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Sunscape Grand

Rating: Horrible Phone: 809-686-9898 Website:
Location: North Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: Punta Cana Contact: Rod Gahr Value for money: Horrible
Food: Horrible Decor: Below average Service: Horrible
This was the first vacation together for my boyfriend and I. We saw a great deal for a 7 night stay to Punta Cana. The price was great and we needed to take a vacation to get away from our busy schedule. A relaxing vacation was just what the doctor ordered.

We arrived in Punta Cana the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and left the day before the holiday. We were assigned to the Sunscape Grand upon arrival at the airport. It was a disaster from that point on.

Room- When we arrived at the resort and were greeted with fruit punch and rum drinks. We decided to give it a shot and not pass judgment too early. Well, our room was very hot and the a/c didn't work. It also had a musty smell to it. I immediately called the front desk and was told to come back down for a new room assignment. We were then put into building number 3. We had clean towels the first day we were there, but after that we didn't even receive two clean bath towels or hand clothes. When I asked the maid for clean towels she said she didn't have any to give! That was the case scenario for the remainder of our stay. Not to mention that during the time we were there, they were in the process of replacing the room furniture in every room throughout our building. The replacements looked good in the hallway, but at 5am the last thing you want to hear is movers moving, dragging the furniture through the hallway and hammering the mirrors to the wall. We had a wonderful view from the balcony, only it wasn't of the ocean, it was of the building behind ours!

FOOD- This is the part of the trip that absolutely disgusted us and other couples as well. The resort says it offers 4 restaurants. They fail to mention that the 4th restaurant you have to pay for. If you come to the resort expecting to eat seafood, think again. The only restaurant to offer seafood, was the one you had to pay for (20.00/head). The Windows restaurant was a buffet. When you are on a vacation you don't want to eat a buffet style dinner every night. Nothing about it was Dominican either. The second restaurant was an Italian restaurant. It offered the same menu every night it was open. They advertised that they offered a/c while dinning. This restaurant was extremely hot and uncomfortable, even for myself who was wearing a very light sun dress. They require the gentlemen to wear pants while dinning here. That's fine, but in 90 degree humid weather it is ridiculous to ask when you can't provide adequate ventilation. We actually had to get up and leave the table not even seeing our main dish because it was so hot in the dinning room. They say "save the best for last" not in this case. The third restaurant topped it all off. We ate there our second night. I ate chicken and thank God that I did. My boyfriend ate a beef dish. He woke up from a dead sleep early in the morning violently vomiting into the toilet. In the two years that I have known him he has never been sick. Suffers from heartburn, but never sick. It sounded terrible and I am sure it felt worse. I brought him a drink they refer to as the "Bumba" and they said "If you have to drink this, we feel sorry for you". He wet his lips with it and began throwing up immediately after. He was not himself the next two days, but he was great about not letting me see too much because this was our first vacation together and he didn't want to spoil it for me. We met two couples from England and spent most of our days hanging out together. We recommended the American Grill to eat at on the fourth night. Not realizing that it was food poisoning that had made him sick. Billy (my boyfriend) and Chris ( a British) ate beef for their main meal. Both men woke up again the next morning vomiting and suffering from diarrhea. Billy had the worst case. He couldn't eat or drink the rest of our vacation and lost 15lbs. by the end of our trip. Due to dehydration he had great trouble walking and I had to force him to eat half of a banana to aid the cramps in his legs.

Entertainment- The resort consisted of one night club and a piano bar. Both of which had no a/c and were very hot. The music in the night club sucked as they played music that was out of date or too localized. The entertainment outside was terrible and was annoying to say the least. It was geared towards kids which is fine, but they kept stopping and starting the music for nearly two to three hours during the course of the show. Very unpleasant when you are trying to relax at the bar and carry on a discussion.

Beach- We didn't have really any complaints about the beach. We really didn't visit it too much considering the fact that he was sick and I suffered from I kid you not, 30 bug bites on the legs and upper thighs. Yes, I did use bug spray every night and it didn't work. They seemed to love me.

Conclusion- We would not recommend this resort to anyone, not ever and especially not now. Upon our arrival home to NYC, I emailed the general manager my disgust in the resort and to inform him of my boyfriends illness. He emailed us back expressing his deep apologies. We also wrote Apple Vacations a letter similar to this. We requested a full refund or a voucher to use towards another trip. The issues, we were told yesterday was resolved and our travel agent should be receiving the their decision. Well, we received it all right. We were reimbursed for one night total of our stay. Less than $100.00. It was a slap in our face. When we called Apple Vacations today to express our unhappiness with the result, they stated it was the general managers decision as what to reimburse you. Needless to say were are still furious with the outcome and thankfully we have lawyers in our family. We are encouraging anyone that visited the Sunscape Punta Cana resort to email us at [email protected] if you wish to come aboard for a lawsuit against Apple Vacations and Sunscape Punta Cana Grand. Today is January 16th and we look forward to hearing from those of you who experienced something less than a Five Apple Resort!
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 01/16/2003



My parents went a year or two before 2003 and they loved it. They said it was perfect the only thing that mad it an "8" and not a "10" was the food and that it took some time to get used to
Author: Josh Posted at 13:35 02/23/2009
I am a wedding planner. I have planned many weddings, and the one in the Sunscape Grand we AWESOME! The staff, entertainment, amenities and the food were great! The rooms are not spectacular, but certainly not bad. The furniture is dark and the colors and decor are bright and cheery. I have also visited almost all resorts in Punta Cana and though this is not the lap o luxury, the idea of all of the above combined with everything within short walking distance, YES! no trains or cab rides. The rooms, restaurants, entertainment ALL!!! is surrounded by a gorgeous free-form pool that will knock your socks off. I have visited 4 times (my last time being 2006) and will return again and again. Would not trade it at all.
Author: Mildred Casanova Posted at 14:58 10/19/2007
We are going to Punta Can and staying at the Sunscape in Jan. 2007. What should I expect, do I need alot of $$$, it is all inclusive but I am new at this. This is our first trip out of the US.
Author: Sisters in Iowa Posted at 11:38 10/21/2006
First of all i am a 21 yr old male, and this was my first trip out of the country. So i went without any prior experiences of foreign customs. When i arrived there the fun immediatly began and i never wanted to leave. I liked all of the food except the Tex Mex and the only reason was because the servings were small. I like how people expect to go on a vacation to a 3rd world country and expect to be treated the same exact way that they get treated at home. Do you really think they get all of the great treatments that we do? UHhh i think not, so dont go there and expect to be put really high on a pedistal. The night life for me was amazing, we would dance at the disco from 10pm till 2 am and i met so many people and after the club would close we would all relocate at the 24 hr beach bar where we would relax and talk for hours. Big up to "Usher" the bartender at night is the greatest. I am definitaly going back to the Punta Cana Grand and i would recommend it to anyone who knows how to have a good time without being spoiled 24/7. PUNTA CANA 2006 April 30th-May6th.
Author: Drew Posted at 19:06 05/10/2006
I just want to say that anyone that hated the Sunscape must be really uptight. I went to the Sunscape in Punta Cana last year at about the same time as now and there has been no holiday that can compare to that one! The whole staff treated us like we were royalty and I got to know many people both of the staff and in the hotel. I loved it and I would give anything to relive what I lived the whole week.
Author: Carolina Posted at 15:44 03/24/2006
I just wanted to say how can thousands of people be wrong. we booked a 7 day package leaving the end of march 2006 and i heard from plenty of friends in my community in porters lake nova scotia, that they had the time of their lives and they are all going back. If the idiots in the beginning did any research they would realize that tipping has alot to do with getting the things you need. Also not being selfish and bringing children that have nothing gifts is worth say 7 days out of your life. Anyways i have done all the research and i am bringing medicine for travellers crapollas and we wont have to worry about being sick for the whole vacation, tanning also helps. I hope everyone enjoys their trip and take care you are visiting a foreign country! Debbies travel tips is great make up your own first aid kit i heard pieces of shells or coral can cut your feet and cause nasty infections brong some antibiotic creams.
Author: jackie dawn Posted at 5:31 03/4/2006
My husband and I stayed at Sunscape Punta Cana Grand in March of 2004. We had the most wonderful time. It was so beautiful there! The food was wonderful! Although I'm not a fussy eater and it doesn't take a lot to please me, I thought they had a great variety of food. The workers were just awesome. We had so much fun getting to know them. They treated us like we had been friends forever. We thought the setting was absolutely beautiful. We are leaving in a week to go back to Punta Cana. Unfortunately we are unable to stay at Sunscape again. I am very nervous about staying somewhere else, because I know that I will compare it to the wonderful time we had two years ago.
Author: Margaret Posted at 1:13 02/11/2006
we are going to sunscape grand feb 19/06 does anybody have a recent review to share? I heard its under new management and alot of bad reviews ive heard, it makes me want to cancel help please!
Author: shirley Posted at 15:45 01/29/2006
I will be heading to the Sunscape in 3 weeks and from all the research I have done (tons and tons) the onle people who complain seem to be COMPLAINERS! Why can't these complainers give a realistic review of the hotel - they only say they got sick and it ruined their holiday - well let me tell you - if I go camping 3 hours away from home and I drink different water than I'm used to or I eat different foods I would normally - guess what - I get sick. I am not saying that it doesn't suck to get sick on a vacation and I really feel bad for those who do, but really, how bad could a 4+ * resort be. I'm sure there is something beautiful about the resort that warrants more than a 1* rating.
Author: Melissa Laning Posted at 21:15 01/12/2006
My husband and I went to Sunscape for our honeymoon and had a wonderful time!!! This was just 3 weeks ago (October 18th- 25th) and we both would recommend this resort to anyone!! The entertainment staff was so much fun and they made sure you got involved in the activities, if you don't have fun it's your own fault! The food wasn't bad just remember to order your steaks well done if you want them to actually be medium well. We stayed for 7 days and never had a problem getting what we needed or having a good time. We would recommend this resort to anyone!!!
Author: Shelby & Andy Posted at 18:42 11/6/2004
ok first let me say punta cana is like my second home this was my 5th year goin to the domincan republic and let me tell u the food at sunscape is better then all the other hotels i have stayed at..the disco is off the hook..the bartenders hook u up on the drinks if u kno the dj (shout out to DJ ALEX) they will play american music and if u just sit like a bump on a log..u wont have any first nite i was in ms sunscape..and after that day..i had so much fun..if u wanna kno more about my second home please feel free to email me!!!!!! (i miss my domincans..mitchlet*cant wait till u come to delaware*..rigo--u a p-i-m-p~ andres--drunk maria) imiss u all i love u all
Author: Jennifer "lopez" Posted at 21:18 09/4/2004
I'm going there in october for a wedding i hope this person doesn't mean all the things they said. But if anyone out there has any tips or advice i'd love to hear from you.
Author: Shannon Posted at 18:47 07/15/2004
okay, billy & summer......get a life!
i went to was beautiful!!!
actually my family is sending my sister and her huisband there for their honeymoon! I had a great time...i guess you just weren't cut out for are what they call a ..... funsucker!!!!!!!! next time u go somewhere and plan on having fun...think about yourself and how fun of a person u are!!!!!!...u r a freak!!!!
Author: ashley Posted at 15:59 07/8/2004
My wife and I stayed at the Sunscape last June 20-27, 2003 and are headed back on May 31-June7, 2004. Our Trip was way beyond our expectations. This place is beautiful, food is outstanding, staff is the hardest working people on the planet. This resort is the best place to vacation I have found and I am a vetran when it comes to travling abroad. The only regret I can think we would have is the fact you do have to leave and come back home.
Author: Joe -- West Virginia Posted at 16:07 05/3/2004
My husband and I had a wonderful time at the sunscape resort last march 2003 we just returned from the Pallidum resort in mexico our only regret is that we didn't go back to the sunscape this year.
Author: Jim and Kathy Posted at 21:35 04/17/2004
I stayed at sunscape resort from March 1st-14th 2004. I got horribly sick the 4th day and could not eat anything for the next 10 days of my trip! I also lost 15pds and on the 12th day finally changed hotels. We were there for a wedding and 12 of the 14 guests ended up sick including bride and groom. Food poisoning causing diahria and severe vomitting and was still sick a month after I had been home. Turns out we had contracted parasites and everyone on our trip was to go see the doctor. AIR CANADA still hasn't said or done anything even after complaining about spending $3,850.00cdn for a trip I was sick throughout. Anyone with similar stories during this time frame please contact me at [email protected]
Author: Howard Vanachte Posted at 18:33 04/13/2004
I stayed at sunscape resort from March 1st-14th 2004. I got horribly sick the 4th day and could not eat anything for the next 10 days of my trip! I also lost 15pds and on the 12th day finally changed hotels. We were there for a wedding and 12 of the 14 guests ended up sick including bride and groom. Food poisoning causing diahria and severe vomitting and was still sick a month after I had been home. Turns out we had contracted parasites and everyone on our trip was to go see the doctor. AIR CANADA still hasn't said or done anything even after complaining about spending $3,850.00cdn for a trip I was sick throughout. Anyone with similar stories during this time frame please contact me at [email protected]
Author: Howard Vanachte Posted at 18:33 04/13/2004
The resort is now owned by Summit Hotels , which operates luxury properties throughout the world.

I hear that this place is wonderful!
Author: andrea Posted at 12:34 04/12/2004
wow....I am so glad I read your review;I was just about to book at trip at the sunscape punta cana grand,but after reading yours and many other bad reviews we have most definitely changed our mind.
Thank you for saving us over $2000.00
Author: deb Posted at 18:52 04/10/2004
Author: kathy Posted at 19:55 02/9/2004
We spent 2 weeks at the Sunscape Punta Cana Grand from 24th December2003 until 7th January 2004.Our party of 5 all enjoyed ourselves.All the staff were so helpful and polite bearing in mind they worked very long hours.At home we would struggle to find such service. I would say it was very relaxing and young couples may want more activity but for a relaxing family holiday it was brilliant.We are hoping to go next christmas. Cathy(Glasgow,Scotland,UK)
Author: Cathy from Scotland Posted at 20:58 01/24/2004
Ditto from our family on all of the favorable comments about Sunscape. We were there in April, 2003 and are booked again for this coming March. I also need a "Bumba" one morning and it worked - a few too many rums the night before. Great food, super accomodations and excellent staff. What more could one ask for in a resort. Counting the days until we are back there again.
Author: alan Posted at 12:59 01/13/2004
Vacations are what you make it.

From the sounds of it you contributed to the mood of your holiday. It's a shame that your boyfriend fell ill. It must be the meat, it couldn't possibly be the all-too-common travel sickness. It's awful about the bug bites, they must have been attracted to your sweet personality. Too bad about the temperature, I can't for the life of me understand why you were hot... IN THE CARIBBEAN!

Perhaps your poor service and refund had something to do with the giant chip on your shoulder. I would recommend you do not travel abroad again for fear you might infect other vacationers with your attitude!

Get a life...
Author: Maria Posted at 14:29 12/17/2003
Me and my family (15 of us) just got back from Sunscape. We had the time of our lives. The help was great. The food was very good and the security and staff was a delight. The only misfortune that we experienced was not at the Sunscape but at the airport when we arrived. The lighting was sooooo bad, we could not see the card that we needed to fill out and pay $10.

I can't wait to return to the resort. The first comment is complaining about EVERYTHING. Too coincidental
Author: Jim Posted at 18:55 11/9/2003
Stayed at Sunscape in June 2003. Very good food, nice room, nice beach and pool areas. The grounds are nicely groomed and always clean. Lots of activities, friendly staff. Great beach party/dinner and manager's cocktail party. Really enjoyed the fresh fruit stand on beach, excellent spa. Had a great time!
Author: Lisa Posted at 17:27 10/21/2003
my boyfriend and I are leaving for sunscape on friday oct 24th a group of almost 20 of our friends went last april and are going back again this april...........despite the rain for thier entire stay they STILL had a wonderful time.........all 20 of them and NOBODY got sick.........I am looking forward to my vacation and expect nothing but a wonderful time
Author: Lisa Posted at 16:30 10/19/2003
wow i went the same week you went and i was very happy with the whole exprience! yeah they were moving new stuff into the rooms but what else are they supposed to do ? close the resort so stupid people like you dont complain i love the resort and the staff was amzing!!!!
Author: mechelle Posted at 22:51 09/9/2003
Author: Mike From Virginia Posted at 12:24 07/25/2003
My husband and I just got back with our two children last week. We absolutley loved the Sunscape and plan to go back again. I can see the comment about the food, although Windows does offer a nice buffet every day of something different, buffet dining gets old every day. The Italian restaurant was definitely nothing too write home about. American Grill is great in the afternoon for lunches, but the best meal we all had was the Tex Mex Grill. Always drink bottled water, stay away from the burgers, the milk, etc. Bring bug spray, tip the maid occassionally and at the end of your stay. The desk and the staff is very accomodating. They love to take care of visitors but are very appreciative and will remember you when you tip them. The beaches are absolutely beautiful, the pool is warm and clean, and the hotel room is descent also. Yes a bit musty, but remember where you are and keep the air on. ALWAYS use the safe in the room. If bringig children, prepare them about topless bathers and thong bathing suits as we learned. Overall, just beautiful!
Author: Debbie Posted at 17:40 07/3/2003
We stayed at Sunscape at the end of April and had NO problems at all. The staff were amazing and the food was good and we had fresh towels if we needed them every night.
We are going back in September and can't wait!!
Author: Sandi Posted at 13:22 06/9/2003
My fiance and I have reservations to go to the Sunscape July 3, 2003. I have read all of your comments -- I am hoping that the first bad experience was a fluke. The rest of you seem to have enjoyed your visit. We will have 7 days there. I have been assured by my travel agent this is a nice place to go. Any other comments??? :)
Author: Ron & Sharon Posted at 11:01 06/9/2003
thanks for a complete, well-written review. another dump in this area to avoid is the Punta Cana beach resort, interesting things happen to one's credit card when used there.
Author: rob Posted at 14:55 05/31/2003
Author: GENA ACKBERSINGH Posted at 13:26 04/19/2003
we stayed at sunscape in feb.,2002, wehad the most wonderful vacation, the food was wonderful. the people were so polite and helpful, we had plenty of towels at all times. I plan to go back next year, we really loved it and have been telling everyone in our family and also our friends that they have to go to sunscape in punta cana. The manager was so nice and he even cooked many times in windows, which I thought was great he got involved in everything and was always very plesant and helpful.
Author: marie Posted at 20:46 03/9/2003
We stayed at the Sunscape Punta Cana and loved it so much we are leaving again next Friday and plan on being married there. The food was wonderful, the staff was gracious and the resort worked hard to keep the kids happy and when you have children that means alot. The food was wonderful and like I mentioned, we are heading back!
Author: Gretchen Knepp Posted at 14:20 02/28/2003
We have just returned from the sunscape and were wondering if this was the same resort you stayed at? The food was the best of any resort we ever stayed at. The t-bone was great,the beachside dining wonderfull. If you were hungry at 3:00 in the morning they would make you a hamburg,hot dog, pizza,ect. We had more than enough clean towels everyday and the staff was very,very friendly and polite and tried to make you feel relaxed.
Author: [email protected] Posted at 17:14 02/22/2003
That's unfortunate that you had so many problems. We stayed there last April and everything was perfect
Author: Les Posted at 17:15 02/12/2003

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