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Casa Marina (Reef & Beach)

Rating: Horrible Phone: Website:
Location: North Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: Sosua Contact: Value for money: Horrible
Food: Above average Decor: Average Service: Horrible
We are Americans that live in Jarabacoa and have have stayed at Casa Marina many times in the last two years and most of the time would recommend it to everybody. This was the case until this year...

Please be very careful when deciding where to stay in Sosua. There are not that may choices and Casa Marina is now one of the worst... Too many things to list but here were some of the things that would keep us from staying there again:

1. Checking in: the front desk (Wilson Brugal) abruptly told our guests that they had no record of a reservation. That we needed to call Expedia ourselves. They were unkind, abrupt and did not offer to solve the problem for us by contacting Expedia themselves.

After we told them that they should investigate a bit and figure out what happened we were told 'not our problem, we will bill you (again) and you can figure it out later.

2. Remote Controls. None in the rooms. You must request them. We were given a broken remote control after multiple requests.

3. Wrist Bands: 200 pesos if you loose them...

4. Rooms. Very musty smelling.

5. No hot water: for 2 of the 3 days we stayed there was no hot water whatsoever.

6. Other unprofessional behavior: while waiting (and waiting) for some of the above issues to be resolved at the front desk we observed several other visitors being given abrupt treatment.

We really like many of the aspects of the Casa Marina resort... the guards are very friendly, the food is great, the bartenders are very friendly, the pools and beach are really nice. Our main issue was with the front desk manager and his staff who did not seem to care how their attitude and lack of help affected the rest of us. We had 4 guests with us and it was a shame...

We walked over to the Sosua Bay hotel (new, 5 minute walk from Casa Marina) to show our guests where we want to stay the next time. If you have a chance check it out. Its great! And the service is terrific...

Jock Pereira
jockper[email protected]
Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 12/8/2002



This was the worst hotel I have ever stayed at in my life. [...] Please stop sending people here. 1. I payed for Ocean View, they escorted me to Garden View. I was told that reservations are not guaranteed. They don't know from one day to the next what was available. After two hours of waiting and arguing, they finally gave me ocean view. I had to prove I had this reservation. Thank God I saved the paperwork. Staff informed me that they only had one ocean view room left. That was a lie. The hotel had plenty of vacant rooms where I was. It was half empty. 2. Same food every day in the buffet. 3. "Specialty Restaurants" only had a couple of selections because I was told that the chef did not make the other dishes. 4. I was begged to buy stuff constantly. 5. Employees at the hotel asked me for money because they had two young children and the cost of Milk in the D.R. is too expensive. 6. The only thing fit to drink was the Presidente beer served in little plastic dixie cups. Everything else was the cheapest liquor that existed on the planet and not fit to drink. 7. My toilet overflowed, and I got a lecture on how to press down the handle so it didnt' happen again. I had to plunge it out myself. Staff handed me the plunger. 8. Staff were rude and could care less if you were having a nice time or not. 9. My room had the cheapest furniture available. The bed was rock hard and on rollers and would roll around if you moved one inch on the tile floors. 10. No air conditioned restaurants. Everything was open air 11. Half the hotel was closed and in a continual state of construction. I hope you like the sound of jack hammers and construction equipment all day long.DO NOT STAY HERE. THEY WOULD have to pay me 5000 to stay here again. It was really that bad. The place reminded me of a Federal Correcitonal Facility.
Author: Michael Showers Posted at 11:35 10/28/2010
Just got back from casa marina reef found it very average. The room was very poor as in the patio door didnt slide you had to lift them the wardrobe door was much the same, no plug in the bathroom sink the tv didnt work and when they eventually fixed it id missed england in the rugby world cup final and lewis hamilton in the final F1 race. The water was on and off just like the electric and quite a few of the staff including the Main Desk could do with a course on how to deal with people. They might take a look a one of the breakfast waiters Jose A. who was outstanding in the way he treat everyone who came into the restarunt they could learn a lot from him!!
Author: Carl Posted at 18:38 10/31/2007
The dude who started this thread was right. The place really stinks. I have American relatives who LIVE in Sosua who say the very same thing. They also say that it is very common for the hotel staff to jump on these threads and post favorable (yet fake) comments. I read through the above and I can see a common element.

Just my two cents worth. And, actually, not just that - I truely had a bad front desk experience and felt that this place should be downgraded in the guides.

~ B
Author: Bernard Winston Posted at 20:45 08/17/2006
Me and my friend just got back from the casa marina reef and cannot praise it enough the entertainers were excellent and i think they spoke very good english and the bar staff were also very nice guys they all remember your names and they make your holiday personal. it was a great holiday although the only thing i'd suggest is girls, do not go out there just single girls as the guys out there are very persistent and although it's flattering to start with it can get a bit annoying after a while if all you want to do is relax. but apart from that i'd give the whole holiday an A*!!!
Author: Jessica Everett Posted at 15:48 05/28/2006
stayed at the casa marian beach from nov 20005- 5th dec 05. staff is brilliant, hotel is teribble. changed room 4 times, water coming in every where. pool and whirlpools were freezing cold. food ok. closing time of the bars is 11pm which is far to early. not a dream holiday.
Author: andrea schaefer Posted at 14:40 04/17/2006 friend and i just returned from casa marina reef.
i cant say anything bad about the place.
the bartenders were great...carlos and lenardo, were our favs
they treated us loke gold
i definetly will go back..
Author: lesley Posted at 8:51 10/2/2005
I have recently returned from the Casa Marina Beach and can't praise it enough. It is a 3* hotel but at I would put it at the higher end of the scale. If you want 5* quality I am afraid you are going to have to pay more for it than this hotel costs. I found the front desk people to be pleasant and we were issued with a remote control on checking in - not that we used it as we were out enjoying the fun and sun. Food is good, staff are friendly and great fun. I would return in a heartbeat.
Author: Julie Posted at 10:12 05/26/2005
the place was stunning i dont know why you dont like it were going back next year it was beatiful the food was great and staff are freindly
Author: samantha Posted at 6:09 05/24/2005
i stayed at the casa marina beach in Nov 2004 for 2 weeks, this was my first hoilday abroad and found the place excellent. Rooms were clean, food well I have never seen so much choice, bars and drinks from 10am to 12pm. the staff were always friendly, yes we had a problem with our remote control on the telly, spoke to reception and it was sorted straight away.
Author: Bekki Posted at 6:19 11/29/2004
I returned from casa marina last friday it was my first time abroad and they made me feel welcome and at home.
The staff were excellent, the food was great and the rooms were fine so I can't understand why people are writing about their bad experiences when mine was so good. I would definatly recommend this hotel to anyone as i was extremley satisfied.
Author: Karla Chapman Posted at 5:20 10/7/2004
The dude that posted the first comment was right. I stayed there for 2.5 weeks and had the same experience. I actually RAN INTO HIM and we realized that the Casa Marina hotel still has the same service management and still rots and providing correct service. The guards are great, the staff is great - the problem continues to lie with the front desk.

PLEASE DO VISIT THE SOSUA BAY HOTEL - a 5 minute walking distance from this hotel. Much better. Much classier. Much more enjoyable. Stronger drinks. Fun environment.

You wont go wrong here!!!!


John M. Stamond!!!!
Author: John Stammond Posted at 23:26 07/23/2004
Author: Victoria Johnson Posted at 13:30 06/24/2004
I just got back from Casa Marina. I had the time of my life! Everything was great... the food, the employees, the service, the shows, the beach! The DR people are so nice and happy, it just puts a smile on everybody's face. My 10 years old sister is really picky with food but she really liked the buffet. My advise to you is to go on the Jeep Safari and bring some candies for the kids... they love it and ask for it! Also dont be scared to call your family from over there, the phone calls are cheap when they are made from the hotel room and you pay when you leave. You gotta go to at least one show at night and to the disco, you will enjoy dancing and drinking :) Employees speak spanish, english and even french. Also everything is so close, you walk very little from the beach to the restaurant or the pool and back to your room :) Lots of activities for kids! Volleyball, Baseball, Dancing, Boat, JetSkis, AquaForm,... try it!
Author: Karine Posted at 15:17 03/9/2004
I can't say enough about Sosua Bay Hotel.....Everyone was very nice and always helpfull. We got put in the Victorian House for 3 nights and then in Sosua for 4 nights because we had to move they gave us a ocean view at no extra cost and after we packed they moved everything for us. The resort it self is breath taking and very clean, no Bugs in the rooms, we had hot water everyday and only had power outages one night 2 or3 times for about 1 minute or so. The food was 5 stars always hot and so much differant things to choose from you never had to worry about what you were going to eat. (chicken,fish,beef) everynight. Made to order food also in the buffet resturant. We are going back in 18 months or so and plan on taking our 6 other family members kids and grandkids.
Author: Suzie Posted at 20:33 03/6/2004
Thanks to this website, I've taken on board all of the comments and now know what to look out for at this resort. Be sure that I'll get a remote on day one, but will mainly be there to chill out with the local hospitality, DR style! We're going in a weeks time and will let you know the outcome. Spanish is likely tol be limited, but the locals might pick up some Geordie!
Author: derek Posted at 18:36 03/5/2004
I stayed and was married at the Casa Marina Beach in march this year and had a wonderful time, I found staff to be friendly always willing to help, nothing was to much for them and they made my wedding day so special it is something i will never forget.
I have just booked a last minute flight and have been in touch with the hotel to make a booking through Hoster the Hotel Guest Manager who not only remembered me but was happy to sort out the booking with me so now i am looking forward to going again on 17th of november and willprobably enjoy it again.
I am going with my Mum who has stayed at the Casa Marina Beach 9 times upto now making this next visit her 10th time, so they must be doing something right.
Author: Kelly Farmer Posted at 3:46 10/28/2003
i have just returned from CMB and i can safely say that it is not a 4* hotel. id give it 2* and that is on a good day
Author: annonymous Posted at 9:51 09/26/2003
Don't listen to what this guy said about this resort. He was probably being condescending and very american. The culture there is different yes, but they also should be respected. I have been to the DR millions of times and have stayed at must of their resorts. This place I am happy to report is very nice, clean spacious, the variety of food is excellent, the employees are very helpful and speak english. I was just there 3 weeks ago, with no reservation and got a room no problem. The town itself is very nice and people are friendly. Actually the people in this part of the island which is the north are of a much better class then those of Santo Domingo. This resort has 4 jacuzzi's on the cliff in front of the ocean. If you dont have a good time here then I dont know what to tell you. Remember this place cost the equivalent of $25.00 a day all inclusive. Were can you go for that kind of money and get so much?

Remember americans can be very nasty and demanding I know I am american, but the dominicans are different. They are not use to the hustle and bustle, they dont have to be. Your on vacation take your time be patient and enjoy.
Author: Maria Posted at 11:28 09/19/2003
We were at the Reef last July, our 6th visit to the North coast, and enjoyed it so much we're already booked to return. I'll then be able to give an up to date report. In our experience, you'll be lucky to find the perfect hotel/resort, unless money is no object, in which case you probably wouldn't consider the Reef. Sadly, we're not in that position, but if the Reef is as good as it was last year, we'll have few complaints
Remeber, it takes all types, and you can't please all the people all of the time!!!
Author: David Posted at 17:17 05/12/2003
Go to the Bahamas! Trust me!
Author: coolbreeze Posted at 16:27 04/1/2003
I have stayed at the Casa Marina three times, both the Beach and the Reef side, and escorted 16 of my friends and family there in December for Xmas/New Year's.
As a travel agent I have also sold this hotel many times over the past 4 years.
Not once have I experienced anything but really great sevice from the front desk and their managers.
The complaints here were mostly what you would expect from a 3 1/2 star (although personally I give it 4 stars as the service and food and grounds are above average) in a third world country...water presure at certain times of the day especially when the resort is full, is not uncommon, even in a 5 star resort!
Musty smelling rooms- it's a tropical country with high humidity- you don't even smell it after a day or two!
ALL places charge if you lose your wrist band though I don't know how it could "fall off"! they're really hard to lose...
TV remote- I agree they are hard to get but we just kept asking until we got one...
Unprofessional? That depends on how you are voicing your complaint- if you come across as rude, ignorant and or/brassy...good luck...don't expect them to bow over to your every need...
If you got off on the wrong foot, that is really too bad...I owuld not hesitate to stay there or send anyone there fact, I have people staying there right now!
C. Misner
Author: Travelling Posted at 19:11 03/28/2003
I would highly recommend this resort, I just came back March 8, 2003 and had a fabulous time. Great food, beautiful beach, friendly staff. No theft or security problems whatsoever. Everyone I met at the resort loved it as well and would return.
Author: DJ Posted at 15:49 03/10/2003
I am going to the Casa Marina next Wed, March 12, and will let you know my opinion. I am returning there after two visits which I enjoyed enough to decide to return after a two year hiatus. There were problems with the attitudes of the front desk personnel in the past, and unless you know that you can get a remote control at the desk, you will not be told (at least in my case). I found the evening programs entertaining, the staff wonderful both on the grounds and in the restaurants (except for front desk)
Request a room above the ground floor to avoid mustiness. Try the Playa (beach) in Sosua - it is terrific.

More later when I return from my holiday.
Author: Brent Posted at 17:21 03/8/2003
I am sorry you had such a bad time at the Casa Marina hotel, I visited the same place in October and had a wonderful time.

This was our first visit to the Dominican Republic, one of many in the future I hope. I found every member of staff to be wonderful, the reception staff were never rude and the waiters, bar tenders and animation team were superb.

Can I say that everyone holds there own opinion on holidays and if anyone was put off visiting the hotel from the review they should think again and go with an open mind.
Author: charlotte Posted at 10:53 02/14/2003
I'm sorry you had a bad time, I stayed a the Casa Marina in June last year and it was wonderful, all the staff where friendly and the staff at reception where more than happy to help us, and we where there most days. I would recommend this hotel, and would tell anyone to go and judge it for themselves, it is classed as a 3 star but I myself gave it a 4*
Author: Maz Posted at 9:07 01/29/2003
i am greatfull of this site as i was going to book this holiday through thompsons who stated this was a 4* hotel i will now stear clear
Author: sandra edmanson Posted at 6:04 01/12/2003

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