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Hodelpa Caribe Club

Rating: Below average Phone: Website:
Location: East Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: Punta Cana Contact: Value for money: Below average
Food: Average Decor: Average Service: Horrible
To all that may be thinking of staying at this hotel....DON'T! If you value good service you will not be impressed in the least by this hotel and its staff. Rude, obnoxious, inconsiderate, apathetic, disinterested...are some choice words for the staff there. The stunning beach and the great weather made our stay at this resort bearable, otherwise we would have demanded our money back. For Canadian travellers...DO NOT CHOOSE CONQUEST!!! All we have to say is now we know why they offer the cheapest rates...Customer Service?? HA! They certainly do not put their passengers first! This hotel has a lot of potential, aesthetically it is pleasant to look at, the rooms are not bad but the staff there just do not give a damn about their job let alone the tourists. We spoke to many of the other guests there and they also felt the same way, they do not plan on returning to that resort in the future. Oh well, you live and learn, Punta Cana rocks but the Hodelpa barely raises an eyebrow.
Author: Annonymous Review date: 03/6/2002



i been to hodelpas 2 years ago and is was my best trip ever..foods is excellent people are nice and the beach ..clean and amazing ..everything was exceptionnal..for the trip of your life go to hodelpa caribe club!!!!
Author: isabelle Posted at 20:28 10/25/2004
I stayed at the Hodelpa Caribe Club in January '02 because I got a great last minute deal. The grounds & hotel rooms were beautiful. The bartenders were great, but the rest of the hotel staff were lacking in their customer service skills. Food was so-so. Please note: this is NOT a family resort, as there were many nude sunbathers scattered around the various pools, jacuzzi's & the beach. I would not recommend this resort.
Author: Arleen Posted at 14:16 06/12/2004
I stayed is this hotel for the senior trip. At that time the hotel had only been operating for about 8 months. The first thing that they did was this welcome dance, where some of the employes dance,its was really nice.The service was good since the begining. The food was execelent ande the facilities too. You don't have to move from the hotel for anything. I really enjoy those vacations.
Author: Carlos Figueroa Posted at 23:06 01/12/2004
Author: Rachel Posted at 8:33 12/17/2003
I stayed at the Hodelpa Caribe Club from 1/04/03-1/11/03. I found the resort to be beautiful and the staff to be very friendly. The food at the buffet was ok but the Mexican restaurant was the best!! We didn't get to try any of the other restaurants but if they're anything like the Mexican one then they're great. The staff was a little slower at times in accomplishing things then we're used to in our own countries, especially the US. If you want someone to pamper you and feed you all week than don't choose this resort. This is a place for laid back people and families who just wanna relax and have some fun. Remain open-minded and you'll have a blast!!
Author: Kim Posted at 21:33 12/10/2003
My family & I stayed at Hodelpa this Jan. and we had the GREATEST time ever! We found that there was a variety of food everyday in the buffet, but they always also had the some of the same side dishes, which is good.
Everything was very well kept clean, people were friendly, and our rooms were nice. You always had at least 4 pops put in your fridge, and water everyday by the maids, who were the politest people, even though they couldnt really speak english.

Overall, I recommend this resort to EVERYBODY! We loved it, and hope that everyone else will have the same experience as us.
Author: Alicia Posted at 9:42 09/21/2003
This was the best resort ever. The food was great, the beach and the actual resort was out of this world, but the staff was AMAZING!! Anyone who wants to party it up, GO THERE! We stayed for 2 weeks and we will be returning next year for 3 weeks, 2 just wasn't long enough!
Author: Erin and Jacqueline Posted at 19:19 05/19/2003
This is the greatest place on earth!!! The staff especially. They were polite, fun, and very helpful. The food was great along with everything else. I have recommended it and will keep recommeding it. I cannot wait to go back!!!!
Author: Caitlin Posted at 16:36 02/18/2003
We are going to Punta Cana later this month and will be at the Hodelpa Caribe. We are looking forward to a few side trips and looking for some advise on one's to take and which ones to stay away from.

Also, is it best to pay in US dollars or just use the local currancy?

Thanks in advance.
Author: Arny Hart Posted at 10:03 01/6/2003
The place was not a suitable place to stay in the serves was unbarable the staff was rude and all they wanted was a tip for doing nothing but sit on there butt. But I might say thye water staff was very nice on on tour and we thank them. the food made us sick and place smelled like garbage. Please stay away And find a new place to stay
Author: Catalina Posted at 0:03 11/18/2002
To me The hotels were very messy and the the food wasn't so great but the beach was nice
Author: Catalina Posted at 23:58 11/17/2002
Well...Where Do I begin????? My husband and I stayed at the Hodelpa in January of this year...Fabulous...
We had excellent rooms...staff...and food...
The grounds were beautiful...and the 24 hr snack bar on the beach was great fun...We met some great paople there...and will return fact i have recommended the Hodelpa to many and my parents will be heading there in 3 months...
We had to wait for a couple of hours at check in until our rooms were cleaned from the previous people...but we are reasonable and know that if the resort epmties out at about 10 will take until 3 pm until all the roomw are prepared again...We went to have lunch and enjoyed the action in the lobby..( Banana Mamas galore!!!!)
We went to relax and enjoy life...and did just that... a great place...
Author: Connie Posted at 13:30 09/17/2002

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