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paraiso del sol

Rating: Horrible Phone: Website:
Location: North Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: cabarete Contact: Value for money: Horrible
Food: Below average Decor: Horrible Service: Below average
The water sports were at another hotel which you had to get the free bus. But the bus was midday,takes you at 11 am and brought you back at 2 pm. which its ok being free but its the hottered time of the day and you are advised to not stay in the midday sun. Also the entertainment was the same EVERYNIGHT and the only bar was the main pool bar were you seat all day to have breakfast,dinner and tea. You go to dress up for your everning meal and you are at the same bar. Very boring after two weeks. Food there is no such thing as ice cream in that heat you need it.For an allinclusive hotel you had to fined a bottle,then go to the bar and fill it so that you had drinking water in you room. When you arrive at 3am there is nothing, bar closed and no shop open to buy anything. i will stop there . And it was my honnymoon.
Author: Annonymous Review date: 11/15/2002



i just returned from this hotel last month and i had the most fun in my life. everything was perfect. The most fun i had was with the animation team who worked there. i am going back to this same hotel in january. nothing was wrong with our hotel it was great.
Author: leeza Posted at 19:55 10/9/2006
I went to this hotel the last weekend. The beach was perfect to practice skysurf.
The room smell like dead cow and there'no mini bar.
There's no Disco. The service wasn't good at the reception area (Lobby).

Food (1to 10) = 5
Author: Nathalie Posted at 13:32 05/3/2005
I went to Paraiso del sol in 2002, i thought it was a great holiday. I went with my best mate and her family. There was nothing wrong with the holiday and im goin to go back hopefully in 2004 when i turn 18. Its a great plce to relax the people are really friendly and the weather was lovely. I thought the shows at night were very funny as me and my friend were in stiches after it, the beach was so close and the waves were amazing. I thought the food was great, there was good selection to choose from. I'm deffinately going back!!!
Author: Jenni Powell Posted at 18:55 12/11/2003
This is not going to be a long review since I won't be repeating the above-mentionned facts. They are pretty much exact. I would not recommend this hotel to anyone since it's far from being average. There were many "bugs" during our stay there. We stayed in this resort for one week and our room was cleaned only three times. When I asked why, they told me that the person in charge of this building was sick and she wasn't replaced. The people at the lobby were not too helpful. Some of my friends travelling with me told me the lobby people were often pretending not to understand english or french and, even if I speak spanish and was not confronted with that problem, I can tell that they seemed to be bothered more than helpful. What was the major problem to me was both the mosquitos (attracted by a nearby six feet tall pile of garbage), which were a fun killer every evening, and those sollicitors invading the city of Sosua, Cabarete and the beach of the resort. These people are trying hard to suck you dry of your money. You tell them no 3 times in a row and 10 minutes later, they come back to you, same stuff at hand, same stupid smile on the face. There's absolutely no control of these sollicitors and, by the end of the week, one could just smack them. It's not all bad but it's enough trouble for me to avoid going back.
Author: Vince Cloutier Posted at 19:39 09/18/2003
I have just come back from Paraiso Del Sol and thorughly enjoyed it. It has obvoiusly improved drastically over the last year, but my partner and I found it a great place to relax and great value for money too! We would say it was easily a 3 star resort. The rooms were basic but comfortable and clean. Towels were soft and changed daily. The sheets and bed linen were clean and cosy. There were 3 restaurants plus the A la carte, which all offered a good choice of snacks and meals. The bar staff were fantastic and cocktails were extensive and delicious. Local beer was really good too. The main bar near the entertainments pool shut at 1pm each night which was late enough. We found there were three pools, one of which was the main entertainments pool, which hosted daily volleyball and waterpolo matches plus aqua aerobics. The other two were smaller and more quiet. We really enjoyed our holiday after reading such awful reports about it from other visitors from 2001/02. We were dreading it but we were not dissapointed and would say it was an ideal place for couples and families alike who want a good, value for money, no frills holiday. Good food, good people, free flowing beer, great weather.
Author: Carly Cotton Posted at 5:21 04/2/2003
I went to this resort 2001-02 over new years. I would never go back nor recommend it. It is a 1 to 2 star resot and the above honeymooner is very accurate in his evaluation of the resort.

Wine was only served at lunch and dinner
The resort was surrounded by sewage (or old swamp but smelled awful) bringing up many mosquitos
The beach had many solicitors (official ones)
There was only one bar and breakfast but was also served there
Beach was ok very windy good for wind surfing
Entertainment was the same and staff got way to friendly with guests (could be good but they were always wanting you to go out with them after the show)
Food was limited to three meals
Bar CLOSED AT 11pm everynight
Was a walk to the beach
Small Pool

Good wine
Food was decent (had sabor or taste to it)
Service was ok they always accomdated your requests
Excellent Bartender at night

I would not recommend this place again...the mosquites are awful and needs to expand better...but the food here was very good. It is a great place for bachelors and bachelorettes not good for families and couples.

Author: Manny Posted at 15:32 01/7/2003

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