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Reina Cumayasa

Rating: Excellent Phone: Website:
Location: Southeast Coast Fax: E-Mail: [email protected]
City: La Romana Contact: Value for money: Excellent
Food: Excellent Decor: Excellent Service: Excellent
Our stay at this hotel was unforgettable. The decor was way beyond your typical resort. Each meal was delicious but the best part was definitely the service. We were treated like royalty and our every wish was anticipated and accomodated by an exceptionally friendly staff. The only downside is the location. There is only a small beach but it was great for privacy. The hotel is very secluded so it's great as a romantic hideway or anyone looking for peace and quiet.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 09/26/2002



quiet and peacefullness, mystic
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Author: leonardito Posted at 9:39 04/17/2006
Author: lourdes Posted at 10:49 12/21/2005
we were there in March, and while the good and the bad comments below are both valid (the rooms are amazing and it's worth paying a bit extra for a suite with a balcony, and I recommend booking not in the main building but the quieter, more secluded one through the gardens, two minutes' walk from the main hotel/dining area), we loved it. It utterly depends what you're looking for. No-one comes to the DR for the food, and though some wasn't great, if you stuck to the simple grilled meat, salads and fresh fruit it was fine (I wouldn't recommend it for vegetarians). The hotel is utterly secluded, and we loved it for that: yes, the beach is a small, but very pretty cove, and the pool is salt-water, but most of the people staying at the hotel were out on excursions during the day, and so we felt that we had the place practically to ourselves. It's eccentric - the staff are lovely, the management lazy, and though the rooms are cleaned daily, getting fresh sheets was a battle!

What the two of us wanted, however, was a quiet week away, to be together, romantic, and not have any decisions to make apart from whether to go for another banana daiquiri - and that's what we got. We found the management annoying, and not at all helpful when we had to move rooms when the a/c didn't work... and yet we would go back like a shot if we were on a limited budget but still wanted peace, beautiful rooms, and seclusion. It would be a great place to write a book.

This place, however, is NOT for people looking to party/hook up/stuff themselves at 24-hour all-you-can-eat buffets with Americanised food. And it's not for children - there's nothing for them. It is a hotel built by a luxury chain to high specs, who then abandoned their idea of building a golf course around it and sold it to a company who are running it on the cheap... and you know, one gets what one pays for!
Author: Lauren Posted at 12:06 05/27/2005
This property has changed hands recently and has transformed from a luxurious resort into a prison from the twilight zone. I'm not doubting the authenticy of previous reviews that have been positive, but something as changed about the Reina Cumayas and it isn’t for the better. The rooms must have been incredible at one point because they are so spacious and poshly furnished. They’re almost excessive. Full kitchen with fridge and stove, huge bathrooms and bedrooms and wonderful balconies. However, there's no hot water, the A/C doesn't work, there are no screens and we are still scratching ourselves from the bed-bugs and mosquitos which made sleep impossible. The food is terrible terrible terrible and only served from 7-10 am, 1-2:30 pm and 7-10 pm. If food is a priority for you, this place is horrible. Which isn't to say this place isn't horrible for anyone else, whether or not you have taste buds and a stomach. There's not really anything to do. The beach doesn’t look over expansive oceans like you might expect, but is a tiny sliver next to a river. The pool is filled with unheated salt-water and appears to be cleaned seldom. Contrary to how the place is advertised, there’s no gym or spa facilities, no internet anywhere, no night-time (or day-time) entertainment or activities, no second restaurant, no second bar, no disco. There was a rumor about a tennis court but we could never find it. No one speaks much English and although the bartenders and wait staff is nice enough, the management are real jerks. We had such a terrible time we called Travelocity and left early and once the management figured out we were leaving they wouldn’t let us use the phone anymore or print a receipt. I really can’t say enough bad things about this place and it’s not just me. All of our party or 6 hated the place. It was literally driving us insane and we had to get out of there. There were 2 other couples who also left early. Since there were only about 12 people there to begin with, 5/6 of the hotel ended up bailing early because the conditions were so bad. At one point, a couple that just arrived at the hotel asked us what was wrong with this place and if we had any tips for survival. I said, “There’s only one tip I’d give to anyone considering staying here and it’s too late for that….DON’T COME!!!”
Author: Jon Posted at 15:58 03/9/2005
No Longer a 5 star. We had a blast anyways. I have many pictures. email me for more info
Author: Greg Posted at 21:09 03/2/2005
Any new reviews of Reina Cumayasa? It is no longer a Barcelo Hotel? We are going next month.
Author: ks Posted at 8:12 02/14/2005
Opinions were shared about Reina Cumayasa -- personally I loved and enjoyed every minute of my 1 week vacation, but that was not the case of the other people at the hotel. Perhaps it is helpful to know that 95% of people during New Year period are French (like me); they did not appreciate the food (not up to par with a 5 star hotel) and the absolute calm and tranquility of the place (I guess they were bored).

However, the calm and peace and tranquility are precisely what enchanted me.

Reina Cumayasa is a beautiful hotel - the suites are magnificent : pink marble, ceilings 4 to 5 meters high, beautiful bathroom, and a view to die for -- coco trees and the ocean. It is really spacious -- almost too spacious !

The beach is small, but almost desert most of the time -- there are never more than 10 people on the beach --in part because the hotel is so small, only 50 rooms and people are off on excursions or on the catamaran. So most of the time you feel alone in a desert ilsland (paradise !)

The beach is very cute and the water is warm and soft as silk and clean (watch out for crabs) and you can swim for hundreds of meters toward the horizon. The sunset over the beach is like a painting.

The catamaran takes you out every day except on Mondays from 10 to 3:30 to the paradise island Isla Catalina, with white sand, coco trees and turqoise waters and snorkeling - some beautiful exotic fish

The locals -bamen and waiters- are very gentle and even affectionate (guys will call women "mi amor" ) and you learn so much about their lives by speaking to them -- they only understand Spanish, but they understand even very poor Spanish (like mine). The captain of the ship, a French guy who moved 10 years ago, taught us a lot about the island.

In the mornings you can do stretching and aqua gym and in the afternoon take a dance class (merengue, bachata...) but our teacher got sick in the week and there was no one to replace him. I fell in love with their music (bachata), which you hear in the restaurant and at the bar.

The downsides were the price (1600 euros per person for 1 week) and the terrible orchestra they hired for New Year's Eve, whose evey note was off-key (which is strange for a music loving people like the Dominicans), also the fact that there is no disco -however, we danced in the afternoon in the open bar space. On Sat night we went to a hotel nearby (santa ana) to dance.

You need to love quiet and peacefullness, because the mood is silent and the hotel is secluded (6 kilometers to the main road, which takes you 10 kilometers down to La Romana).

Overall, it was unforgettable and I only regret that time went by so fast - on the last day I had the impression I had just arrived.

Author: EE Posted at 11:34 01/7/2004
Absolutely marvelous hotel, dreamlocation, best attention, unforgettable. We spent two weeks, each day was just relax and joy. Not very many hotels in the world come close...
Author: Hans Posted at 14:40 06/15/2003
Reina Cumayasa was like heaven on Earth!!! I had such a wonderful time!! Everything , absolutely everything was just beautiful! I reccommend it to everyone!
Author: Jessica Posted at 5:37 01/22/2003

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