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Coral Canoa

Rating: Horrible Phone: Website:
Location: Southeast Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: Bayahibe Contact: Elias ?? Value for money: Horrible
Food: Horrible Decor: Average Service: Horrible
We went to the Coral Canoa resort in Bayahibe. On reaching there, we found the reception area to be full of people trying to check in & out and the reception people utterly at sea on how to manage the scene. We were 5 people and needed 3 rooms: two doubles and a single. The reception guy told us that the rooms were not ready and would probably take an hour. he took our papers and put the wristbands on us which would allow us to go to a restaruant and have lunch while the rooms were readied.

When we went in, we had to go to a small rest. which had a very limited selection of food. Pizza, pasta, salad and drinks. Very basic: nothing elaborate comapred to what we have been used to after being in the Dom. Republic for around 2 years and having visited at least a dozen such resorts.

We came back after an hour and the reception area looked as bad, if not worse. We spoke to the guy on duty and he said, he was working on it. An hour later, he was still working on it. We had lost complete patience by then. The last straw was when he said that he could give us only two rooms. We had by then wasted about three hours on a beautiful sunny saturday afternoon and wanted no more of this unprofessional resort. We spoke to the Guest relations manager and asked him to find us three rooms at a nearby resort. The minute we were able to confirm it, we picked our bags and left; even though the other resort was about 30% more expensive.

This was our first visit to a Coral group resort and needless to say, our very last. Wouldn't recommend this place to anyone who is even looking at a semblence of a decent vacation.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 07/4/2002



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Author: younass Posted at 16:11 10/23/2010
Author: glassesburgundy Posted at 17:48 03/18/2009
Author: natasha Posted at 16:23 02/21/2009
Author: natasha Posted at 16:22 02/21/2009
Author: Jennifer Posted at 15:18 11/4/2005
Author: valentino Posted at 17:33 06/15/2005
My fiance and I are going to Coral in May and are possibly attempting a wedding at the same time....just the two of us. Any suggestions or things to know??? We reawlly have no idea! Thanks
Author: Ruthie Posted at 20:32 02/24/2005
I returned from the Coral Canoa yesterday. I have to say I was very disappointed at some facilities. There was little entertainment, especially after 11.00pm. A disco at best in a bar. We had a broken loo all week. The food was alright but the best restaurant is the Italian. I will not be returning. However the rep Kevin was very helpful. A thing which was not mentioned when we booked a day trp was 300 steps which with a bad hip was neigh impossible as there was no hand rail or support to descend to board the boat. A little more communication. It was however very clean.
Author: christine smith Posted at 4:38 02/10/2005
Family vacation at the Canoa was wonderful. I don't have any complaints. We enjoyed the food, the grounds was beautiful, I have never been much of a beach person, but I truly enjoyed this one.
Author: Mburt Posted at 10:29 02/5/2005
hey, has anyone the song of chocolate friends??
pls send it to me: [email protected]
Author: Sven Posted at 10:56 08/25/2004
The only complaint that I have is that we were there for 3 nights and our room was not made NOT even once. When we finally called the cleaning dept, they sent a lady with towels. Oh, and the nightclub in the resort is not the best in the country - the Coral Hamaca has a better disco - - Other than that, everything else was wonderful!
Author: Carina Posted at 20:11 08/1/2004
wow ! whe are back from yesterday from coral canoa . whe already travel a lot to different places in the world but this time it was amazing , very friendly everywhere, good food , lots of drinks , nice pool and beach , and the fantastic entertainment group (those chocolat friends) for us a great experience
Author: jan en anita Posted at 21:32 06/6/2004
Author: jean-christophe Posted at 10:41 05/19/2004
Author: Christophe Posted at 8:47 04/24/2004
we were at Coral Canao from 21th of july until 6 august 2003 (that was yesterday) and now we are one day at home and we want to go back!!!!! it was very nice!!! the chocolate friends are very good!!! especially
MIGUEL!!! (we hope that you leave a message at our mail-adress.)

bye bye and thank you for everything it was a nice time and we will come back!!!!

big kisses from holland Esther en Anouk
Author: esther and anouk Posted at 14:40 08/6/2003
On my way to the coral canoa with 5 other guys. I hope it is good. We were bumped from the coral hamaca, a place I am really familar with. Any recommendations.
Author: Walt Posted at 21:23 07/15/2003
six of us just got back from the coral canoa on 5/23/03, it was apsolutley beautiful, i highly recomend it, the service is great, the people are freindly, the rooms are nice and clean(the maid leaves swans made from towels on you bed with flowers). the ocean is great, and the pool and landscapeing is beautiful. good entertainment, ecspecialy jesus and david, you'd have to see them to know what i mean.
Author: matt & yvonne Posted at 17:19 05/25/2003
I am French. I was at coral canoa Hotel in december 2002. It was very fun, there was a very good animation. In fact, i am looking for the fame music of the chocolate friends. If you have got this music in your PC, think about me and send it to me at my e-mail. Thanks. Bye
Author: marylin Posted at 12:33 05/15/2003
Author: Kim Posted at 11:52 01/20/2003
I am speechless, Coral Canoa is a great is good, service excellent. I am a travel agent, I have been to many resorts, sent many clients here too. With respect to the negative comments posted here, I have no idea what you are talking about. Its a great choice, definitely better than most resorts of comparable price.
Author: nickR Posted at 21:36 01/16/2003
Coral Conoa was a satisfactory experience:

The Pluses:
Excellent Excellent Maid Service (best I have only seen this with 5 DIAMOND AA resorts)
Environmentally Friendly Resort
Staff was kind and pleasant (slow moving yes)
Some Top Shelf Liquor
Beautiful Architechure
Good Security
Almost 24 hours of food and drinks
Excellent Concierge (I don't know his name but he was good)
Nice Pool
There are always activities to do their
Awesome New Year's food and show
Decent Shows for a non-broadway and very off broadway cast and staff

The Minuses:
Ran out of glasses in many areas
Food was bland (no taste to it)
Wine was awful and sometimes unavailable ( a huge minus for wine drinkers)
Removed food products before closing (often half the food was removed a 1/2 hour before closing)
All Inclusive does not reserve a table at one of the resturants they offer (make reservations early)
Try to Scam you on boating insurance you don't need it

I do agree having a latin background that you need to have some patience with these folks down there...and tip them a dollar and your treatment will be VIP for the week. They appreciate kindness and reward kindness.

I give this resort 3 stars...the beach is beautiful and very secluded but its full of coral and could be difficult to get in the water may want to consider walking up to other resorts for a better swimming experience.

I would go back to this resort if I could not find anything better. I would recommend it for those who have families it is quite family oriented even during new years.

Author: Manny Posted at 15:22 01/7/2003
Author: Pauki Posted at 5:04 12/30/2002
We had similar check-in experience at the Catalonia Bavaro hotel in Punta Cana. The food was equally lack-luster.
Author: Catalina Posted at 11:16 12/7/2002
I was at Coral Canoa from 14th until 28th of november 2002 and nothing of that bad things happened to me, it was so beautiful there and i am very sad that i am at home now.

greetings from austria,

Author: Roland Posted at 12:33 12/2/2002
Wow! I went 3 times at Coral in a year and never something like that happen. Where you eat, it was the snack bar. But there is 4 restaurants! (sometimes close, between 2 and 6).

The night show are fabulous, the rooms are clean, the architecture is really nice... It is just a little bad for you that he didn't said about the third room...
Author: Maria Posted at 10:55 09/4/2002

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