page.
From: Cee
Date: Domingo, 06 de Enero de 2002 06:58:57 p.
To: [email protected]
Subject: Stunningly Beautiful

January 4, 2002

We have just returned from the most magnificient resort of our lives,
The Royal Uvero Alto in the Dominican Republic, from Dec. 28/01 to Jan.
4/02 We had been keeping upto date on the resort through this site and
others, so we were well prepared for what ever came our way. After
reading the negative feedback we had decided we would go with an opened
mind and make our own judgment once there. The following are our

1) The entrance to the hotel is very impressive. The main building of
the resort where you will check in is stunning. We were immediately
received by a Bellhop, and a refreshing turquoise drink served in a
coconut. Our check in was very fast, and the staff at the check in
counter were very pleasant and spoke very good English. From the time
we arrived to the time we were in our room, luggage included was approx.
15 minutes.

2) The pictures we had seen of the rooms did not do them justice, they
are very large, beautifully decorated, and extremely clean. A big
beautiful four poster king size canopy bed, a sitting area, a television
with satelite, a spectacular view of the ocean and pool from the sliding
glass doors. There was an open concept bathroom with a nice size
jacquzzi tub set in marble and columns that seperated the main area of
the room from the sink and vanity area. The toilet and shower were in a
seperate room off of that. There was a mini bar, which was stocked
twice a day with bottled water, soft drinks and beer, a large bottle of
local rum and a coffee maker with a fresh supply of coffee, sugar and
cream. A dresser, and two ample size closets, one of which contains a
safe. The room was cleaned twice a day, which included turndown service

3) The main pool twists and turns almost the entire length of the
resort, with a swim up bar. If you are up early enough in the morning
you will see staff in scuba gear scrubbing the tile in the pool on a
daily basis. I have never seen a cleaner pool and the water temperature
was refreshing. Down at the end of the resort you will find a second
pool, known as the "topless" pool, there is an upper pool which
waterfalls into the lower pool, a very peaceful place to get away, as
there was never anyone there. You will find bars by the pools, which
serve up drinks and food until 6:00 p.m.

4) The beach is quite clean, again if up early enough you will see the
staff out raking and cleaning the sand. There are numerous chaise
lounges and thatch roof cabana's on the beach, along with Muskoka
chairs. The water was also very refreshing, and on the calmer days it
was turquoise. There were waves in the ocean, which varied in size
throughout the day, but it is clearly marked by a flag as to how
dangerous the water might be. It is not so much the waves that are the
problem, it is the cross current and undertow that you must be careful
of, but none the less we enjoyed the ocean very much. Catamaran's,
kayak's, boogie boards etc. are all included.

5) There is a full range of activities by the pool on a daily basis and
the Activities Director's are alot of fun, very enthusiastic and try
very hard to get participation without being pushy. You can do pool
aerobics, water polo, beach volleyball, different types of dance
lessons, etc. There are also other activities taking place around the
resort, such as horse back riding, spanish lessons, bartender lessons,
horse show, etc. There are also off resort tours which you can take,
but we did not as we were enjoying the resort too much to want to leave
even for a second.

6) The spa is beautiful, offering numerous sevices including a beauty
salon and workout room. I had the pleasure of having a body treatment
and had my hair done, and my companion had an Aromatherapy massage. All
the services which we received were outstanding, and well beyond what
you get at even a luxurious spa in North America.

7) The restaurants: during our 7 night stay we managed to eat at every
restaurant, some we enjoyed more than others. Breakfast is served at
Madame Butterfly, it is buffet style with a vast selection, smoked
salmon, eggs, bacon, sausage, different breads, pastries, fruit, fresh
juices, coffee, tea, etc. The Texas restaurant and the resturant that
served fish were our least favourite, service was great, quality of food
was just not what we are use to. The Italian restaurant was very good,
with a good selection. The Chinese restaurant was very good, we
actually ate there twice, the Chef is Chinese and the food was
comparable if not better than that of Chinese food I have eaten in North
America. The Mexican restaurant was also very good, with a good
selection and good service. The Gourmet restaurant was outstanding,
white glove service was impeccable, the food was outstanding, we ate
there twice. In all of the restaurants there are wine lists with a good
selection of wines which are also included. Cannot comment personally
on Room Service as we did not use it, but had spoken with many people
that had, and they all enjoyed it.

8) At all of the bars you can have any drink imaginable, they serve top
quality liquor, and a selection of beer, along with coffee, espresso and
cappucino's and wonderful tropical frozen drinks. The staff at the lobby
bar was very attentive and extremely friendly. Oh and don't miss the
disco, they play a nice mix of local music and American music, we truly
enjoyed dancing our nights away.

9) There was nightly entertainment, which included a house band who
were very good. Some of the shows were better than other's, but again
it is by perference. We were extremely lucky as were at the resort over
New Year's which was also their 1st year anniversary. The resort put on
an awsome New Year's Eve gala, which all took place in the main lobby,
it was decorated beautifully with white linens and white covered
chairs. They out did themselves with the food, it was served buffet
style, and only of the highest quality meats and fish. Every guest
received a beautifully done up gift of party favours and the Champagne
was free flowing all night along. They also put on a spectacular show
which consisted of their years best entertainers, it was wonderful.

10) The STAFF, wow, they were terrific. Every member of staff which we
had the pleasure of meeting were extremely friendly, warm and helpful.
Yes there was a language barrier, but not with all, and those that did
not speak English, certainly tried hard. With us trying to speak their
language and them trying to speak ours it all worked out.

11) The bugs, yes there were mosquito's at night but the resort did fog
every night. We found the best time to be in the lobby area was between
7 p.m. and 11 p.m., the bugs were controlled, but around 11 we did get
bites. The women suffered the most, the men virtually had no bites.
But thank you to this site we were prepared with insect repellant and
hydrocrotisone cream for the itch, which by the way I recomment everyone
to get. We brought extra strength hydrocrotisone cream and within 2
minutes of applying it to the bites you got long term relief, we shared
it with all that were in need of it, so be sure to bring it along.

Everyone at the resort works very hard keeping it magnificiently clean,
and making sure you are enjoying your stay.

If anything when in the Dominican, remember you are guest in their
country, the food will be different, the language is different, and the
surroundings are different, so don't go expecting it to be like your
Country, let loose, relax, and enjoy their culture and the beauty of
their country.

Their slogan is "OUT OF THE ORDINARY" and we believed it truly was. A
BIG 10 out of 10 for this resort, and when planning our next trip The
Royal Uvero Alto will be at the top of our list.

Thank you RUA for the best vacation of my our lives.

Caroline Givens and Bill Mande
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 01/7/2002


Author: FFDF Posted at 22:30 12/2/2010
My husband I were given the option to go to this resort after we had been disatisfied with another we had originally booked with. Let me tell you I was never so impressed. We loved it. The resort was absolutely breath taking and we were enjoyed our stay immensely. Everything was kept impeckably clean and we were well cared for. The rooms were first rate as well as the staff. The food was good but could use some upgrading but never the less I would highly recommend this resort. Plenty to do and the nightly shows were wonderful.
Author: Neil and Sheila Hansen Posted at 8:50 04/21/2005
Author: mr and mrs rivera Posted at 13:20 04/17/2002
Resort is nice,but very isolated,while we were there..veryhigh winds and surf rough and dangerous...mosquitos bad, all depends on what kind of weather you have..beach is brownish sand, not white like Bavaro.
Author: Vistor Posted at 7:55 04/16/2002
My husband and I traveled to Royal Vero Alta through Apple Tours in late February 2002. We travel to a different Carribean Island each year and we were greatly impressed by this resort. The beach and pools were fabulous and there was plenty to do here. Our room was beautiful and I used the jacuzzi tub every day and the water was very clear unlike the person who was there in 2000. We were impressed with the beautiful architecture and the very elaborate pools.

There were several restaurants and bars in the resort. Although the food was not a rave it was good and plentiful. The gourmet restaurant with white glove service was exceptionally nice. The pools and beach were wonderful and the weather was excellent. The staff was pleasant and as helpful as possible. There was entertainment nightly and a very lvely bar and nightclub as well.

They even provided the guests with free access to a computer for email. I've never seen that before in our travels. The spa was not as lavish as some that I have encountered but the masseuse really worked the ENTIRE HOURand did a fabulous job!

The only thing one must understand is that the staff works on ISLAND TIME. It's true of just about every place we have ever been to in the Carribean. If you want everthing in a NY minute and want everyone to understand English, then this isn't the place for you. We met such nice people and had such a great time that we didn't have any real desire to travel outside of the resort.

The neat thing is that once or twice a week, the local shop owners are invited to come to the resort in the evening and sell their wares. They are restricted to just one area and they don't annoy or pestor you like they do on some islands. Eveyone that we spoke to enjoyed that aspect as well.

We would not hesitate to go back again. We're working on our Spanish and the staff was diligently trying to learn English. It was a WONDERFUL WEEK!
Author: [email protected] Posted at 11:15 03/27/2002
Hi, I very happy to hear about your trip. Me and my husband are going there in April and I heard lots of negative things about it, but you reassured me. Thank you very much!!
Author: anonymous Posted at 12:16 03/26/2002

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