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Paradise Beach Resort & Casino

Rating: Above average Phone: Website:
Location: North Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: Puerto Plata Contact: Value for money: Above average
Food: Excellent Decor: Excellent Service: Average
In would just like to update Paradise's reviews for those who have been looking into this hotel

Check-in is about average speed everything they have bell boys to bring you luggage to your room, all easy easy.

Pool: excellent, with swim up bar and lots to do with the staff. They have all sorts of activities arranged to do, if you would like. Spanish lessons, many fun things to do, unless you just want to sit and catch the raise, many of spaces to do that!

Beach: beach is nice, with a nice walk out to walk on to, take great pictures, they have activities on the beach, merengue lessons... a volley ball net to play at and a water sport section to rent kayakes etc.

Food: it was very good, felt like home, of course had the dominican style food, but good aswell.. Each night they have different themes for the meals.

Crazy Moon (disco): LOTS of fun, both Dominican and tourist allowed in disco. It is up stairs in the lobby of the hotel. Has both Dominican music, which consists of Merengue etc. also the normal *Canadian and American* music. worth checkin out. Drinks are extra its open late. So drink before!! haha

Nightly Entertainment/Staff: Great, Kiko's Team has great talent. (the animation team) Lots of fun, they have both shows for the audience, and just the staff. At the end they perform with the guests their club dance, which is really fun!!
A lot of dancing >>> again FUN
The people/staff there are soooo incredibly nice they do anything to make you enjoy your stay and work very hard and long just to make you happy, and have lots of fun. They are NICE PEOPLE> from the hotel to the town.

Overall, a great hotel, lots of FUN!!!!!! not expensive, worth the money for sure!! I and many others keep returning so what does that tell you!
Author: Annonymous Review date: 12/28/2002



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Author: bradpitt Posted at 2:18 06/4/2008
Amhsa Marina has purchased the resort as of Oct 1st, 2007. They have started to extensive renovate the hotel, though are doing it room block by room block.

Expect the quality of this resort to improve greatly.

Previously they only managed the resort and were prone to cost restrictions as imposed by the actual owners.

With them now owning and running this resort I expect it to become one of the top resorts in the DR.

And if you are wondering yes I have stayed there. Spent 1 week in Nov. of 2006 at the resort with my father. He has been a regular customer there for the last 8 years going there at least twice a year. With last year spending 9 weeks out of an 11 week stay in the DR. He has plans to return this Jan 2008 for a full 4 month stay.

So yes I speak from experience.
Author: Arbitus Posted at 0:24 10/29/2007
My five-year-old son and I are heading to this resort Jan. 21 for a week. In all the reviews I've read, I've not seen any comments about the kiko kids club. Does anyone know anything about it? Is it good? Safe? Also, for those just returning from the resort, what kind of weather did you have? I'm getting worried because a couple of reviews I read said it rained a LOT.
Author: jackiangus Posted at 12:23 01/18/2007
We went to the Paradise Beach Club last June/Juli and we absolutely loved the place!

First we got a room at the first floor. The room was good enough, but our neighbors weren't that social. There was a small door connecting the two rooms that kept out sight, but no noise. Our neighbors had their TV-set on 24 hours a day, slept during the day and partied in their room at night time, receiving visitors and were having great fun. We could follow their conversation word by word. We were trying to sleep. Knocked on their door trying to ask them to slow down a little. They slammed the door into our face. We had to call reception several times.
Seemed there were more complaints about these guests: we got upgraded to a superior room on the third floor, no questions asked.

The both rooms we got were kept immaculate. Airco was good and so were the beds.

The Paradise Beach has 2 beaches. The Western one is more busy with all the activities taking place there. It has a clean beach and good swimming water. But no wind, it is hot hot hot.

The Eastern one is more quiet. But more rocks and corals on the beach and in the water, so less good for swimming. BUT!!! It has the nicest wind all day. Have a high level sun protection lotion at hand and you can relax here the entire day!

The food we found great! Variation was more than we could take. We wanted to taste it all, but to much to swallow. Service in the Restaurants also was very attentive. My favourite meal of the day was breakfast. I would go there very early with a book, waiting for hubby to open up his eyes. Alejandro made sure I had a constant flow of fresh Dominican coffee!!

Allan at the Beach Bar is the best entertainer. He is the "Cocktail" Tom Cruise of the Paradise Beach Club!! His Cocktails are the best.

We had some excursions. Booked them all with EB Travel at the Playa Dorada Plaza. Don't book tours with rep's of the resort!!!!
The Outback Jungle Safari is a must!!! The climb up the Waterfall is amazing!!!
Went to Paradise Island, but thought the trip to and from to long to make up for the entertainment. Snorkeling was good, but we are used to Egypt. Snorkeling in the Red Sea is much better!

We also hired a car for 2 days. I would recommend that! It is great to discover the country on your own. For 50$ a day you can go where ever you like. Have a good map (can be bought in the Plaza), have eyes on the potholes and the mopeds! Driving at night I wouldn't advice. We went to Samana peninsula to see the Los Haitises National Parc. GREAT!!!
And to Santo Domingo. Also Great! Just a little short of time to discover this city. But I learned to dance the Merengue over there......;-) LOL. Just on the street with a nice waitor when we were having a great lunch!!!
Fond memories.......
Author: Dora Posted at 9:13 10/26/2005
Hi, my friend and i have recently bought an all inclusive stay at the Paradise Beach resort and casino.... we read some mixed reviews... its our first time going away to the DR..... and were kind of nervous because we dont know what to expect... we have some questions and hopefuly someone on here would be kind enough to answer them... :
1. what is the night life like?... were 20 and 19year olds and were kind of worried that we might be the only teens on the resort? what is the night life like?
2. is it safe to get off the resort and just walk to a near by town... we were looking to go to Punta Cana to swim with the dophins
3. what is the weather like in February
4. is it safe to leave belongings in the rooms and not have to worry about them being stolen?
Author: sophie Posted at 10:41 02/18/2005
My Boyfriend and I spent 7 nights at the Paridise Beach Resort in July, 2004. And let us say that we had an awesome vacation. Our room was nice, the food was amazing, and so many different things to choose from you end up stuffing yourself everyday! The hotel was beautiful, situated on the best part of the beach, the scenery is soo relaxing to look at. The staff were very friendly and always went out of their way to help you or make you feel at home. Alan at the beach bar is by far the most entertaining bartender we have ever met. The funny bike tour we went on was so much fun we did it again a few days later. Paradise Island, well the name says it all, PARADISE! The snorkeling was also amazing. We met some really great people from all over the world and had some good partying with them. The only thing we didn't like was there was really not much of a club scene anywhere. The disco on the resort was pretty good but not great! All around we had a fabulous trip and we would recomend it to anyone. We can't wait to go back!!!
Author: Nadine Posted at 22:05 01/12/2005
Author: Abs Posted at 19:49 09/19/2004
Went to paradise beach resort in june 04, weather was fantastic food excelent, staff very freindly and helpful. Room with upgrade excelent.Don't miss Allan atthe main beach bar during the afternoon he's a real trip. Best vacation of my life and i have been traveling to the caribbean twice a year for twenty years. I highly recomend paradise beach resort for people of all ages.
Author: JIMMY O'T Posted at 11:47 08/31/2004
My b/f and I are leaving July 3rd/04 for a weeks vacation at the Paradise Resort. Does anyone know what the weather will be like in July there? All of these posted comments are making me even more excited to go! Thanks to everyone who takes the time to post one!!!
Author: Nadine Posted at 9:48 06/23/2004
WOW............ nothing else to say, 4 of us went last year 8 are going this year. the staff are out of this world.. first thing in the mornig at breakfast the staff has your coffee ready just the way you like it. (they must sit waiting for you to come around the corner lol).my brother and i love fishing but didnt take any problem one of the catering crew who we got talking too actually went home and brought some fishing gear for us to use whilst we were there.. they really do go the extra mile too please you. Monster trucks are a must for everyone and dont forget to take some candy with you, you will see why when you get there.....enjoy we did.
Author: martin Posted at 11:08 05/8/2004
My husband and I are off to Paradise Beach Club begining of July and are very excited. Any useful tips? We stayed Club on The Green many years ago, how does Paradise compare?Did anyone swim with dolfins?
Author: Angie. Posted at 12:47 03/14/2004
I went there two years ago and absolutely fell in love with the place. My family has a time share for that resort and I will be going in 2 weeks. The staff in my opinion rank amongst the best. They all seem to love their jobs which makes your stay feel even better. Overall, I would rank this resort as a 5 out of 5.

Author: Jennifer Posted at 19:15 02/8/2004
Hey everybody!! I'm fresh off the plane from Paradise and I wanted to give my comment. Like many others, I read other comments on the internet and became somewhat discouraged about my trip. Well, how wrong was I?!! Paradise is exactly that! I stayed from November 3rd- 10th, and didn't want to come home.
The staff and guests are so eager to talk and help you with anything. We met some great people and look foreward to seeing them next year when we go back.
Our week was filled with activities. Some consisted of laying by the pool, swimming in the ocean or hanging by the bar. We also went outside of the resort (highly recommended) for sightseeing and fun. One of our adventures led us to a beautiful waterfall, which after climbing up 7 tiers to the top you get to slide all the way back down. FUNNN!!! Another excursion led us deep sea fisginh, which I highly reccommend medication for sea sickness!! Finally we ended up on a sand bar in the middle of the ocean where we snorkled and soaked up rays!! It was GORGEOUS. The fish were vibrant and the waters were crystal clear. Later we went and hung out with the locals and ate fresh lobster and drank cervesas!
At night, a music festival left us dancing the night away, and enjoying Cuban cigars and El Presidente beer.
If your going to Paradise have fun and enjoy. Time seems to go slow, yet so fast. Remember that this is a third world country, so all the amenities of things here at home are not available. The only thing that bothered me after a while was the food. Dont get me wrong, it was good, but after a week I was ready for some home cooking.
Buenos Dias!!
Author: melanie Posted at 16:43 11/13/2003
We are looking to stay here in Dec
can anyone tell me what sort of rainfall to expect during this time ??
Author: Christine Miller Posted at 3:34 09/2/2003
wanted to add my comments about Paradise...before going there I read many mixed reviews...some were right...some were either no longer right...or just made up.

I stayed two weeks, which also included leaving the resort to visit other parts of the island but mostly stayed there.

The staff is excellent...but then, I tend to tip often and hefty...but I travel alot and know that's the best way to ensure the best service. But they seemed very happy to serve you...and I was very pleased.

The room was a little worn and musty...but the A/C kicked ass and when my bathroom flooded with water...the staff took care of it asap and I didn't even notice there had been a problem. I was looking on the beach...great sunsets...short walk to the BAR~~!!

The pool was cool...big enough to handle the MANY natives that got there on Saturday and Sunday...(if you're going for less than 7 days...I recommend that you skip the got VERY busy there...unless you want lots of people there~~in that case it's perfect).

Beach was great...and be nice to the folks who walk up and down the beach selling things...remember...they're making a living...and they're nice too...I got to know them all very well...and go to the bar and get them something to drink...they'll love you for it.

The food was good...drinks were fine...

Go Four-wheeling...its incredible to see the country side on these machines...take along some candy for the kids you'll see...don't get depressed by the poverty you'll's their version of a little sad if you want...but they are wonderful people and the children are beautiful...

and it's tons of fun...even if you've never done it...or think it's's not.

Funny Wheels and ask for Juan as your guide...he takes his wife along and cuts sugar cane for you...and is a great guide. (and don't forget to tip're on vacation...don't be cheap)

Sousua Beach was funny...Great Hotel there...check out their version of the shopping center...sales people like nowhere in the world...they tell you their life story tongue-in-cheek...if you speak'll have a rip...the lady's of the night out during the day are great fun too...remember...don't take stuff so seriously.

Gotta love the MotoConchos...they're EVERYWHERE~~!

I thought it was VERY safe everywhere...write to me if you have any questions...also checked out other locations while there...I liked Paradise...

I'm looking to buy property in DR~~!!
Author: Ecintron Posted at 16:58 07/8/2003
this is the most wonerful place i have ever been, i would never of gone there had it been my choice but it was not my choice as it was my brother who was getting married the staff are so nice and helpfull i did not want to come home, but when i did i booked up straightaway for the following year. i can not go this year due to having a baby but i am in the process now of booking my holiday there next year anyone who reads this please note the name of the resort (PARADISE)you truly are in paradise whilst you are there,ENJOY EVERYONE
Author: lynnette Posted at 18:24 05/22/2003
My husband and I just got back about 3 weeks ago from Puerto Plata. We stayed at the Paradise Beach Club and I agree, the staff there is EXCELLENT!! We made friends with almost all of them. Lots of fun. We also met a guy by the name of Mikey, we walked out one day to go into the city by taxi and he approached us. Very friendly guy, he helped us out alot! He took us shopping, helped us with the cheapy cheapy deals and even bought us a bottle of wine. Extremely friendly people and all and all a trip to remember!
Author: Ang Posted at 19:03 04/23/2003

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