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Hacienda Tropical

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City: Puerto Plata Contact: Value for money: Below average
Food: Below average Decor: Average Service: Below average
My family spent a week at the Hacienda Tropical last year for a family reunion.

We found this hotel to be exceptionally poor in the quality of their rooms and buildings in general. The bathrooms in all of our rooms had a bad odor, and constantly had wet floors that were never corrected by management.

Toiletries were almost no-existent and when management was contacted nothing improved.

In the buffet area birds were constantly flying about, defecating and eating out of any plate that they could find. The food was below average and not very good.

On the last day of our stay I become seriously ill with a gastrointestinal problem that made it almost impossible to travel back to the states. This condition persisted for approximately two weeks and was diagnosed as a food contamination problem. Since we only ate at this resort there is no question that this problem originated there.

The cleanliness of the buffet serving area is terrible and should be monitored and corrected.

We did enjoy being in the Dominican Republic and plan to return again in the future. However, we will NEVER stay at this hotel again and will not recommend this establishment to anyone.
Author: Annonymous Review date: 04/22/2002



I was very impressed with the the Hacienda Tropical Resort. We are a groupe of travel agents who were very pleased of the hotel property and Entertainment staff.

People may need to realize that their had just been a tropical storm during the week of the 18-25august 2004 and the power outage was understandble.

I will recommend this hotel as a 3 star because that is what we were suppose to get and they definetly met our expectations.

Enjoy your vacations at the Hacienda resort and get ready for some drinki
Author: Mireille Posted at 16:51 09/26/2004
Aug 25 2003 my husband and myself took a Vacation to one of your major hotels in the DR, "Ramada Hacienda".
This letter is to inform you that we are completely appalled with the absolute unacceptable hygiene, safety and services that were provided to us and several other signature guests at the Ramada Hacienda between Aug 25th 2003 and Sept 1st 2003.

We listed our concerns mentioned below with the hotel management as well as documented it with the Signature Rep during our Stay but nedless to say nothing was addressed.

I would also like to mention that when we booked our vacation that is Signature Exclusive, it was as a four star resort and upon our arrival we were given our resort bracelets which state the resort was three star resort!!!

1) My husband and I both became ill as of Aug 26th 2003 with nausea, vomiting, and severe diarrhea that were treated by the Resort Doctor on Aug 27th 2003 with antibiotics and other medications. This issue also occurred with several other signature guests. As of Sept 1st 2003 my husband was still showing quite severe symptoms of illness that will now require to be followed up with by our doctor.

2) Monday Aug 25th 2003 the resort lost power for several hours in the night and did not regain power again until late morning the 26th of Aug 2003. Please note the resort also lost power continually throughout the week for short increments of time.

*Our room did not have power till late morning on the 26th of August nor did it have any water. Please note that we did not have water a few times throughout the week, which at each time this was brought up to the front desk staff and they said they would send someone up to our room but by then, the water pressure had resumed. This was extremely inconvenient considering you do not want to spend your entire holiday in your room waiting for repairmen!!!!!

3) The Buffet restaurant was pretty well the same exact menu daily. Also there were birds and other insects that were roaming the dinning room tables and area at all times. The cleaning staff was ringing out the mops with their bare hands right in front of the guests at meal times.
* There were instances were there was no cutlery on the tables.
*Saturday Aug 30th the coffee and tea were taken away in the afternoon. The hotel staff stated it was because they were afraid that due to the amount of guests that they would run out!!!

4) No fresh Bottled water was provided in our Rooms, nor was there a water cooler in our Building section.

5) No fresh/clean towels were provided daily in our room. We had to ask the maid and front desk several times to replenish our room with clean toiletries. Our bed sheets were not changed once during our entire stay!

6) Only half a roll of toilet paper was put in our room each morning, which is completely unacceptable especially when you are ill and the hotel management is aware of the situation.
*When we did request some additional toilet paper to be brought up to our room it took 1 1/2 hours before it was delivered.

6) Our shower was not cleaned daily. Long black hairs were being found in our room and bathroom but my husband and I both have Blonde hair.

7) Our room patio doors did not close shut all the way and air conditioner did not function all the time!

8) Our balcony rail bars were not secured properly. Which leaves it very unsafe for small children considering we were on the 3rd floor.

9) The lampshades in the room were broken and one lamp did not function.

11) There were cockroaches roaming the entire resort!!! Including our hallways, dinning areas, and washrooms. Thursday Aug 28th Paul Demore went to the washroom by the beach bar. He felt something on his feet and when he looked down he had approx 5 cockroaches on his feet!!! We had to put a towel in the front of our room door so they wouldn't come into our room at night. When we would wake up in the morning they would be outside our door. Please also note this was mentioned with the resort staff and management and they said that the building was going to be sprayed but upon our departure these bugs were still apparent!

12) Saturday Aug 30, we went down to the animation center. There was another guest their throwing drinks at people from the resort. This guest then poured a glass of ice down my back. We had spoken to security and asked them to have this person stop. Security did not do so therefore management had to come down and ask this lady to leave the area and stop harassing the other guests.

13) The resort staff walks around persuading guest to go on a resort tour and if they do so they will get a free gift. Upon going on this so-called tour we realized that this is a time-share / Lifestyle Vacations sales pitch were they try to get you to buy vacation time from them. The personnel from Lifestyle Vacations are very rude especially the management ( Larry ). This should not be aloud to be promoted by Ramada Hacienda. The Ramada Staff later told us that they get paid 10$ for each couple that they send!

14) Once the weekend arrived the resort seemed to be overwhelmingly overbooked with local guests that have arrived. This caused the buffet to be short of food, withhold refreshments such as coffee and tea. All the weekend activities were then conducted in Spanish only, which was also mentioned to the hotel manager " Jackie" and trying to get a drink at the bars was approx a 20 minute wait because the servers would serve all the local Dominican guests before us!!!

Overall the services provided by Ramada and Signature for the Ramada Hacienda Resort during our stay was completely unacceptable and not up to standards. We would NEVER RECOMMEND THIS RESORT TO ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Author: Paul Demore and Chantal Demore Posted at 14:23 09/8/2003

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