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Gran Ventanna

Rating: Above average Phone: Website:
Location: North Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: Puerto Plata Contact: Value for money: Above average
Food: Above average Decor: Above average Service: Above average
Upon our arrival at the airport the next order of business was to find the right bus to take us to our hotel. That is quite the experience in itself, with all thos buses parked in no particular order and we're searching for bus #21.... thank gooodness I used a baggage dolly to wander through the rows of buses all loading people and luggage into the back trailers'! The buses are all of different sizes, some new, some... well I'm glad were not on that one!!! After getting our luggage into the trailer and boarding the bus we were met with the tour guide from the hotel who enlightened our trip with information about what we were going to see and do. It is a short trip of about 20 minutes with the different sights, this is not a boring ride. Yes, it was dark but the traffic is unbelivable...I trusted our driver to do the right move at the right time!! We arrived with all our luggage in tact... WOW!!! The check-in was a little slow for the 8 people checking in, but a tray of beverages was provided, Nice and cool! Once checked in and wristbanded the trip to the buffet was in order as we arrived just in before it closed. First take on the buffet was great, lots of food selection still available and all hot!
The overall experience of this resort was quite enjoyable with all the staff being very friendly and helpfull. For our first visit to the DR it was great place to experience!
The one thing that the resort could improve upon is the entertainment. The activities crew worked hard at getting participants in the varied pool side activities but the beach activity is non-existent other than snorkeling and ocean kayaking, the snorkeling is pretty cool with the water so clear and the reefs just off the shore line. The same activities crew were not that creative for the night shows. Actually I've seen better High School productions at home, the crew tried hard but were just not really impressive to us. If I wanted to see 5 guys dressed up as women lip syncing to the songs and doing poorly at it... maybe I should have had the 151 proof rum to enjoy the show!!! We kept hoping that the shows would improve.... not until they brought in outside entertainers of which were very good! But the activities crew, with there insistent applause and carrying on was a little bit to much and to me took away from the performances.

The Outback Safari was a very unique experience! Our guide was quite the character, he had us in a joyful mood without the "HAPPY POPS", here we call them "Rum-oli's" ;) It is definately a worth while day trip.
The Paradise Island trip is an eyeful as well, with the people on the roadways being just as humorous to watch as was the snorkeling on the island, or the boogie boarding. Again the tour staff are all making sure you are having a good time and cater to your needs. Tip: It is an early start and you do not get any food until you're on the island. Once there you get a Ham sandwich or a Cheese sandwich. You can have as many as you like, it consists of: a half a slice of bread, a half slice of thin ham, a half a slice of bread wrapped in saran wrap! The cheese sandwich... just replace the ham! Oh yeah! You get this at about 10 am, after starting out at 6:45 am. PACK SOME SNACKS!!

Our holiday was very enjoyable and I would definetly come back to the DR but would perhaps look at another North coast resort just for a change of pace. To only complain about the entertainment is not a bad thing, just that the expectation of higher quality show, from a four star resort would be in order.

Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 03/22/2008



one more comment

LOL a 4 star hotel in d.r is like a 2 star hotel anywhere else they serve TAP BEER, all inclusive my ass LOL
they charge you to go horseback riding, jungle stuff, jet skiing, almost everything they charge, if you are a single guy STAY AWAY FROM THESE PLACES you can bring guests back (chicas) but they charge you full price.
I found all inclusive to be over priced and only should be used for first timers who do not speak spanish well.
Author: abe Posted at 5:42 03/24/2008
third world country if you want QUALITY ENTERTAINMENT go to LAS VEGAS or NEW YORK CITY.
This review said nothing about the amenities or maid service or was the rooms clean? was there a television in it? was the pool clean? did they have a jacuzzi? it was basically a review of WHAT I DID ON MY VACATION.
and honestly I could give a ratz ass on what they did LOL
Author: abe Posted at 5:36 03/24/2008

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