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Casa del Mar

Rating: Horrible Phone: 011-809-221-8880 Website:
Location: North Coast Fax: 011-809-221-8881 E-Mail:
City: Bayahibe, La Romana Contact: Oscar Lora Value for money: Horrible
Food: Above average Decor: Excellent Service: Horrible
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 06/25/2002




All you can do is laugh when such things happen!

Author: Common Sense Posted at 16:48 04/2/2005
Author: Common Sense Posted at 16:46 04/2/2005
I can undertand this couples feelings regarding this resort but understand, the phone charges were not absorbed until they demanded it be returned as was their request to stay until six. Nothing here was given until it was requested, so on their merit, they tried to get the most for their money and unfortunate situation thru their own efforts. There are things that are plain obvious and just who took the wallet is very obvious even without the proof!
This is not the first time I've read a post regarding a similar situation at this resort.
Author: M. Santana Posted at 10:43 03/30/2005
Do you work for this place?
Author: William Pimentel Posted at 16:12 02/21/2005
No one deserves to be treated with such disrespect when they have spent hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars, even if they make the mistake of flashing the wallet around. The fact that you had the wrong credit card, Discovery rather than VISA or Master Card, was perhaps a crucial factor...if you had a credit card that was accepted then you would not have had to have all the cash in the wallet. The suggestions of putting your things in a tummy pouch, etc. are all good ideas, but, still, you have been wronged and the manager did you no real favors, in spite of his allowing you to stay...after you had begged...that is the least he could do. I suspect, as you noted, the fact that you are black could have had something to do with it...sad to say, but from what I have read, even in the Dominican Republic there is a "pecking order" and the lighter the skin the more power one has. Sad commentary but perhaps true. I feel for you and wish you the best. You deserve a fine trip and one day you will have it.
Author: steven faraher Posted at 20:31 11/5/2003
all men should use a belly pouch that is worn inside their pants, on their stomach. Large bills and important papers should be kept in this pouch. Keep smaller bills inside your socks. Important stuff like some money and Imodium, Benadryl, extra pair of prescription glasses or contact lenses should be kept in a fanny pack. Tummy pouch can be bought from fanny pack retailers on the web ile travelsmith dot com.
Inflation is very high in the D.R. now, the poor are even poorer, their peso has slid from 16-1 to American dollar in year 2000 to now 29-1. Would advise prepaying for resort accomodations before departure (like thru Apple tours) so they do not EVER get your credit card info. Avoid boring Punta Cana in the D.R.
Author: rob Posted at 15:28 05/31/2003
My Wife and I stayed at Casa del Mar in September of 2002. We thought the staff were excellent. We had no issues at all with security. The quality delivered in every aspect food/drinks/service/rooms/beach exceeded our expectations.

It's too bad that your husband's wallet went missing but the fact that the bellboy had one US dollar on him hardly proves anything. To the hotels credit it seems to me that they did a great deal to keep you happy including upgrading your room, and even absorbed the expenses of international phone calls and one day and one nights worth of meals, drinks and lodging on your behalf, I can see why the manager was unhappy with extending your stay by a couple of hours as I'm sure that meant two more hours of you eating and drinking for free.

It's an unfortunate situation, you have my sympathy. However, without more proof I'm glad that the hotel didn't fire the bellboy. Personally I think it says a lot about how serious they took your claim if they stripped the guy (as well as how desperately these people need these jobs, since he subjected himself to that!).

It's an expensive lesson to learn but next time don't make yourself a target, don't flash wallets stuffed with cash, leave your expensive jewellery and watches at home.
Author: Dan Posted at 4:13 01/3/2003

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