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Casa Marina Reef

Rating: Excellent Phone: Website:
Location: North Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: sousa Contact: Value for money: Excellent
Food: Excellent Decor: Above average Service: Excellent
The Casa Marina reef resort far exceded our expectations, and to be honest, the pictures you see in the brocures don't do it justice. I couldn't find a single thing to complain about during a 2 week stay there. There is plenty to do during the day, and you could never get bored, and the evening entertainment could be very lively! The food was excellent, something for every taste and there was certainly no shortage of rum to go about!! The beach, pool area's and terraces were fantastic, and always clean. I would highly recommend the resort as a whole, for family's and couples, and thought it was excellent value for money.
Author: Annonymous Review date: 04/17/2002



just got back from casa marina reef it was brilliant, all the staff there was really friendly and i would deffently go back again. i was gutted i didnt find one of the animation team (mono) be4 i left to say bye :( well we all had a really good time and wanna say thanks to all the staff there and our rep.
Author: vykkie Posted at 11:14 08/9/2010
i would give my leg to go back! trying to get a fligt for aug! if you get attached easy dont go you will not want to come back
Author: victoria Posted at 17:37 07/12/2008
Yay im goin bak only not to stay at the hotel but to stay with one of the entertainers so i will be tasting real dominican life but when he is working i will be back at the hotel :D
Author: Elle (AGAIN) Posted at 7:59 10/9/2007
I thought it was brilliant the food the drink and especilly the entertainment staff (Murphy, Mosquito, gregory, mickhel and raquel) were all great cant wait to go back. i also liked ocean world it was great......
Author: David riley baker Posted at 7:52 06/11/2007
do they have laudry in hotel . casa marina reef . and any for family night out or day out fun day game
Author: john young Posted at 13:43 03/14/2007
Author: CJ Posted at 6:51 11/16/2005
My family and I have just returned from the resort and had a wonderful break. We had a very relaxing and great time. Food was excellent, in fact I could not fault the holiday at all. The "All inclusive" restaurants were amazing especially the reservation restuarants make you feel quite special. The Kikos were very talented and apart from the all day games the shows they put on in the evenings were second to none. Recommend this holiday to all people. Couples families and singles. Now I've got to go back to work Phew!
Author: Les Watts Posted at 11:59 07/12/2005
I have booked for my whole family to go to Casa Marina Beach August 2006. I have just read one review that the beach has been destroyed by a hurricaine. Does anyone know if this is true?
Author: Gina Posted at 5:56 05/4/2005
my husband and i are going to the Casa Marina Reef on the 2nd may for 2 weeks, Please can you advise us, do we need to take US dollars or Dom peso's? all info is abit confusing, thankyou
Author: chris Posted at 16:34 04/24/2005
We are two girls just coming back from casa marina reef. We went there in January for 2 weeks and booked immediately to go back now for 1 week. The hotel is great. We had the best holiday we ever had and we've been on several places before. The animation team is fantastic and all the employees are very gentle and friendly. The music, the dancing, the cocktails ... everything together made our trip to Dom Rep unforgettable. We're looking forward to go back for further 2 weeks this year. We just highly recommend this hotel to all the people (especially single girls) who want to have fun and make party.
Author: Val. Posted at 7:26 03/15/2005
Author: camille Posted at 16:31 10/31/2004
does anybody know what the dominican rep is like in december as my family and i are goin this year...please email me and say at [email protected] thanx
Author: zoe Posted at 6:26 08/2/2004
Author: camille Posted at 16:21 07/29/2004
Hi i just got back from the casa marina reef hotel and it was the best holiday ive been on wheather, food, drink and beach were fantastic everyone we met were lovely and i fell in love with the kikos team especially merlin, shaggy and phelix although i wasnt keen on patty!
Im deffiantly goping to go back with some mates as soon as i can and i cant wait!
Author: ANONOMOUS Posted at 17:10 06/9/2004
i went there last time it was so much fun i met amazing people and im goin back to the dr this year
Author: >? Posted at 19:44 11/22/2003
hi i just come back from the casa marina reef hotel in the dominican republic and want to say what a fantastic time we had there. there was absolutley no complaints whatsoever it was a superb holiday, we could not ask for anything better. if anyone wants any more information ccontact me on [email protected]
Author: sunny kapila Posted at 16:10 11/14/2003
Is true that they mix water with alocooldrinks ?? I will go at casa marina reef ine january 2004 and we are not sure if its a good place, please e-mail me !! [email protected]
Author: Dave Posted at 8:57 09/3/2003
I am going to Casa marina reef shortly. Can you please tel me the laundry arrangements
Author: david Posted at 11:08 08/24/2003
I am visiting the Dominican republic on wednesday 20tj August. I have never been before and am really looking forward to it. Me and a girlfriend are going to have a nice relaxing holiday.
Author: kim Posted at 6:00 08/17/2003
Casa Marina Reef was amazing! A large group of us went there for a wedding and had the time of our lives! I'm awaiting the possibility to go back as I had such a great time. The people are so friendly, the shows are very entertaining and there is so much to do.
Dying to go back,
Author: Jessica Posted at 22:28 01/2/2003
we went to the casa marina reef a couple of months ago and i loved it i met some friends out there we got along well the beach is lovely its a nice place for couples in love

Author: Ryan Posted at 5:48 10/27/2002
So Kay, how was The Casa Marina Reef?
Author: JD Posted at 16:55 09/19/2002
I am visisting The Casa Marina Reef.. Tommorrow 12th July with 10 other mates, all girls, a few of them have been back now, this is the fourth time for them! They love the place, and each year keeps getting better, the Hotel, food, and the people are so obliging! This will be my first visit to The Dominican and I hope that it's NOT my last!
Author: Kay Buckley Posted at 9:15 07/11/2002

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