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Munoz Domain

Rating: Above average Phone: 809-248-5010 / 261-3950 Website:
Location: North Coast Fax: 809-248-5010 E-Mail: [email protected]
City: Puerto Plata Contact: Diane Pellerin Value for money: Below average
Food: Horrible Decor: Above average Service: Excellent
This is an alternative for a vacation in nature in a typical village. Close to Playa Dorada, Puerto Plata. Not All Inclusive but there are kitchen facilities and local restaurants. Natural pool in the river and very friendly atmoshphere. Also, very economical. Very safe, ideal for short or long term stay.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 03/30/2002



every bad comments i read above is right...end if you want to know why some people stayed there for few months...the only reason is that don't have enough money to go somewhere else...
Author: anonymus Posted at 13:21 12/31/2009
wow, you are very angry all! Oviously, you havent been trought cultural shock yet! You should all stay at home....

By the way Why arent you telling your name, are you afraid of what you thinking... or you just do it to destroy a reputation?
Author: JD Posted at 1:51 07/12/2005
why ami so addicted to Diana's place?, mhhhh its so simple, you can feel the real tropic sensation and all that in a calm place named Munoz villas! its verry nice, come one comeall to see this place recpectedby all citizens of this places. Diana's place is known allup to pueto plata! im so eager to come back to Dianas place!
Author: Sylvain Guillemette Posted at 2:22 06/20/2005
I lived in sunset dream or tropical house whatever... Diane came to pick up us at the airport and it was nice. She bring us at the discotec and she show me how to dance . We lived there during 6 months! So? I'm still living! If you are afraid by the tarentula ... sorry but when you go in a place like that you should by informed that probably it,s gonna have some tarentula or whatever.It,s just a big spider. So if you cannot support this stay home and that it ! But just stop to say thinks that it's not true about Diane . She is a very good person . It is true that it's not a hotel with all incued but it's nice. I loved this place.
Author: Anonymous Posted at 12:51 05/7/2005
i think that is the best domain in all the world . I loved this place and i will go a other time for sur.there is some people they are jalous and they don,t like diane but i know that she is a very good person and a good friend too.
Author: It's me Posted at 12:00 05/7/2005
I don't know where to start on this place. I lived there with 2 of my friends about 6 months ago. Diane is a blood-sucking vermon. The only thing she cares about is money and she will find any way to take it from you. The cold showers, tarantulas, stray dogs, scary people in town, bad location, those things were bad but nothing can compare to what happened to me. One night it was somebody's "birthday" so we went to the disco. I only had 1 drink and then next thing I remember is waking up next to her 13 YEAR OLD HAITIAN WORKER....he raped me. This place is hell and it makes me want to vomit everytime I think of her and those bastards. PLEASE don't go there. There are many nice available apartments in town. Suffice to say, we moved the next day.
Author: anonymous Posted at 23:08 05/5/2005
Diane Pellerin is a ripoff- once and for all.
She has NO clean apartments, they dont even have walls - only steelbars.
She cannot give WORKASSISTANCE that she promise, or free counsiling.
Simply because no one in Puerto Plata deals with her, and as for counsiling it always costs money. She dont know anything about business. Her own place is not even a registred company, she has unlegal Haitian employees.. so what does she know about business regulations in DR???
If you want work - you will find it yourself-
If you need business advice - go to a person with knowledge and a good reputation
If you want an apartment - hire an apartment with walls, that is clean with a suitable and safe location.
Author: ronnie Posted at 16:12 02/24/2005
And she uses in her "commerisialadvertising" that the one responsible for the embassy of Canada on the cost has stayed with her for years!!! This is not true, at least not the weeks I stayed there before getting out, ripped by her....
The responsible for the embassy is the honorary counsil, he has his own house, this I got certified by calling the consulte of Canada in Puerto Plata!!
Ms Pellerin, aka Tropical House, aka Sunsetdream, aka Suncamp, aka... is using anyone for anything to get clients... Check it out before paying her money, thats as simple as that. If you like to stay in the bush with nothing around, if you like to live without windows, and just steelbars... to get the rain, wind, animals in... then fine... but check it out, and pay when you know what you are paying for!
You will pay for matresses on cement blocks, you will pay to go to toilets where you cannot flush down your stuff, you will pay for having no lights when electricity goes off - and its dark there as there are NO streetlights, no emergency light etc etc in the bush, you will pay to hang around with Haitians all over the place, you will pay to shower in cold water, you will pay to live a huge way out from the real life.
You CAN add a few box, and live in the city or around, where it is clean, where the houses have windows, where you easily can buy your groceries, where you can get transportation any time of the day, where there is light and inversors... where there is not a load of insects ( some you will always have in the Caribbean, but not the amount Mrs Pellerin has due to no windows and the dirt the place carry )...
Whatever, but make a choice before giving money to a stranger with this reputation!!!! Go and compare with the other apartments rentals in the city, Juans Apartments, Larrys apartments, Villa Serena and many many more...
Mrs Pellerin is just out for your money, and states it is close to Playa Dorada! Hell, you get faster to Playa Dorada from any other place. Mrs Pellerins place is at the end of a small and bumpy dirtroad, with no lights and no transportation! BY the river.. How do you think you pass there to the city when the heavy rain comes? Guess? You cannot!
Author: Joint! Posted at 9:48 02/5/2005
Now she calls herself SunCamp..
No more comments needed..
Author: Ripped of by Pellerin Posted at 8:27 02/3/2005
Watch out, Ms Pellerin is constantly changing name of this place, as her reputation is so burned. Tropical House, SunCamp, Sunsetdream, CasaQuebec... It is all the same place. Pay no money before you see it, and dont go when you are tired or very late because you will end up paying for 1 month finding yourself at night in the bush with Ms Pellerin smiling infront of you. The next morning you will see all clear and it is too late.. No refund of money.. and you are stuck in this dirt. You can not use the river, too dirty and animals.. as stated below do not only drink, they urinate too... You have to cross many dirtroads and a river to get there, fine when it is sun.. when its raining impossible as the roads are muddy and the river rises above level. Closest supermarket is 30 min by car away, and the ruta cars, public taxis goes often. You will share it with about 8 more persons...
There are many cool places elsewhere.. this is not it. And Ms Pellerin has no work to offer, she will present you a list of names of companies in Playa Dorada. This you can find out yourself by going there..
She states she is close to Playa Dorada, this is not true as there is no fast transportation, and the mudroads takes time to travel on. You go 5-10 min from the city to Playa Dorada, and 20-40 min from this place..
BIG warning everyone.
Author: A Posted at 17:40 12/11/2004
This place is in the bush and in an Haitian village far away from the city on a dirtroad. It is dirty, very very simple and over priced. The owner drinks alot and spend most of her time with an Haitian lover half her age. She promises you work so you end up paying for 1 month apartment rent. Thats it.
Author: Anna M Posted at 11:51 09/30/2004
Author: Anonymous Posted at 19:08 08/5/2004

I had first-hand experience with Diane Pellerin. Two years ago, I wanted to refer a friend of mine to her since he wanted to find a job in DR and she guaranteed to find him a job at Playa Dorada within one week. Since, I am sceptical by nature, I wanted to know more about it. Therefore, while visiting Puerto Plata I went to visit her and her so called appartments. I met with her and saw the appartments. Let me tell you that these appartments are very bad and far from the main road (it is passed a Batey). I did not say anything to her but I was not impressed at all by what I have seen. Furthermore, I met three people from Canada living there. They all told me that they responded an AD made by Diane in newspapers in Canada and came down to the DR on the promise of Diane to find them employment. Yes, they were working but selling timeshares and as you are aware it is not an easy job and your salary is only based on your sales only (commission-based salary). They were very disappointed, discouraged and to say the least unimpressed by the appartments and their situation. They had been duped big time. If Diane had been honest with them and not lured them to Monoz on the promise of a job at Playa Dorada in exchange of renting them rudimentary appartments it will have been fair. But no, they went there by relying on false promises and with false expectations. In all fairness, Diane appears to be a nice person (well she was a timeshare seller at HEAVENS for many years, what I am expecting !) but she wants to make a buck or two by renting her so called appartments which are just not suitable for North-Americans or Europeans. She should refrain herself by wrongly advertising her JOB EMPLOYMENT GUARANTEE PROGRAM in exchange of renting her appartments. If you look at her website, it is appealing but the reality is completely different. I am writing this email to CAUTION all prospectives job-seekers and to put them on NOTICE about what they are getting into when dealing with Diane PELLERIN. Finally, I must add that the chances to be taken and deceived by someone in the DR are as great if you are dealing with a foreigner than a dominican. It is not because that they are foreigner that you should trust them. CAVEAT EMPTOR!
Author: Anonymous Posted at 19:03 08/5/2004
Author: Anonymous Posted at 18:07 08/5/2004
Warning!!! This place now goes under the name of Sunsetdream apartments. Diane Pellerin has changed name, as Munoz domain and Tropical House are burned... Be aware!
Author: Sonny Posted at 10:22 06/14/2004
I have lived at Tropical House. Diane Pellerin offered me in email that she would help me to work in tourism in Playa Dorada. She gave me a paper when I came to read and then said I could take the common transport and ask the employers myself. The place was almost empty, herself and her family and Haitian lover that is half her age where all drinking and noicy. They all sat in the yard day and evening with bottles of rhum. The place is dirty and there is alots of creepy animals in the so called apartments. It is at the end of an Haitian Village, dark and no transportation in the evening or nights to the city. Nothing to buy like food, and no service after you have paid. She grabbed me for 180 US for 1 month for 1 studio, that had only cold water and a toilet without a door. I had rats, spiders in my apartment and a worker that knocked on my door in the evenings. Stay away from this place!
I book 1 month but left after 10 days.
Author: Kathy Posted at 12:25 04/14/2004
So why did you stay there for 3 months if it was so bad?? It says more about you than about the place!
Author: Anonymous Posted at 11:38 06/2/2003
Read the User Ratings from a Canadian who Hass Been Living There and Knows What He Is Talking About..

Really Good is 1: *
Really Bad is 5: *

Location: *****
City: *****
Food: As you have to provide for it Yourself, you can make it as good as look like.
Note that for a visit to the Supermarket you will have to take a Cab all the way to the City!
This is not easy because they put 8 People in a 4 Person Cab witch is very uncomfortable and does not leave you any space for purchased groceries on the way back!
The Cab will not wait for you at the Supermarket so buying fresh products like Meat will not hold out very long wile waiting on an affordable Cab ride Back!
Decor: *****
Value for Money: *
Service: *

The Apartments DO NOT meet up with the Western Standards!!
Things as a Cold Shower will have to be taken for granted!
Hot showers and Warm water are simply NOT available.
Along with all sorts of Bugs such as Snakes and Tics etcetera, be on the Look Out for Tarantulas because they are every ware!!
Do not look surprised to find them in your room or even in your bed!
It takes a pretty Strong Person to take on these Predators and put them outside the house.

Further comments:
The Natural River is not what someone will call Clean.
Animals drink from it but also urinate in it.
Most of the time it is still water witch makes it dangerous to swim there because of the development of bacteria and decease.
The travel agencies have a None Malaria policy running for the Dominican Republic, they will tell you that this decease is only occurring in the Republic of Haiti witch is sharing the Island with the Dominican Republic.
This is not the case however, in the beginning of this year there was a breakout of Malaria right next to Puerto Plata and some of the people living in Munoz got sick and needed to be hospitalized.
If you seek a quit Holiday without the Hassle of taking care of everything yourself, living below standards and being Ripped of all the time, I strongly suggest you look a little further!
Author: Anonymous Posted at 16:13 05/1/2003
and the rating is faolt....
Author: Joint !! Posted at 14:31 05/1/2003
Author: Joint !! Posted at 14:28 05/1/2003

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