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Riu Naiboa

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Well, We just got back from our 2nd trip to the DR. We stayed at the Riu Naiboa. Really didn't know what to expect b/c we were going on a last minute trip to a resort that there isn't much info about. Well, we were pleasantly surprised when we got there. We pulled up to the hotel and it is covered with beautiful tropical gardens and a large open lobby decorated in pink tiles and marble. The front desk was really helpful and quick to check us in. We were on the second floor of the hotel. There are four tiny elevators which bring you up. The hallways are nicely decorated in cuban style, dark cherry wood doors with tan walls. We opened our door and were very surprised as we were supposed to have a regular room, but were upgraded to a suite. The suites differ from the regular rooms b/c they, #1, are larger...they have carpeting, a love seat and chair and a separate room with a step up to the bed. The bad part about the room was, it was really hot when we arrived. Riu shuts the air for the hotel off during a few hours in the middle of the day, so it can get a little hot. However, they have fans in the rooms also. But, what we didn't understand in why the vents for the a/c are near the entrance of the room and the bed is no where near it. We got over it though. The balcony overlooked nice gardens and the pool. It was a better than average room in US terms. However, in the DR, there are much better places. The hotel had a nice restaurant with buffet style seating. At dinner, you are assigned a table for the week. The food here was really very good. Not awesome, but good. And, a good variety. They had a nice steakhouse and a Mediterranean Restaurant. The steakhouse was awesome. Sit down dinner and great service. Reservations were required. The only thing we didn't like about that was that you had to get up at 9:30 in the morning to make the reservations for that night. We didn't eat at the mediterranean b/c we heard it wasn't worth it. The pool was nice, very quiet, but good for kids, we don't have any though. Pacha disco is a pretty big disco, right next to the Naiboa. Not really that great. Always dead and you have to pay for drinks $2.50 a beer and expensive mixed drinks. Naiboa is only a short walk to the beach. Really short and you walk down Carribbean Street, which is owned by Riu Resorts. It just has about 30 shops run by Riu workers, souveniers and jewelery, etc. There are also some other things like a gym, hair salon, pool hall, and pizzeria, which isn't really a pizzeria, more like just another restaurant. The Taino, which i really didn't like, the Palace and the Bamboo are all located directly on the beach. You have access to all of them, eat lunch, use their bars and pools, etc. The only thing you cant use is their main restaurants at night, which was fine. You have access to their entertainment and everything. So, basically, you stay at the most economical hotel, paying less and using all of the other hotels ammenities. Not bad if you are trying to cut costs. My favorite place to be during the day was the Bamboo. It is the best of the resorts. It is a little bit of a walk in the have to walk down Carribbean street and then make a left and walk down the beach about 5 minutes. It is worth it though. Overall the resort was nice. Worth the money. They have the best beaches on the island i think. The most area to swim, there are small waves so you feel like you are at the beach, white sand, and they are the longest stretch of beach for any resort. I give Riu 4.5 on a 5 point scale.
Author: Annonymous Review date: 06/3/2002



I stayed at the Riu Naiboa for a week with my mom...we really did enjoy it! The staff incredibly nice and attentive, the pool was great and you're able to use other Riu facilities as well. We did not see even 1 bug in the hotel or room which was great! The only thing was the alchohol wasnt that great and the food just became overwhelming.....but overall 8 out of 10
Author: SV Posted at 14:30 10/11/2009
Stayed at Naiboa the week before Easter 08 - very ordinary food - air conditioning didn't work and to make it really nice - they had no running water most of the time we were there. The bed was the most uncomfortable I've ever tried to sleep on. Luckily we didn't stay an entire week - just three nights was all we could take. I can't believe anyone could stay there more than a night or two.
Author: albie Posted at 5:41 04/10/2008
I went to the riu naiboa from jan 15 til jan 22. and it was not long enought. this plave is worth every cent you spend. the staff was very nice. very helpful. and nice to look at haha. the food was very good. and there was always a lot to choose from. the shows at night were the highlight. they were always funny. and the free rum was great to. if i had any thing to say bad it would be that the bar was not close enougth to the pool. but it was not a far way to walk. the beach is the best and is only a little walk down carib. street. which is owned by the resorts. dont go to the straw market it is not worth the walk or time. the people there were very pushey and highley priced. two t-shirts started out at 85 but ended up being 20. but the straw market has nothing to do with the hotel. i cant wait to go back and next time it will be 2 weeks...
Author: chris Posted at 22:12 02/9/2007
We arrived i Riu Naiboa towards the end of may /06. The hotel is a 4* good food ,clean rooms, good courtesy by staff.
The entertainment poor , they depend on tourist who have had too much to drink to provide the entertainment.
The Disco Pathcha is a rip off, watch what you pay. You give them U.S. and they return worthless pesos.
Author: Leo Posted at 22:44 06/21/2006
The worst hotel ever!!! the staff was moody and obnotious only the cleaning lady was nice. They treat french and other European better than their own natives. What a joke!
The only beautiful thing about this trip was the BEACH..
Author: marianela Posted at 16:05 04/18/2006
were there any bugs. We are going in 2 weeks
Author: jean Posted at 16:36 01/24/2006 and my girl are going to the Riu Naiboa in june 2006...where are the best places to go at night..we are young , single, and ready to get crazyyyy...
Author: steph Posted at 22:07 01/22/2006
Author: Kathrin Posted at 17:10 06/27/2004
Really didn't go to Naiboa, stay'd at Bamboo. A great place, good food and rum is cheaper than water...I'd bring some spending money to exchange for the disco(they cheat rates) but you never NEED to reach for money the whole time. There are optional tours from the various tour companies which you pay for..Went on Safari which was fun but not 'super' and a sunset cruise where we all had too much to drink, to dance on a boat, and then go snorkling!! (we had a GREAT time!!) It is nice to show your gratitude to the staff (who DO go out of their way to please) when you leave. And giving an attempt at spanish helps break the ice. I heard spanish, french, german, and english from most of the staff if even only a little...Can't wait to go back.
Author: tom t Posted at 21:44 04/4/2003

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