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City: Bayahibe Contact: Value for money: Below average
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The VentaClub is an Italian chain which has just started expanding and offering packages to North Americans. They are not ready for the North Americans.

ALL of the entertainment was in Italian and the staff who dealt with patrons, such as the waiters, the dive shop and event co-ordinators were all Italian. Even the tours were in Italian. It was not a hospitable environment.

The other (Italian) patrons were at best indifferent and at worst rude.

The food consisted mostly of pastas. Every night. Every lunch. They did at dinners offer a roast or fish dish and once had rabbit. The chef spoke Italian so he could not identify the animal for me, but luckily my husband did before I ate any. I realize many people eat rabbit but it is not generally a North American dish and I was rather disgusted.

I very much enjoyed the Domican Republic and plan on returning. However, I would not return to the VentaClub if they gave it away. Sorry to say that the VentaClub has created a niche market for itself that will not be enjoyed unless one is an Italian national.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 01/8/2002



my brother-in-law stayed there for 2 weeks...says it is a place to deffinately stay away from....if you dont mind filth and soggy pasta every meal then this is the place for you
Author: michael c Posted at 17:47 12/21/2004
Author: Bergerhausen Posted at 6:57 12/4/2003
All yours then Tony - the rest of us with taste have already moved on to better things. We didn't get rich by wasting our money!!
Author: Harold Posted at 22:58 12/2/2003
You guys that didn't like Venta Club, are spolied little rich kids, i have but great things to say about vanta club, great food great service and great people,
Author: Tony From Montreal Canada Posted at 12:03 11/27/2003
Marcelo Spadoni

Your reposnse to our criticism is no more than now expected from your establishment - a rash and contrite effort to explain away shocking service and deceitful attitudes. You continue to do yourself and your resort no favours - we signed for the wine because we were told emphatically, following our direct questioning as to why we were being charged, that there was NO OTHER WINE AVAILABLE, despite having paid for a package that incuded full bar. Your attitude is now beyond disgust and I urge potential visitors to look elsewhere.
Author: A Immelman Posted at 23:36 08/29/2003
We spend Xmas 2001 at Grand Dominicus. A family of 13 with children.
They put the children on the upper floor
with no elevator: they had to carry the
strolers back and forth with all that goes with kids. The beach was OK but
no snorkling and with the big step in
the water to get in and out. The food and the place were fine but the restaurant had a late start time and they where pretty rude if you got there
5 minutes early. All told it was nice
but the beach is not that good.
Author: Doris A Putzolu Posted at 13:35 08/12/2003
Dears Ms.and Mr.Immelman,
I would like to inform all the people access this "chat" that the extra charges you payed was for "bottle of wine" presented on our wine list (with prices written besides) and you signed each time a receipt with the price !?! when you was informed that the house wine was available and included in All Inclusive services !
I accept you didn't like our Hotel and services and that you express your opinion but I cannot accept you affirm what is not true ! ..... the "ethics" impose me not answer to your "offense" !
I am just wondering why you never complain "face to face" with Management directely ?!?! Even when the Management contacted you at your second day following an e-mail from your booking agent !!
Just permit me to suggest you, for the future, to inform directly and clearly the Management when you have any problem in order to offer them the opportunity to "solve" that problem, if it exist, or give explaination for it, if is needed ! This simple actitude will make your holidays easyer !
Best Regards.
Author: Marcello Spadoni - VentaClub Andilana G.Manager Posted at 6:07 08/1/2003
We recently stayed at a Venta Club in Madagascar. While we loved, and would highly recommend, the country we would not recommend Venta Club. We felt they really tried to take advantage of us with additional charges. When we tried to settle the issue with our booking agent, the Venta Club staff lied-- the management of the Club do not have any ethics. We strongly advise travelers to avoid Venta Club-- we only wish we would have accessed this site prior to our trip!
Author: Allan & Chris Immelman Posted at 15:40 07/16/2003
I am just back from Ventaclub Playa Maroma in the Mayan Riviera, Mexico and I loved my experience. It was a very exotic paradise because it was combining 2 trips: I felt like in Italy in Mexico: wonderfull ! Italians are very classy and good looking. The food was totally amazing (especially at the Italian Fiesta !) I highly recommand the club if you want to get away from home !
Author: Julie Posted at 20:49 04/23/2003
I just got back from the Akumal Beach Resort, recently purchased by the VentaClub. I agree they are far from ready to open the resort to North Americans. From the rudeness experienced, maybe they should just keep it as an all-inclusive Italian resort. Of course, if they just continue as they are, that will be fulfilled without any effort.
Author: Jane Posted at 18:57 04/10/2003
I went to a VentaClub in Brazil and I felt exactly as described in the review!!

They are not prepared to receive brazilian inside Brazil.

The food was terrible and all the staff spoke italian only.

I just hate the VentaClub way!!
Author: Marcelo Castro Pereira Posted at 15:17 01/7/2003
Author: n/a Posted at 13:22 03/19/2002
where's da food
Author: dude Posted at 13:21 03/19/2002
I find your comments narrow-minded, yet very typical of North Americans. What? I'm a minority? I demand service in English! Save your tears.
Author: Mickey Posted at 11:54 03/7/2002

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