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Casa Marina Reef

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City: Sosua Contact: Value for money: Excellent
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Our 2 week holiday at the Casa Marina Reef in June/July 2002 was our 6th visit to the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. We quickly decided it was the best so far, interestingly, our 2nd place would go to Paradise at Playa Dorada, also an AMHSA group hotel.
Irrespective of whether you're officially at the Reef or the Beach, you can use all the facilities of both hotels. In practise this means you have 2 buffet restaurants, each a little different in character and ambience. You also have 2 main pools, one used for all the pool activities, the other much quiter, but there are also several smaller ones, mainly quite quiet.
There is a good number of bars about the grounds, but you will find that the same drink can taste different at different bars!!?? There is also a cash bar where you pay for your drinks, something we've never come across in the other hotels we've been in.
Of the speciality restaurants, the Italian is easily the best, not just our opinion, it was full every night!!
Our room was fine, although we could have done with more drawer/cupboard space.
The staff were good, although some in the buffet restaurants could have done with a personality transplant. Sometimes they were rather slow at clearing tables and re-setting them with ALL the necessary bits and pieces.
Of our 6 visits, 4 have been to different hotels at Playa Dorada, so it was nice to be able to walk out of the hotel and literally a couple of minutes later be in the town and samplying Dominican life.
The internet plays an important part in many peoples lives nowadays, and we would recommend Sosua Internet, 5 minutes along the road from Casa Marina. Yes, the vendors at the stalls on the road down to Sosua beach could be a bit of a pain, but thats the Domincan for you, and they're not difficult to deal with if you're firm about not being interested.
The main complaint we had was the sudden deluge of Dominicans from the south at the week-ends. The children were allowed to run riot with little supervision and you could be enjoying a peaceful time somewhere when suddenly all hell broke loose. Suddenly, a quiet pool area would be taken over with shouting screaming kids, the peace shattered. Also at these times, some of the buffet restaurant staff spent more time chatting to the "locals", instead of looking after ALL the diners.
So all in all, top marks to the Casa Marina resort and Sosua, and hopefully we'll find another good deal at the travel agents so that we can return.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 10/12/2002



loved casa marina, great value good food, jacuzzis make the place unique.stayed twice before wont be dissapointed if we are placed there againon our a.o.a. in 2 weeks time
Author: jill Posted at 11:17 04/13/2006
We loved the hotel and the area around it.We loved it so much we might come back next year.
Author: The Osborns Posted at 10:36 11/25/2003
1st time to the Dominican for us, stayed at the Casa Marina Reef complex. After a 9 hour flight it was relaxing to be met by some fruit juice and a welcoming smile! The room was perfectly placed over the main pool, palm trees in sight. The staff were polite although not always ready to say hi, but you can get over that?? The animation was excellent Felix was the man! The stay was tainted each weekend with the 'locals' turning up as they have no manners at all but they have to go on holiday too dont they? All in all a great holiday.
Author: Barry Horton Posted at 4:14 11/3/2002

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