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Occidental Flamenco Beach Resort, Puerto Dorada

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Location: North Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: Puerto Plata Contact: Value for money: Above average
Food: Average Decor: Average Service: Above average
Author: Annonymous Review date: 04/7/2002



All I can say this hotel is a place of two people,those with and without descent rooms.We went with the idea that seeing so many diverse reports about the hotel it was probably due too overdemanding customers/how wrong could we be.
On arrival we were shown a room which had flaking ceiling paint all over the floor and caked in dust.when was it used/cleaned
last? The second room had it's ceiling collapsing into the bath. the third room we were offered looked ok but because we were not vip guests we could not use the facilities such as the pool jacuzzi etc.not to be treated as third class citizens we refused the room. finally we called thomas cook they advised take any roo for the night and we would be moved in am/ rep advised the canadians get the new rooms in winter period and uk guest only gaurenteed newer rooms in summer.Funny how they don't tell you in brochure!!
the room we accepted for the night ended up a nightmare .shower broken/exposed electrics and it flooded i rain
Author: declan ronaghan Posted at 16:22 05/10/2007
This holiday was amazing even tho it was 5 years ago, im just about to go again in a couple of months and i cant wait i loved every second of it, the food was great the pool was fantastic and the activities wer brilliant, there wasnt a dull moment, the only let down was going home!
Author: Emma J UK Posted at 14:21 01/29/2005
I am booking a vacation with my aunt and afew friends, and it seems like people think it is cheap. The problem mainly is cleaning and hot water. I am a very picky person, and need hot water. But, I will go to the resort. It seems like the problems can become adventure, an it seems nice. I have went to Ibero Star in La Ramada, and I highly recommend it. I went with a big group of 18, and if it's avalible, YOU MUST GO. Nothing went wrong, and the people were sooo nice, so high-in-rating. Don't be suprised, the people are great!
Author: Juliet Posted at 18:51 01/26/2004
I loved my vacation at this hotel, my family and I had a wonderful time.
The staff was great, the pool, the bar, entertainment, everything, now, if you are looking for a highclass boring time don't go cause vacations are for fun not for boring couples like that annoymous couple. If you want to have fun this is the place for you.
Author: jasel Posted at 13:31 01/19/2004
great place shame about the earthquake lol
Author: bob hogg Posted at 5:03 10/10/2003
my daughter gave me this trip as a xmas present. first time on a plane and away from home, rather enjoyed the quiet away from canada, the snow, ice, cold. it rained for the first 2 and half days but made up for it after with beautiful weather, room was big and great, no bugs, food was good, good variety. i want to go back, people really friendly. I liked it alot.
Author: louise Posted at 13:31 01/16/2003
We loved this resort. We stayed in the Club and we were treated like royalty! Our rooms were fabulous and the employees at this hotel are the best. We were a family of 7 (preteens and teenagers) and everyone had a blast. Do stay at the Club, though. I do think it makes a difference. Also, grab Martin Espinal (he's on Google) to be your cab driver from the airport and hire him to be a guide. You'll save lots of money and have a really nice experience in the D.R.
Author: kimberly Posted at 21:09 12/22/2002
i have just got back,and know what it is like on DR public holidays its a nightmere, but the nightly shows must have improved alot as i found them very entertaining.the water sports are not avalible on any weekend, but i can not waight to go back.recomended trips are the monster safari, and the quod bikes are great fun
Author: m blair ENGLAND Posted at 23:20 05/31/2002

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