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Riu Meringue

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City: Puerto Plata Contact: Value for money: Excellent
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My husband and I visited this hotel in October 2000. We loved every minute of it! The room was spacious and very comfortable, with large furnished patio area. Rooms were cleaned every day and fresh towels supplied. There was a full size fridge stocked with beer, soft drinks and fresh water. This was restocked every other day! There was also a selection of optics in the room! The restaurant was nicely furnished and set out, the staff were friendly and very attentive. We found the food to be of exceptional quality, there was good variety and they would also put on themed nights, mexican, oriental etc. One night it was seafood - as much fresh shrimp and lobster as you could eat!! Marvelous! The entertainment was quite good too, kids were catered for early evening till around 9pm then there would be a show for the \\\'grown ups\\\'. The pool area could get a bit noisy when the entertainment started at around 2.30 - 3pm but it was all good fun! The staff were very pursuasive getting everyone involved!! The beach was private - no one selling anything! And it was cleaned every night. The pool side restaurant served continental breakfast, for those who like a lie in! and buffet lunch. At night that became the Al a Carte restaurant till around 10.30, then they would bring out supper!!! Just the usual stuff you like to eat after drink, like chips, burgers etc.
You couldn\\\'t go wrong, it was basically 24 hour eating and drinking!!
The only trip we took was horseriding, into the jungle for four hours (ouch) it was fab. I would recommend it.
We loved that holiday, in fact we loved it so much we are planning on going back again this year, and it will definitely be to a Riu Hotel.
Author E-Mail: Annonymous Review date: 04/3/2002



I didn't send the above message as I love the RIU! I don't know how it happened as I was trying to respond to a gal who'd posted that note but please'll never have a better holiday than one in a RIU! We love the resort & will continue to return....
Author: terri maclellan Posted at 0:33 02/2/2008
me anfd my family visited the RM in October 2006 an was by far the best holiday iv ever been on. All the staff were amazing and always there to help. The food was great, lot of choice to suit everyone. Just like to say a BIG thankyou to everyone at the RM for making are holiday the best.
Author: Becka Posted at 5:08 12/27/2006
My husband and I stayed at Riu Merengue
Feb. 2004. I was violently ill on the third day of a two week stay. Hard to believe almost 2 years later people are still getting sick.
The fist day of my illness was the worst. I was vomiting and had diarrhea. I was ill for three straight days. I did not feel like myself until 6 days later. If were to fly out of the DR on the first day I could not have done it. I couldn't walk 10 feet without needing a bathroom. As another person said I wouldn't go back if you paid my flight and accommodation! Several people we spoke to at the resort were ill too, but not as severely as I was. I felt bad for my husband who couldn't leave the room (except to eat) and took care of me for three straight days. It is too bad because the beach area was beautiful - lots of shade and chairs and the resort in itself was nice. The food was disappointing. I would not recommend staying at any of the Riu hotels. I was never so glad to land on Canadian soil in all my life!
Author: MDobbs Posted at 10:55 12/17/2006
Dear Liz, I really hope you're staying on top of this web-site because you're
oh so annoying. How dare you bring down the Riu Meringue! I'll bet you're divorced and miserable..the Riu Meringue is one of the most beautiful and romantic places my husband and I have been to in the 10 years we've been together. Bite me.
Author: terri maclellan Posted at 22:42 11/12/2005
Well maybe things have changed but my friend and I went in 2000 and we renamed it Riu Muerte...the place was dead after about nitelife....forget about dancing....some staff were there to do nothing but gossip and if they were interested in you or tried coming on to you but you showed no interest they would intercept your calls.....very rude and immature
the rooms were absolutely beautiful ....filled with lots of liquor and near the end of our trip we found the treasured private like beach which was nice...but would never go back even if it was free...and ive been to the DR 6 times.....not impressed
Author: Liz Posted at 1:58 08/28/2004
8 of us stayed at the RM summer august 2002 including my 17 year old daughter 14 year old son and 3 year old nephew -fab holiday friendly staff who got to know u quickly by name and involved u in all fun and games, spani lesson with francesa well what can one say hilarious. i still cant speak a word! the pool area was always clean and the pool opened long hours and towels were readily available at the kiosk there was no need to get up at crack of dawn to get a sun bed they were available. the food was fantastic with plenty of choice be prepared to put on weight! our waiter was wonderful - a tip at the end of the holiday is greatly received. the only problem we encountered was the restaurant was a tad hot the air conditioning did not seem to exist here which can become quite uncomfortable while eating. there is an al a carte restaurant which i wud suggest u book early to avoid disappointment the steak is mmmm. on departure we left all our toiletries etc for our maid she was so grateful. she had made our room up every day to perfection making swans out of our towels. she also made my night wear into neat shapes on the pillow. the rooms were very comfortable, clean and air con was fab. sky tv with loads of channels for those of u who find it hard to 4get about home for a while. my brother and sister in law went on jeep safari and said that it was the best ever fun day out - tip - take goodies for the small children in the villages u drive thro as poverty is obviously a big thing, my brother said the smiles on the childrens faces when they gave out pens, pencils, rubbers, colouring books etc was heart wrenching. the beach was very hot loads of sun screen needed. tip - take lots of sun screen with u as it is very expensive in the hotel shop approximately $25 or about 18 quid english . as this is the north end of the island the sea can get quite choppy which brought in lots of seaweed etc. but hey its the ocean. there is a kids club for little ones in a shaded area of the beach which was very popular and safe there are also trees on the beach which provides lush shade from the hot sun. the entertainment was great thro the day water polo, beach volley ball, golf, mr riu meringue which was hilarious, football, killer darts, beach olympics the list goes on. the entertainment team work really hard and long long hours to put smiles on our faces. how the hell they can dance meringue/salsa like they do after working all day was astounding. the way they move is fantastic. an added bonus of staying at the rui complex is that u can walk along the sea front to the sister hotels the riu mambo and riu bucchata which are all in the same grounds but a lovely walk. u can eat at these hotels too and obviously enjoy their entertainment so u have a wide variety on offer. take a little walk down the beach where there are little huts where u can barter for a souvenir or too. they can be a tad pushy but we found being polite and simply saying no worked fine. lastly we found the people of dominican so very very friendly - always smiling and willing to please.this is a fab holiday we had previously holidayed in moon palace mexico year b4 and although this hotel is rated as luxurious, the riu is just as good. would we go back - sure would. if u r in 2 minds on whether to book - book it - u will enjoy. happy holidays
Author: sharon Posted at 17:36 05/12/2004

If a holiday you want to take in style,
Where staff and management always have a smile,
Then I would not hesitate to recommend,
That at the RIU MERINGUE your holiday spend,
You are treated not like a guest, but royalty,
With friendly warmth and congeniality,
So if you want to feel like family,
At the RIU MERINGUE that's the way it will be,
So for that most happily remembered holiday,
At the RIU MERINGUE we recommend you stay!


Author: BobTaub Posted at 17:51 12/29/2002

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