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barcelo talenquera resort

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City: juan dolio Contact: Value for money: Excellent
Food: Average Decor: Excellent Service: Above average
The resort is laid out in the most beautiful gardens you can imagine, the sea is very clear with a lot of fish to see! The food is average bearing in mind this is a third world country! We were not hungry! Lots to do if you like water sports not much else to do except sit back with a cocktail and watch the world go by, bliss! The sun did not stop for the entire holiday. I would recommend this hotel to anyone who enjoys relaxing by the sea or if you prefer there is more entertainment pool side if you want to participate or watch. You can go on various tours to Catalina or Saona both are beautiful islands. Or go shopping in the capital, Santa Domingo. or take one of the many other excursions out into the countryside to see the real Dominican Republic. Top tip take small us dollars everything is cheap if you are good at haggling! Adios!
Author: Annonymous Review date: 12/11/2002



Read the complaint letter, they never responded. Dont stay at this resort or most any other Barcelo resort. I have been hearing alot of bad things from them all.

To whom it may concern,
I wanted to bring to your attention my stay at your resort in Dominican Republic in Punta Cana, Bavaro Beach was one of the worst stays I have had in traveling. And to make it was a very special, my honeymoon. I am really dissapointed and was expecting a five star resort and it was more like a two or three. Believe me I plan on writing every possible travel web sit with opinions, including my own tourist agency about the stay and the way we were treated. Me and my large family have traveled alot throughout the world, and will continue to do so. This was our first time going to a Barcelo hotel and will be the last. Let me begin,

The first thing that really angered me was the fact that an employee was talking dirty to my wife and flirting with her while she went to get us drinks while on the beach. It took every part of me to keep from making a scene. While a majority of the employees were very kind and helpful, there were the few that I cannot believe were even empoyed. There was another employee at the Bavaro Caribe that was rubbing a young drunk girls shoulders and talking about going to her room and smoking marijuana and having sex. I couldnt believe it, an employee in uniform doing this in open. Very dissapointing and unprofessional.

Another major factor was when I complained on the second day about roaches in our room, smoke coming from the neighbors room all night from them partying, and our telephone not working they did nothing about it!!!! I could not order room service, or ask for services. Infact the next few days when I was at the front desk complaining the desk clerk's went to the back and never came back out to talk to me or tell me anything! Finally on the second to last day when I complained about other employees trying to get our money and not letting us ride the sails, along with the problems in the room, all they did was offer us another room. Think about it we were leaving the next day! So for our honeymoon none of the problems were resolved and we had to carry all of our own luggage to the front. Very pathetic.
The trip was all invclusive and the employees working the sails were trying to get fifteen dollars from us to ride it or to use the snorkels close to shore. The next day a guest told us that isnt right so we went back to use them and they told us to come back tomorrow because they were closing and would be open till 6pm the following day. No hours were posted and should I also mention it looked obvious that two of the employees were hung over becuase one was complaining with his head down in Spanish. My wife speaks fluent spanish.
I could also say alot of unpleasant things about Prieto tours and some of their employees, but I since it is not part of your resort I will not comment.
Lastly the cleaning people leave the doors open when they clean which every night we found alot of mosquitos in the room and woke up each with at the least 6 bites.
As well the unfit, outdated rooms need mentioning. Your so-called five star resort rooms were old, rusty, bug infested rooms that had old noisy appliances. The sheets and bed were in pathetic shape, especially for honeymooners. A standard hotel room has had better rooms than your resort.
I understand and know there will always be some sourt of problems while traveling, but in the past, even at a Best Western Hotel, they were quick to fix the problem, showed real concern, and apologized for the problem. That is good customer service! I received none of the above from you resort nor you employees. Very sad indeed. So I hope you see why I will never stay at your hotels and strongly recommend against anyone else staying there throughout the world. It was my honeymoon and was special, and your resort treated me as a spring-breaker. The only nice things to comment was the beach and a few nice employees.
The rooms were nasty, moldy and smelly with airconditioning not working right. The food is not the greatest quality either. Dont go to any Barcelo will regret it unless you stay drunk all the time and dont know what you are getting yourself into.

Author: James Upton Posted at 15:43 05/16/2006
Author: Laura Posted at 22:33 11/21/2005
This was my first trip out of canada and the united states the bus ride was 4hrs away from the airport the food was awfull the exact same everyday it was crap. the service is awfull not friendly at all there is nothing to do except soak on the beach there was no activities no entertainment except oh boy dancing it was the worst vaction of my dreams i do not recommed going to this resort go to a 5 star hotel.
Author: Steve Smith Posted at 9:56 01/24/2005
Visted the Barcelo Talenquera as my spring break away from school. First time in a Resort outside of Canada and the States. The Resort itself was beautiful. Very well maintained gardens and ponds with Flamingos, fish and turtles. The Animation Staff was excellent, hard workers! Very sociable, sat with Carolins, who had worked there for 4 years (25) and works 18 hour days! The Food was boring after the first 2 days. Not much change up, and near the end of the week the smell made my stomach turn. Tried getting reservations at both the French and Italian restuarant,s and was put on a an unsuccessful waiting list. The cleanliness could have been a bit better, washrooms were usually broken, dirty and smelly. The rooms, were dirty, and the bathrooms were very gross. Water pressure was next to nothing, some mornings, or afternoons the water barely ran out of the shower head. Heard many other complaints from other visitors, about A/C's being broken, or rooms being gross. Over all, I went there not expecting much, it was afterall a 3 star resort. It suited more then well for my friends and myself, had a great time and would recommend it to other groups, purhaps not as much for families.
Author: Dayna Posted at 18:14 02/28/2004
Superb Complex, lovely warm sea, perfect for snorkelling with hundreds of Fish.

The hotel was fabulous and the staff very friendly. The food is good, maybe a little boring after a few days, thought the French Resturant is superb. On the whole a super place in superb surroundings.
Author: Kevin Savage Posted at 16:48 01/24/2004
We stayed in this hotel back in 2001 and it was the best holiday I have ever had. The hotel was fabulous and the gardens amazing. The food was very good and the watersports brilliant. I thought the brochure (JMC) actually made the hotel sound worse than it is. The 'main road' seperating the beach and the hotel was in fact not much more than a concrete path. The beach was clean, the weather boiling and the staff incredibly friendly and helpful. It would be brilliant for a honeymoon or a holiday with friends and family.
Author: Issy Taylor Posted at 9:08 05/5/2003

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