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This Hotel is dirty. the rooms are a mess, no one speks english, the food is disgusting, everyone that i was traveling with got sick, you have to get up at 7 am inorder to get a beach chair, the resturants are over crowded and it is hard to get a resurvation, the drinks are terrible, everything in the room is broken, there was dirt in my bed, there is mill dew and grotest smells everywhere, you can go to diner in anything , there is nothing to do at night, the torrists are nasty. Bottom Line- DONT GO TO DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - PARADISUS IN PUNTA CANA
Author: Annonymous Review date: 01/3/2003



Meant to add this to my comments on comments posted-8/26 - The Royal Service ,(RSS) option at all the Paradisus Resorts including PUJ,is well worth the $$$. The RSS lounges offer amenities such as wireless internet, free - internet time, royal check in/out, their own block of reservations for activities and dinner reservations and more. Especiallyrecommend for Honeymooners - if you can afford the extra dough.
Author: CHIP W. Posted at 23:30 08/26/2006
Stayed at Paradisus on several occaisions,and find it to be well maintained, organized and a value for the money.Better than average rooms
excellent beach, and the golfers will like the course. The Paradisus brand is becomming a top choice for clients with high expectations for their valuable vacation time. Having stayed at the Riviera Cancun, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico properties this year - they are all excellent.
Author: CHIP W. Posted at 23:23 08/26/2006
We visited the DR in February 2006 and stayed at the Paradisus Punta Cana. The resort was world class and beautiful. Definately a 5 star accomodation. All staff tripped over themselves to wait on us and other than a slight language barrier with some ( it would be helpful to learn at least alittle spanish), most staff spoke enough english to meet our needs. The food was outstanding and all of the resturants at the resort with many items to choose from, even for the discriminate eater. Our favorite,the Steak house, served t bones as big as the plates and cooked to order. The drinks were world class with ANYTHING one would want served just the way they should be. We tried numerous flovors and mixes, all VERY GOOD!!! The rooms werevery roomy and quite elegant other than the mattresses being too hard compared to what I am used to, and the room staff cleaned every day with fresh towels and flowers. A small tip of $2.00 goes along way with the staff. Room service was offered for free. We had a bottle of wine delivered nitely...wait time was usually 20 to 30 minutes. The pool was very large and inviting, no problem ever getting seats near the pool and with the swim up bar, we were very comfortable while there. The beach was spactacular, plenty of lounge chairs for everyone with the bluest of water and all the sunshine and tanning one could ever want. The one down side to our trip was entry into DR at Punta Cana, we landed at about 4:00 pm and it took about an hour to get to the front of the entry customs line only to find out that we needed a visitors card ( $10.00 each) to proceed. That information was not displayed large enough for us to see with all the people present. Certainly not the resorts fault. BE AWARE OF ALL SIGNS WHEN GOING THRU CUSTOMS. The ride was delayed getting to the resort due to us having to go thru the customs line twice, but the took care of us once thru customs. All and all, we have a wonderful trip and the resort was all we had hoped for and more. We plan on a return trip early 2007
Author: George Ishmael Posted at 20:19 03/5/2006
I just got back yesterday. 10/23/05 thru 10/30/05. The is the most beautiful place ever. I was very worried about the food. I do not like alot of things but there was so much to choose from. I had no problems at all finding something. The buffet had so much - make a dang sandwich for god's sake. Eggs, pancakes and bacon for breakfast. The Italian place has pizza and spaghetti. The Mexican place had fajitas and quesadillas. Now how much more American can you get ?? Come on. Staff in resturants were very nice.
Bartenders excellent - would make anything you wanted. All the cigarettes and cigars you could want.
Many, many activites to choose from that would keep you busy all day. I found the staff in activities extremely friendly and fun. Became friends with them and went to discos outside of resort with them. Felt very safe.
I do not speak Spanish but my friend does. Even she had trouble understanding them as it is very fast and different then American Spanish. However, this language barrier did not stop us from having the best time of our lives.
I am a brown haired blue eyed single American girl that just said Hola, flashed my blues and giggled. I never had so much attention in my life. The Dominican men are so diferent from American men. It is hard to explain but it was a nice feeling. And no - they were not after money or sex.
We found some of the Europeans to be snooty but that is expected. Most other guests were very friendly. Talked with alot of other guest and all said the same thing. This is one of the best if not the best resorts there. Same thing from the locals. Paradisus is paradise. The landscaping and decor were beautiful. Room smelled a little musty but if you think about it - it is so freaking humid it is hard to get thing to dry- what do you expect. Weather was perfect.
The staff work long hard days and still have so much energy. The ones we became friends with work from 8 am until 6. They have a break from 6 til 8 then they dance in the shows at night and dance with the guest by the lobby bar until 12. Then they go out to the discos and dance some more until 4 am. They are amazing. We found the staff to be extremely friendly and would do anything to make the guests happy. They are happy to have the job - it is a 3rd world country don't forget. They have made it when they work at the resorts. They love the tourists - we gave them that job. You have to understand that.
Do some excursions and see how the rest live. It is sad but very educational.
We fell in love with this place and are planning on going back in March 2006.
I could not imagine staying anywhere else. We spoke with other people at other resorts and the Paradisus does sound like the best.

One downfall - the Sol Melia Vacation Club people. Watch out for them. Try to sell vacation packages and have a hard time taking NO for an answer. Lost 2 and 1/2 hours of sun time. Damn them.

Highly recommended.
You can e-mail me if you have any more questions.
Author: Carol Posted at 10:47 10/31/2005
My husband and I will be traveling soon to Paradisus. What about the snorkeling and Horseback riding? Any resent reviews?
Author: B & C Smith Posted at 21:13 09/9/2005
Vacationed @Paradisus in 2/02 and 2/03 - returning for 10 days in 2/05. Resort is beautifully landscaped, amazing lobby; clean large rooms; best beach ever (been to almost all Carribbean islands & Hawaii). Food is good - plenty of restaurant choices. Staff friendly and professional. Best vacation spot in all our travels over past 15 years! Try it.
Author: Linda/Lenny Posted at 23:37 09/29/2004
we are going to Paradisus 8/12 - 8/20.
heard lot of good things about the place. any suggestions about renting a car and visiting the rest of the island.
looking forward to our vacation.
Author: peter Posted at 23:01 08/4/2004
I am trying to book a vacation to Paradisus in all are killing me. Seems like either each of you were at a different resort or you did not go at all!

Please some honest advice. Was it good or did it suck. I have been to many Caribbean Islands and have always had wonderful experiences. Is this worth the time or not??
Author: Darwin Posted at 0:15 07/16/2004
Paradisus is an exceptionally well maintained tropical garden with adequate to nice rooms with various views of the many gardens which surround the rooms. The staff and local people are very nice and will go out of their way to help any customer on the grounds. English is not spoken by most of the help in the resort but is spoken well enough by the management. It is an absolutely gorgeous place. However.......the food is beyond descripton. Horrible doesn't really fully describe the agony we experienced by starving for a week in Paradise. I didn't realize that roast beef is actually a dry, gray chunk of wood-like substance with an explosion of garlic. Lobster is actually a mealy dry chunk of over-spiced rubber and pancakes are flavorless discs. I always thought I could eat anything but I would have paid $100 for a Big Mac. Our birth certificates were stolen from our luggage before it got to our room, the water caused days of bathroom emergencies and flu-like symptoms to the point that although the hotel seemed to be full, we didn't see anyone during our careful short outings. Americans should avoid this place like the plague cuz that's what you'll get if you go..........Beware!
Author: John Posted at 21:52 06/13/2004
Author: fjoiseph Posted at 10:56 05/14/2004
After 8 years at Casa de Campo, our travel agent convinced us to try the Paradisus in Punta Cana. We always travel 1st class so was concerned to read some really bad reviews. But, trusting our travel agent, we went. I am happy to report that those reviews were completely inaccurate. We found no odors nor mold, the well-maintained rooms were large and immaculate, we received a fresh supply of towels every day, lounge chairs could always be found, food was good-to-excellent, most staff spoke fairly good english and were very friendly/courteous. So...I suggest you ignore the bad reviews and find out for yourself that the Paradisus is a beautiful hotel and offers a GREAT vacation. I am glad we did!
Author: Jan & Jim Posted at 15:30 03/8/2004
Are there certain foods to watch out for while vacationing in the DR? Someone mentioned something about being careful about what you eat. My husband and I are travelling to the DR soon and are looking forward to it. However, some of these comments are making me nervous.
Author: Amie Posted at 19:16 03/1/2004
Paradisus is probably the best resort in Punta Cana. Service, room, staff, food & decor was great. It seems to me that some people are never satisfied no matter where they go. Complain about if a mosquito bit them, food wasn't cooked to their likeing or the maid didn't show her teeth when she smiled. Relax and enjoy your vacation and remember your in a foreign country so things r different from the USA. "HELLO!"
Author: Arnold Posted at 10:27 02/29/2004
I'm possibly staying at Paradisus in May for my birthday. The reviews that I keep reading are very upsetting, especially since I have traveled to Puerto Plata in 2001. For anyone that has recently stayed at the Paradisus, please give me a more detailed email of your experience.

Also, I am interested to find out the experience of Melia Vacation Club mebers at the Paradisus. My mom is a member, so I would like to know what to expect when we arrive. Also, where are the club member rooms located? Any special services?


[email protected]
Author: Sandi Posted at 8:51 02/11/2004
We are heading to Paradisus hotel in May. I'm very confused about such a drastic difference of opinions. We have never been to DR and are really looking forward to having a fun time in a beautiful new location. Do you think some of these negative reviews are just a product of negative people? I hope so!!!
Author: Joyce Posted at 14:55 01/20/2004
Who ever goes down there and has to complain don't know what they are talking about, the staff does not make the country, it is a third world country! Treat it as such! You are not going to get 5star with the likes of a 5 star at Las Vegas....the comparasons are going to be very different, food is's how it is should just relax....your on vacation! I have never had a bad vacation....never...and I've been to the DR about 35 times, and all over the south....never once have I had a bad vacation....I've met some bad ppl, but thats to be ppl should relax and LEARN how to enjoy yourselves!
Author: Doug Posted at 14:49 01/11/2004
I have visited the Paradisus 2X, once in 2000 and also 2002. The 1st time was exceptional as it had recently opened. The 2nd was very good, but could notice subtle differences as the place aged and the # of people staying had increased. The people were VERY friendly and helpful. We did not encounter any of the above problems. I am thinking about going back Sept. 2003. Has anyone other than Mr. negative had a bad experience with the Paradisus??
Author: Cathy Posted at 8:56 01/8/2004
We love the D.R. However, we too stayed at the Paradisus. Very disappointed. We were there in Jan. of 2003. The rooms smelled so bad we had to fumigate our luggage at home. Even our hair brushes had the horrible smell. The grounds are beautiful. The food was not what a "5" star resort should be. I felt that the staff was laughing at the guests. It had a bad feel to it. This was the 6th time to the D.R. We are going back to Casa De Campo. I would not recommend the Paradisus.
Author: laurie Posted at 11:06 12/28/2003
I will be visiting Paradisus right after Christmas. I am so looking forward to this vacation. Any suggestions from previous visitors.

I am not very picky about most things. I want cold drinks and a cool pool and a bed, that's all !!
Author: mason Posted at 21:49 12/20/2003
Staphanie, learn to punctuate before you question how other people spell. Use a question mark when asking a question.
Not everyone posting may be a native English speaker, ever thought of that? How well do you spell in other self-taught languages?
Not everyone has wonderful computer systems or perfect vision either.
Author: david Posted at 13:48 12/6/2003
I've never been in this hotel, but i was in a similar. I don't believe in those things that person sead about the hotel, because, there, everything is great, people are friendly, and everything is a Paradise. I'm from Portugal and for me is a litle difficult to get there, but... I will be in Paradisus Punta Cana, next Dec29 and spend two weeks. I love that country
Author: Renata Posted at 6:49 12/3/2003
For me Paradisus is the best .
The rooms, the food, the service, the people,...............etc.
If some one want to have a "paradise" in earth, there is the PARADISUS
Author: Raquel Posted at 13:39 11/27/2003
i thought the people were fantastic and extremely helpful. i met some wonderful people and was amazed that most of them could speak 3-4 languages and they taught themselves.
the island is beautiful and the golf @ punta cana and cocautal was was not top drawer but who cares it was plentiful and good enough.we are already making plans to go back...........
Author: sharon Posted at 19:32 11/16/2003
Where did you learn to write. The Dominican Republic is one of the most beautiful countries. I have been there many times and I consider it my home away from home. The people are some of the friendliest people I have met in my life. Go to the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC! It's beautiful and you'll have a great time.
Author: Ben Posted at 10:00 10/11/2003
This is really sad! . I am dominican and live here in the dominican republic. IT makes me sick to my stomach to hear those kinds of comments.
Author: myrna Posted at 18:40 09/30/2003
john I agree with you... the guy who wrote all those things is a fake.. and i bet he doesnt even know where the dominican republic is... if you ask him, he will probably tell you that is located somewhere in the south pacific....and let me tell you something ANNONYMOUS... if you are a high school grad...(and i dont think you are) and you went to college, man.. i can bet that was the worst inverment decision you ever made in your entire life... IT is OBVIOUS... YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO SPELL.....
Author: Hiches Posted at 0:18 07/20/2003
Why you did not learn some spanish before traveling to an spanish speaking country? Culture does not occupy space on your brain (in case you have one).
It is one of the best hotels in the Dominican Republic. Owned by Sol Melia with 5 star rating in All Inclusive.
Some people just go on vacation to suffer. Or maybe he is looking for compensation. Please do not leave home.
Author: Diego Posted at 18:18 07/7/2003
rooms were great.same for the beach,food and grounds.the golf deal is a bargain and it's a nice course. will go back this winter
Author: david Posted at 9:54 07/2/2003
rooms were great.same for the beach,food and grounds.the golf deal is a bargain and it's a nice course. will go back this winter
Author: david Posted at 9:54 07/2/2003
We are going there for the 3rd time with our friends in June. We LOVE is good, room is above average and clean, property is beautiful and the beach is outstanding!
Author: ralphsgirl Posted at 20:55 05/29/2003
I can't believe this person even was at the same hotel as me. I thought the hotel was great the service was great the food was great,(of course you have to watch certain foods. you are in a foreign country)I was there in June and am looking to go back this month and stay at the same hotel. I think the people there did whatever they could and were extremely freindly. Mabey this guy should stay home!
Author: Stephanie Posted at 18:13 04/21/2003
Who could take either of you idiots seriously - LEARN HOW TO SPELL!!!!!

Torrists - Tourists
War - was
Author: CJ Posted at 23:23 03/18/2003
Author: Anders Lutman Posted at 10:33 01/23/2003
You spend a lot of time critizizing the hotel but don't take a second to include your name. I think that's wrong and your a fake!!
Author: john Posted at 6:05 01/8/2003

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